Sunday, May 18, 2014

These Last Two Years Have Changed My Life Forever (May 12, 2014)

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This week was a good one and bad one. We were able to set up two more dates for baptism. But didn't have too many lessons. We are working with Fabian who you met on Skype who should be good for his goal the 31st of May and also his cousin Diego. Last night we taught Carlos with Jaime, who also is getting ready and Carlos testified about how the apostasy ended with the Book of Mormon and also testified that doing the things the church says has united his family and changed his life. He said I quit drugs and drinking, (Then looked at me) And said and smoking!! I'm a stud!! haha  And everyone started laughing. His testimony filled the room with excitement to make the same decisions he's making. So at the end I invited Jaime to be baptized once he gets an answer. He also is the only one who isn't baptized in his family! He accepted to read and pray. Also his daughter, Jessica, who we baptized a little while ago shared her testimony about the Book of Mormon and he was like yeah I've never felt what she did but will ask and if I feel it I'll be baptized. Awesome!

Then we found a family who's dad is a cop. Right away they liked us and they gave us this really expensive juice! Will be a good future Mormon family. I'm stoked for this sector and all I have learned and grown from it.

These last two years have changed my life forever. I know what I want, I know where I am going and know that I want to return to my father. I know that through Jesus Christ we can do anything and become more like our Heavenly Father everyday. Faith is the root of everything in becoming like Him and being a success, reaching your dreams and helping others give up who they are for becoming the best they can be. It has changed my eternal destiny. I will continue living to get to the Celestial Kingdom and having everybody get there with me. Thank you all for helping me get out here, I have such an experience and to feel the effects of the Atonement in my life and the lives that have surrounded me. I bare these things and testify that Christ lives, that God is goodness. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
Elder Farnworth

Short And Sweet (May 5, 2014)

Editor's Note:  Zac must think since we will see him in 2 weeks that we don't need to hear much from him. :)  When he called on Mother's Day after about 25 minutes he said he had to go and had things to do. We forgave him because he is coming home so soon. :)

We don't have very much time to write. But it sounds awesome your week and Dads weeks! Sounds awesome and sounds like a lot of people will be there! (For his homecoming).

I've had an awesome week. We have the COOLEST investigators. Carlos is getting baptized my last day. Fabian his cousin are going to wait cause they told us we want good testimonies first and we said that's perfect. So I think they will the week after I leave. Bummer but its all good. It's still cool to help the Lord prepare people for baptism! Love you!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Love My Mission! (April 28, 2014)

My comp is a stud! Elder Pond is from Washington. He just beat me in basketball. Jakes gotta help me get better. That little kid is from a member's family who lives on our same street. His parents are awesome. They always call us as we are getting to our pension to tell us to run by and grab this scone like things or bread she's made. She's the greatest neighbor to have. It is awesome! 

Next week I'll let you know what time we will be talking. I'm sure we will just talk for like a half an hour because ya know. (Editor's note: He may be coming home a few weeks after Mother's Day, but we are pretty sure we will talk more than a half hour!) But you don't need to tell me how many days I have. HaHa My goal is to make the days count, not count the days.

I'm excited to see you guys for sure but will be really sad to leave Chile. I'm going to miss the people more than anything. I'm going to cry again just like when I left Copiapo. But this sector has the best people in the world. I love it and our converts are planning on missions! They're studs. I'll be sad but a bittersweet sad.

Wish Megan luck for me and tell Jake good job! Tell Meg not to worry and just do her best and also to record me a church song! Still waiting...

Well this week was awesome. We have been extremely blessed! We were able to find 12 new people to teach and we took 6 people to Church. We found this kid, Fabian, who has turned his life around. He used to be kind of a punk with bad friends but about two months ago he started to change. And has been away from that kinda stuff for about two months. This week we found him. He's so prepared! He is friends with this girl Camila. She is a member but doesn't go so much but her brought her and told us he wants to go on a mission. Today or tomorrow we are going to try to set a date to be baptized. He needs to go to church 3 times and he went this Sunday. So he could get baptized at the end of this transfer. So we could have three baptisms my last weekend. Blessings right? We have definitely been blessed to see awesome people and have noticed that the Lord is trusting us. 

We also talked to Jessica's and Paloma's dad. They live together but we talked about marriage and told them why it is important and if they don't do it they won't have the opportunity to be sealed forever. They said they would talk about and they will plan a date. I won't be here but he is for sure getting baptized as soon as they get a marriage date.. So awesome! I love my mission! I forgot to take pics of our house. It is awesome we have a huge bathroom. I love it adn we have a lot of fun!

Elder Pond and I have the same sense of humor so it's been a fun few weeks. I noticed sometimes I say weird stuff in English so It'll be weird speaking it always. 

I heard UVU has a football team.. That would be cool! 

Well I love you say HI to everyone for me!

Elder Farnworth

Sunday, April 27, 2014

He Loves Us!

We had a great Easter!! My comp's family sent him a bunch of eggs so he gave us a bunch. haha He put them on my bed while I was showering - so the Easter Bunny came haha. Then in Sunday School we watched with our investigator  (who is awesome) the video "Because of Him." I got it downloaded in Spanish and it's awesome! He liked it and was really into the videos. 

School sounds good. I will get right to studying - that's what I need to do!! So will I be starting the 20th of June? I will see about jobs on campus because I don't know if I will be living down there, But we will see! 

Did you have fun in Vegas?? Dad said a bunch of people spoke Spanish.  And It looks like the kids flew in a helicopter - that is pretty sick! Sounds like you had a good weekend. Looks like it was a fun vacation. You finish school in 7 weeks so I will be able to see the kids before you finish! That'll be cool to see your new job!! Well new to me. haha Ask Jake if its alright if I read his blessing. Or I'll just see it when I get home.

Me and Elder Pond had a good week this week! We were able to find a lot of people ashes nd talk to a bunch of prospects. We use the earthquake to bring up conversations with people. Our main phrase (well, my main pick-up line) has been "Where were you during the Earthquake?" Then we're best friends and they invite us over! haha We found this lady named Frances who almost didn't let us in but once we started sharing with her and her daughter she started crying saying she felt God's love for her through us. She was having a hard time seeing how God really loves her. So we said Him sending us is a way He shows His love. It's not a coincidence that we are here with you. She started almost crying. We showed how the restored gospel can help her feel His love. She said if He answers her prayers, she will be baptized. BUT she isn't married so she would have to get married first. But she is still awesome!

Carlos is doing great. He has a baptism date for my last weekend and wants me to baptism him before I leave. He said can you postpone your flight plan to baptize me? haha I was like no I will have time before I leave! haha He is unreal! It will help the church by having a willing priesthood holder up here! I'm honored to have met and taught him. It's taken a while but he finally is feeling the spirit and becoming converted to the Gospel!

Then there is the Jehovah's Witness family. Anyway, we talked to their parents. They said if she shows that she's really changed, then they will let their daughter get baptized. It was HUGE (cause they are a little anti-mormon) and they want to go to an activity we are having the 2nd of May. We should get the whole fam which would be awesome!

We have kinda had a stressful week because Tuesday my comp had to go out and help missionaries get into their house. We have had SO many things to do in addition to running the sector. But I'm learning patience and also to just have a good attitude about stuff even when just stupid stuff happens. We are always growing! We felt the spirit really teaching that Dad and Carlos. We shared Alma 34:33 about how we shouldn't wait to work towards the Celestial Kingdom. It got him really excited! Honestly he was all the sudden excited about getting baptized again. It was quite the blessing. The Lord is blessing us and also having an awesome baptism before I leave is a huge blessing. He loves us! 

We have an awesome house and really cool neighbors. They all ask us how tall we are -  well mostly my comp, I feel short with him haha. I'll send pics. Today I got my haircut and the guy almost buzzed it. He made me looks like a marine AND two days before interviews! haha Just my luck right? But it's been a fun week. I'm enjoying it and living to the fullest! 

Love you guys have a good week!

Elder Farnworth

Working hard till the end!

Monday, April 14, 2014

So this week went by fast, but like too fast (4/14/14)

*We finally received Zac's travel plans.  Elder Farnworth will return from his mission on May 21st at 10:30 am.  His homecoming will be that Sunday the 25th at 1pm .  Wahoo!!

So this week went by fast, but like too fast. We did a lot of stuff,  but not as missionary work as I would like which kind of a bummer, but we got a lot of important things done. So last Sunday they took my comp to his new place and they were waiting to bring my companion and some other missionaries up to my city. 10 missionaries in our zone needed a new house and I was the only zone leader til Friday. It was interesting being kind of the only one to make all the decisions, but we found houses or helped them start to look for houses. They found places to live, we are just looking for one more place so that two more missionaries can come back. 

We also moved into a new pension, our old one was cracked and also really far away from our part of the ward. So now we walk less and we live next to this awesome recent convert named Claudia. She loves us, well kinda me, but she always tells us to go grab food if we need to or take our clothes to get washed. She is unreal, the people here are sooo nice.

We have some good investigators too, we are really trying to find families. Its been kinda tough finding an entire family that is interested, but we have a few good people. We have this girl Tracy who is basically a member. She wears her medallion thingy and is doing her personal progress. Us, her, and her friends had a fast this week so her parents would soften there heart and give her permission to get baptized. It was cool. We also found an old couple, They kinda lost there excitement to get baptized, but Tuesday we're going back to help them out. Its going good. We literally just ran out time to take that pic but next week for sure!!

I'm sorry this is short, we have had the craziest week we have NO time. But don't worry, I'm making my time count. Love you all!
Elder Farnworth

Zac's zone with President and Sister Dalton just a few days after earthquake

They went back to Alto Hispicio a few days later and sent this picture

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We've Been Blessed and Protected This Week

How did you guys find out about the earthquake?? Was it on the news? Well I heard out of all the cities that it hit mine was the worst damage. We had about three days without water and electricity. Well only one day then the other one hit and that made it two days. Not being able to shower was torture but that is about the worst that happened. 

Yeah we slept in the church parking lot. It was actually nice I slept a lot better not being in a building. ha The first night I barely slept. Glad you got the pics and the email! 

This really was a good conference I loved it. I would say my favorite was probably Elder Ballard's talk. I like how he is such a missionary! He's a stud! Sounds like that will be fun! Today I got my flight trips... It is blowing my mind! I'm glad you guys are all good and the house and the fam. Even Max looks good!

I don't really know where to start in this week. Uhh we could start with Tuesday. We were visiting people and we had just got done teaching an investigator and were thinking what to do because two of our appointments fell through. So we decided to go visit a less active who always gives us good references. When we got to their house they invited us to have like a small dinner thing. Around like 8:30 we got there and were talking with these two guys and trying to get references. As we talked and ate pancakes (that were really good by the way) it started to shake a little. It has been shaking a little for the last couple of weeks so its normal. The daughter goes "temblor" but was laughing cause it was little. Then it got a little stronger. And she got serious and then it started and the lights went off. 

It felt as if it was like a Disneyland ride but ten times stronger. Like the whole house was moving like crazy. I ran to the door kind of falling into the door and grabbed the younger kid and the daughter. We stood in the doorway crouched until it slowed down. When it slowed down we took them to the middle of the street and ran back in to get the mom out. She was with the baby so we got them all out in a safe spot and the ground just kept shaking. During the earthquake I stayed actually really calm. Just like ok this is happening so what have we gotta do. But after that the ground just kept shaking but lightly. We went back in after about 5 or 10 minutes to get emergency stuff and see the damage. The plates on the table were all still there but the stuff in the pantry was all over the floor. And I finished my pancake :) 

Then we went to go get gas, and help a few ladies that we knew were alone. There is a lady who lives in front of us who just sat in her house waiting for us. haha We send her to the neighbor and kept going.  We had to wait in a line with a tank thingy for gas to fill it up to help them out. It felt like I Am Legend. ha Then we went to their cousins house because he had a generator. We chilled there for a while because they filled their tub up with water so we could go to the bathroom and everything. Then around like 2 or 3 in the morning we slept with them in there house cause it was the safest. BUT that whole night was when I was the most scared. The WHOLE night every 30 seconds the ground shook just like it did before the big one. So you never know if it will be a big one or not. I slept like three hours.

The next day, we went to the church at like 10 in the morning. We started helping clean up the ceiling that fell and what not but they made us stay in the church all day besides getting stuff from our house. Nothing really happened to the house except a huge crack in the wall that you could see daylight through and stuff fell. My cologne fell in the toilet so that was a bummer. 

But it was a boring day we just played soccer and did what we could to help in the church. Members that couldn't stay in their houses came to the church. But then the night got interesting. Around like 11 it shook but just a little but enough for everybody to get up and go to the doors. But it stopped. That woke us up so we starting to talk. Then at 11:45 the other one hit. I was in the corner of the church close to a door so we just walked slowly to the door and we were fine. But we were in charge of kinda everybody so after it stopped we got them all out on the field. Out there it was fine. We stayed outside until like 2 I think and then we got cold and the members slept outside while all the missionaries went back in. A few times during the night it shook. But none of them were earthquakes. I slept on a church bench. ha It was comfortable. After that we got up and that day we were able to leave and do service. We did service in the morning and then in the after noon Pres. Dalton And Sister Dalton got there. They brought us beds and we set everything up and had granola bars for dinner. ha But it was a good night. That night I slept amazing after sleeping crappy the nights before. 

That next day, Friday is when we took the picture. We got everything set up. But there is a few houses of the missionaries that were like falling. So the president got everything out for them. And they had to smoosh all the missionaries in two pensions. They took all the mission who got transfered (cause this is transfer week haha) out of the city and are waiting a week to put all the other who are coming in. So I'm with Elder Paez for a week then my comp (who is a gringo) will get here this week. After getting all the missionaries out we were able to shower and get to work. Friday night we visited a few people to make sure they were good and to teach a little. We didn't have electricity til Saturday night in our sector of the city but the church did so we got to see the conference. It was awesome and really spiritual. I felt like all the best talks were Saturday. 

But that was basically my week. It keeps shaking but just a little and it's settled down so we don't think there will be anymore. How did you guys here about it? Were you scared? I was proud of the missionaries cause nobody was really scared even though our city was one of the worst hit. Everybody stayed calm and just wanted to help really! It was good. 

THEN Sunday night we got two references who accepted getting baptized. So I expect to finish baptizing. We've been blessed and protected this week. What a week to remember!! I won't forget it. haha My camera was unfortunately dead during this week. haha Just my luck and I don't have a cord. Got lost. But I will get pics around and will get them to you ASAP. Love you all! 

Elder Farnworth

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This week was good... (3/31/14-Pre-earthquake post)

This week was good! I think the shot I got was an antibiotic, I had the flu or something.  I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and could barely breath, so I got a shot. I  don't think I'll be bringing anything back with me, haha.  Well my plans don't get to me until I have around a month left, as soon as I get it will send it to you don't worry. I'll probably get there Wednesday or Thursday I'm not sure the date.
This week we had a baptism her name is Paloma. She changed a ton, we knew she partied a little but we found out she was a hard core partier. But she read for the strength of youth and she said she will start living it. She said I wanna keep going to going to parties but without drinking, but even listening to bad music doesn't help feel the spirit. Shes like better than the active young women! It's like all our converts are more excited than the old timers, pretty awesome. Also in her testimony she said I'm going to endure to the end. It was cool than Sunday there was a line of people outside of the branch presidents office, and she just walked in front of all of them and just walked in and said I want my personal progress haha. It was funny, she's so sick. 

Other than that we have working to find we got a good amount of referrals this week. We are working with people to help them share the gospel. Last night we were with this family and the daughter is less active she doesn't want much with the church. But we talk about sharing the gospel and we told her to open facebook and look at all her friends. We went one by one asking if they would be interested. She found two people and asked right away if we could visit him with her he was like sure and I'll invite my boyfriend too. He gave us his address right away. So this week were going to keep doing that with people and help them share the gospel. Pretty sweet. That's about all that's exciting.  I'm going to see a little city for pday it might be my comps last cambio so he wanted to go. Other than that a normal week.   

Sounds like everybody is doing good, Max is going to be skinny when i get back. Hope all is well and have a good week!
Elder Farnworth

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good But Not Great

Were doing good but not great. This week wasn't the greatest. We were planning on having four baptisms this week but now we just have one. It was horrible the Mom and son, Cecilia and Lucas aren't able to get with us anymore. She's having some problems I guess and her husband freaked and says we aren't allowed to go to her house anymore or talk to her cause it could mess up her marriage... But she said she will keep reading the Book of Mormon and hopefully get baptized before I leave, So that's what I'm praying for. We've worked so hard for her just to have her husband freak! Then Tracy's dad can´t stop smoking and said he needs more time. So we are going to keep helping him. But we are also looking for other people. 

Jessica, the last one to be baptized, her aunt and dad and like 3 of her friends are interested so we are still working with them. Her aunt wants to get baptized but doesn't live in our sector! We always have that happen then we send the other missionaries and they lose interest. Its frustrating. But we keep finding golden people, we´re blessed in that aspect. By the way, I'm still in Alto Hospicio with Elder Sarmiento. 

There isn't much else that happened this week. We got Palomas interview done, Jessica's sister who is getting baptized this week. Shes excited. Shes changed a lot shes 16 and used to party but read for The Strength of Youth entirely yesterday and said she´ll stop going to parties that have inappropriate music so she's set. I got sick this week. I went to the doctor and they gave me a shot in my butt. It hurt more than normal cause the lady didn't really care to more to do it carefully. I should've just done it haha but it happens. I'm throwing some pics up on OneDrive. Hows max doing? Lost any weight? Sounds like everyone is good everyone looks good.Con mucho cariño de Chile! 

I love you guys take care!!

Elder Farnworth

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There was a 5.9 earthquake...the building shook a ton, it was cool (3/17/14)

Glad you had a good Birthday :) I think I might get on again later to send some pics because I forgot my camera. 

Its been pretty awesome we had a baptism yesterday and I got in the water. Shes cool and bore her testimony after telling everyone of her friends they should follow her and be baptized as well. Haha I still like American Football I just haven't been able to see it. I know when I get home Ill remember my love for it. Ha But I'm also excited to watch soccer we will be watching the Fifa world  cup soon so I will show you guys why soccer is cool! 

Yeah we will take the pic this week! That's what life is about enjoying everything right! How did they do? They called me and asked me about which airport... And I said Honolulu Hawaii haha But they haven't send me the plans. So when I get them Ill send them to you.

This week was another busy one but was full of miracles really I've seen a lot of prayers answered. First of all Jessica got baptized. Shes awesome has a really strong testimony. She is preparing to go on a mission she reads Preach My Gospel and they help to find people. Its really awesome. In the baptism like I said she bore her testimony saying everyone should experience this! I was honored to baptize her. 
    The miracles have come. We set goals to talk to more people daily and we met Valentina. She works in a store close to us. We were there and I just felt I should talk to her I asked her if shes heard the missionary and then said would you like to? She accepted we taught her two days later and she accepted to get to know the Church and if she asks and feels an answer she would be baptized. She said shes needed something to help her be better and shes never been baptize. But she could got to church this week so we will see If she will actually progress. 
     After that Tracy's dad Carlos finally chose a date to be baptized. Her was supposed the 8th of March but now will the 29th. He was all excited to tell us and chose my comp to baptize him. We´re stoked for him it'll help his family a lot! Hes the only one not baptized. Then Jessica's sister said the closing prayer in her baptism. Shes 16 her names Paloma and she said in the prayer I hope all of you can come to my baptism which will be soon. Then told us its set for the 29th! She wanted to get baptized with her friend Tracy(a different one) But her parents didn't let her. They told her when she is 18 and no longer lives in there house. Its sad. 
    Then this whole week Hna. Cecilia who was going to get baptized with Jessica. Her and her son, Lucas, Were started to like lose there enthusiasm to listen to us to read the Book of Mormon and to get baptized. She was sick all week but we asked if she wanted to go watch the baptism. She accepted and we took her there in a car of a member. She loved it and everybody was happy she went. They got all excited again to read and they went to Church and she was all happy it was cool to see the spirit working with her and helping her out again! We want to help her get baptized the 29th. OH and were working with Jessica's dad to get him baptized but it might take a while they have to get married. But Jessica brought three friends to Church so this week we´re going to contact there families and teach them more! We´re extremely blessed but we are dead tired everyday. 
There are a ton of spiders in our house we have killed a ton and they're all poisonous! But I'm still alive. There was an Earthquake yesterday and in the city below us a Tsunami warning. A few missionaries had to sleep in the Church. I didn't even feel the first Earthquake during the day it must have been kinda small cause we were walking and didn't feel anything. But last night at like 2 there was a bigger ones, I think it was a 5.9 earthquake and we were sleeping in an apartment building. The building shook a ton, but it was cool. We are fine though!!

Keep me updated on everything there, Love ya mom!
Elder Farnworth

I'm honored to be able to baptize her...(3/10/14)

First of all Happy Birthday Mom!! Everyone reading this take care of my Mom for me on her Birthday, cause I cant!! I love you Mom and as you know If it wasn't for you and all you put up with I would be here doing what I'm doing, Becoming what I'm becoming if it wasn't for you!! I'll buy you something from Chile :)

Sounds like a crazy week there!! Lots of stuff going on, I'm glad that everything and everyone is allright. Tell Jake I played basketball today and I still got it so watch out haha. 
Glad you had a good week at work!! I tell everyone My Mom teaches Kindergarton :)

So this week wasn't as great but It wasn't that tragic either. What happened was we are working with a mom and her son. The mom struggles believing in Thomas Monson and we dont want to baptize the son until the Mom decides to. She didnt go to church for the first time in a while and this whole past week she told us she couldnt wait to go and she found herself anxious everyday for it to be sunday to go! So we will see what happened. She will be a stud when she gets baptized and for that same reason shes had a ton of struggles.. Almost everyone of her neighbors have told her she will be condemned, her son as well and that also when she gets baptized she will discover that the Church isn't want it seems like when your just investigating and that secretly we worship Joseph Smith and all this stuff. But she stood up for it everytime, Saying I know what Ive felt! But when we taught about a living prophet she kinda got scared. But we will see what happens this week.

Jessica is excited to get baptized. Actually she is nervous. She was like we need to practice so you dont drop me and all this stuff. Ha, but I'm honored to be able to baptize her. She golden and really is converted. She helps us look for new people and testifies to our investigators. She will probably serve a mission if she doesn't get married first. Then her sister also is studying she is 2 Nephi already and we have been sharing with her about a week and a half. She said she looked up all the scriptures about baptism and was thinking about why she had to do it. Shes a little tough but you can tell shes coming around. 

Then we have Tracy whose parents are Jehovah witnesses but they gave her permission to get baptized. But told her they probably won't go and that we aren't allowed to go to her house ever. Then Carlos who hasnt stopped smoking yet but we are going to keep up with him. But I have faith in him and a lot of hope for this month. 

We are looking for ways to find so we saw a bunch of kids playing football, AMERICAN FOOTBALL! So I went of there and offered to teach them a little and give them a few tips on footwork and what I can remember. They wanted me to join their team and play with them in their next game in April, but I told them i cant. Ha I hope we can find through them. But we are extremely blessed we´re merely instruments in doing the Lords work. He gave everything for us, Its the least we can do. I love this life and living closer to God. I love you all and pray for you daily. 
Take care and thanks for not sending trunky letters :)
Elder Farnworth

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"I Dread the Day When I Won't Be Able to Help Change Lives Anymore"

What a sucky week. But at least things are getting better for everyone. And Kelsey got baptized! I will start praying for Lexi. I don't know who she is but that has gotta be tough for the fam. And Kaleb, how is he doing? He doesn't love me enough to write. (haha no just kiddin)

I do not know my release date. I'm sure I will be getting home like that Wed. But I will know in a few months. Geez it's like you're trying to make me as trunky as possible. haha But I don't think its working cuz we are working hard. I'm dead tired all the time. haha

Since you guys had all the bad news, my news is good news! haha We have still been working with that awesome family. And this week Cicilia, the lady I told you who liked Church and wasn't interested at all, has decided to be baptized the 15 of March! :) Along with her 13-year-old son. She had been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and searching for an answer as to whether she should get baptized. She's on like chapter 20 of 1st Nephi already and she got an answer! She said in a dream she heard a voice that said what you're doing is right and she felt at peace. It's hard because her husband and family kinda make fun of her.  But she is tough and always talks about being the example to them so they can later do the same as her.

Then Jessica, who's 17, is getting baptized the same day. She asked me to perform the baptism. She is signing up for seminary and already is studying Preach my Gospel. A little advanced for an investigator, but they are helping us look for more people to teach. And they even brought someone new to church. Actually two people - a friend and her sister. They liked it and her sister read the first 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon the first night she had it ... and really understood it. She just doesn't want to get baptized right away but we set a goal with her for the 29th of March. The friend is a little tough but we will see this week.

Then Carlos, Tracy's dad, didn't come to Church this week (which worries us a bit). So we will see if he still gets baptized on the 15th. If not, then we will make it the 22nd. And also Adolfo decided to get baptized but we haven't been able to see him. His mom is sick but she told him to not let it affect him meeting with us. She said he still needs to keep listening to the missionaries. Looks like he will be set for baptism on the 22nd or the 29th as well. And then we have Franco who was suppposed to get baptized in January but didn't due to his smoking habit. But he said this month he is going to stop smoking and then decide if he wants to be baptized. He's a punk, but is a cool kid.

We also found a dead mouse in our pension (apartment) that had been stinking it up for like three days. It's been a fun week here and things are good!! I will keep praying for all of you and know that I love you. The church is true. And my mission is awesome! Excited to see you all but I dread the day when I won't be able to help change lives anymore. Love you guys.

Elder Farnworth

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blessed and Loving It

Tomás got baptized on Saturday. He is a stud and it was awesome. But Satan was not happy about it. Because he got in a huge fight with his Dad right before his baptism. I'm pretty sure it's because he is going to be a stud. He's crazy smart for 16. He understands everything super fast and has a testimony of the Church. 

I'm glad everything went well with Kelcey's baptism! She sounds awesome and I'm sure it was cool for you to see how you helped to start what will one day end as an eternal family!! The work of salvation is awesome isn't it??  Life's too short to not be fearless. haha Sounds fun! Tell Jake to enjoy it and to write... 

This week again was pretty unreal. We haven't found any new people really (I mean a few) but they're not that interested. Still just working with the same people. We found out Carlos has got a problem (pretty big) with smoking. He says "Don't ask so much of me" when we talked to him about quitting for his baptism and why he needs to stop. I think we might need to pospone it because its in two weeks on the 8th of March. But if we change it we are going to baptize Jessica that day. She is the definition of unreal. She gave the closing prayer at the baptism. And she comes to lessons with us and testifies about the answers she got when she prayed about the Book of Mormon and the Church. Imagine someone who has known us and the Church for two week already testifying about the truth. Its unreal! We just have to work with her parents. They're tough - they want NOTHING. Her mom is less active but this week we set up a dinner with them to get to know them more. Her friend Tracy came to church and decided she wanted to get baptized. But we need to get permission from her parents. And her parents are Jehovah's Witness. But they let her go to Church.. She's just scared to introduce us to them. But we will find a way. 

Then Aldolfo's mom almost died. She wasn't doing so good so they are going to operate on her. But he didn't go to Church. But we had 7 investigators in Church and we have the potential for 5 baptisms in March. Oh and that tough family I told you about the kid said he wants to get baptized. But we are waiting for the mom to decide. She's read almost all of 1st Nephi and has been to Church twice. Her family kind of lost interest and she could tell. So she said wait on them - just teach me and they will become interested again. Shes giving them a great example. When we first met her she said stuff like "Share with them but I don't really wanna hear much." She's awesome she´s changed a lot and already knows that the Book of Mormon is true :) We just haven't been able to teach her to get her baptismal date. 

We are extremely blessed. We are loving it and having fun. The kid I trained is coming to my Zone today so I'm excited. We had transfers and were staying. Hope all is well, 

Love you guys and know I'm praying for you always! 

Elder Farnworth

Here are some random pics that Zac has uploaded recently.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Your son full of fleas loves you...(2/17/14)

That will be awesome to see the baptism that you have taken a big part in. It is the best feeling I think there is. Honestly, you will see! Sounds good about school, that has always been you wanting to party more, haha just kiddin. Megan going to the cave, looks like I will be living upstairs right? Sounds like a plan! But I am glad to hear you had such a cool week!! Antofagasta was awesome. I think I had already gotten your package, Is it the one with stuff from the ward also, and the pillow case?? Cause I got that one. That will be the last one right?

This week was straight up awesome. We have been incredible blessed I know it’s because we’ve been working to pray with more faith and show I faith by being obedient. But I have some pretty sweet stories this week! First of all the story starts out with Tracy and I’m pretty sure we talked about her the last time I wrote. What happened is she got baptized the weekend before I got here. She used to live like this crazy life of drinking partying drugs what not but she went to church once because the missionaries invited her so many times (she has siblings that are members) that she finally went. When she went she felt the spirit and loved it. Right after they invited her to be baptized and when she got baptized she completely changed her life around and LOVES the church and all the things she’s felt. Because of that love she has been trying to convert everyone and she wants to be a missionary. She brought her dad, which was an answer to our prayers as week asked for chosen or elect people, to come unto us. Her dad, Carlos is getting baptized the 8th of March. Then she brought her best friend, Jessica, Who her FIRST NIGHT after reading the Book of Mormon prayed and felt that it was true. We asked her last night in the lesson "So do you believe you got an answer?" She responded "I wouldn’t have come today if I didn’t get an answer...” She also went to church once and is already telling her friends she goes and wants to be a missionary, another answer to our prayers. She’s getting baptized the 22nd of March, so we can get her dad and sister too (Her mom turns out to be a member).

Then we have Aldolfo, who’s 21. His family are all active but he lives with another family and like always has or something. But he’s trying to get closer to his real family. So they brought him to church and we gave him a Book of Mormon last week. He read his assignment which was sweet and went to church again. We had a lesson with him and his entire family, and invited him to be baptized. As I was inviting him his whole family laughed. (It was a joke) Because they literally thought he didn’t want much to do with it, which also bugged me. But he said I don’t know I have to think about it. But luckily they had a few people knock the door. The parents starting talking to them and we kept talking with him. He then told us "What do I need to do to get baptized?"  I told him and he said "I’ve actually been looking and wanting a way to come closer to God and to feel happier. I wanna get baptized the 15th I just have to make sure it’s all right with the family I live with." So we have him for the 15th of March. And then this week Tomas helped us in a lesson (And he’s still an investigator haha) He shared his experience with Jessica, Tracy’s friend, about how he got a testimony about the Book of Mormon. This got her to ask Heavenly Father and got her to get her answer. He’s a stud and is getting baptized this weekend.

And that’s not all. This family who we’ve been working with, The Mom and son went to church. She said "I like everything about your church, except that you say you are the only ones with the truth." I started explaining that other churches have parts but she said "No I just have to keep coming so I can get used to it." I don’t know when but she will get baptized. :) Then we had another Mom and Daughter at church who the mom is really open. She asked if she has to be baptized again but in the Mormon church. We said yes by the right authority and to receive the Holy Ghost. But she talks a TON! So we weren’t able to put an exact date. But she said she liked church and wants us to keep going by and her daughter does as well. We´ve been extremely blessed. 

Being a Zone leader isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Going to Antofagasta killed me, but I got to see Patricia and Alexis who I helped find and were baptized last year. They are Kapos (that means awesome, or studly). But it’s a lot of work. We learned this week how to find less actives using the government, so now we have to teach all the missionaries here how to do it. It’s good though I’m learning how to serve other missionaries more.

All right that’s it for this week, Know the Church is true, and that your son full of fleas loves you and loves this work.
Chau :)

Elder Farnworth

I couldn't be more grateful for being a missionary... (2/10/14)

Okay this week I promise I will take more pics my area.  It is kinda of sketchy, someone was killed here like 3 months ago. Ha! Sounds like you had fun, but sounds like a tiring week. Don’t worry I understand how you feel!

We had a killer week! We have been still getting a good amount of references from people. This family who are recent converts (the kids) their Dad has seen how it has helped there kids a ton and wants to be baptized. He went to church this week but didn’t go in because he was talking to his kids. They’re going through a lot of problems but we are helping them out. The daughter went to EFY and so now she is stoked to help her dad get to know the church. Then this super active family told us they have a son who isn’t baptized who now is like down to start going to church. So we were extremely blessed to find more interested and prepared people this week. The rest are still progressing but slowly. That awesome family, we found they love when we go to their house, but won’t go to church and only a few are reading the Book of Mormon. But with patience we will get them baptized before I leave here. Then we announced our baptism this week for the same date as that girl at home, the 22nd. So we will be having a baptism the same day! 

Other than that nothing too eventful happened. We did splits with the whole zone each day to make sure there sectors are all right, and to help them find new people. We found this awesome family in this other sector it was cool they just started talking to us and we laughed with them like the whole lesson and at the end they accepted to getting baptized after getting to know more. Not my sector, but good for the zone. 

This week we are going to Antofagasta for the zone leader counsel and I will be able to visit some people from my first sector where I started, should be cool. The other day I was talking with Elder Sarmiento and we were talking about how far we’ve been, and our spiritual progression in the mission. I couldn’t be more grateful for being a missionary, for the testimony of our Savior I’ve gained on the mission. It’s turned things around completely. I now have direction in my life and know that I want to make it to the celestial kingdom. Having so many experiences with using the Atonement and helping others use it has made this time the happiest of my life. There is for sure those days, but I couldn’t be for grateful for what this mission has meant to me. Thanks you all, I know our savior lives and loves us, through him we can do all things and continue progressing to perfection! I love you all and thanks for everything!


Elder Farnworth 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mom I Still Have a lot of Time Left :)

This area continues to provide challenges. We don't have lice but we do have fleas. Which I think is worse but now I have less so things are getting better. And the scar isn't going away so I may have a scar but we will see! It's a little crazy but it is a blast. This week the crazy story is we found a drunk who loves Mormons. He bought a juice but he didn't put the lid on all the way. I didn't want to carry it in my hands so I put it in my backpack. And it spilled all over everything and I think my backpack is ruined because it was like really thick juice. BUT thankfully somehow my scriptures are fine. Which is a mircale because the backpack had a puddle in the bottom. 

But that sounds awesome about your mission. I'm glad you had a good week and are such studs as missionaries. Keep it up! I look forward to helping out. Mom I still have a lot of time left :) [Editor's Note: You can really tell who wants Zac home and how much Zac wants to stay in Chile :) Something tells me that Mom is going to win that one. ]

This week had a lot of ups and downs but we have a lot of blessings to look forward to as well. In the pics on Skydrive there's this family with this kid where I'm wearing sunglasses. His name is Franco. He's a punk and is in to drinking and stuff but his mom said she had been praying for somebody to help her son. And like a week later we arrived!
He was about to get baptized but fell and said now he wants to wait till he can stop partying for good to get baptized. But his brother Tomas is progressing for the 15th. He has read and received an answer. He is just a little nervous because he will be going against his mom's religion But we got permission from her. Actually she wants to learn more but she won't pray I don't know why but their family loves us and are investigating but just slowly. But they are awesome people. 

Second blessing in the Espinosa family. The dad this week accepted to perpare for the first of March as his baptism date. We have invited him now three times to be baptized but due to his son having his baby he kinda has been too busy. But we moved it a week back and are going to start working harder. His son, who had the kid, stopped believing in God, But mostly believes that there exists a true church. We gave him the Book of Mormon and said read it and see if its true. He's been doing it and says it has restored his faith in God. He believes again and wants to prepare for an eternal family but we can't get him to church. Which makes sense because he just had his first kid as a newlywed but once we get him to go he said he wants to get baptized. Like he doesn't want to go and check it out. When he goes he wants to go and not ever stop going. Ha He's cool but we just need him to get there! Then the daughter is cool. She's like 21 and really interested and the 13 year-old is stoked. He loves church and will get baptized easily. We just want the parents to get baptized more than anything.

The last blessing is Segundo and his wife, Janet. Segundo in the street told us he needs to be baptized because he never was. We said why not and it was because his wife didn't let him. We met her and she is the NICEST lady ever. We went over this week and she was alone so we told her we can't go in because she was alone and she started laughing and was like Ohh its gotta be for the gossip that goes around. But it was cool. She said she wants to go to church with her husband so I think now she has changed her mind. But her daughter's birthday was Saturday night so they didn't come. Which is a lame excuse but this week they will be coming!!

We've been extremely blessed. Our Heavenly Father always answers prayers and even more when we're obedient! Love you all and hope everything is alright! Happy Birthday again Dad!

Elder Farnworth

I Love Alto Hosipcio, But It Doesn't Love Me

That sounds awesome about you guys getting called on a two-week mission. You guys are studs!! That actually works a lot better most of the time when the members talk about baptism more than the missionaries! You're a stud that sounds awesome! Noone else in her family are members? Keep it up - that's how we do it :) Let me know how the dinner goes! This week we have a goal to put 10 baptism dates! We have the sweetest people here! 

I've been studying Spanish like crazy. Okay not a ton but its hard because Chilean Spanish is sooo different from Spanish Spanish. But I'm learning a lot about Spanish in different countries. I'll try to read the book like 2 times before I leave. Sounds like you guys are doing good and are happy!!

Well so far I've loved Alto Hosipcio. But It doesn't love me. haha I don't know if I told you but my first night here I went downstairs to go to the bathroom and I didn't know where the light was so I was walking and ran into the door. I felt dumb then turned on the light and had blood running down my face. I slit my forhead open. I thought I might need stitches but It wasn't that bad. Then I've been getting eaten alive by fleas. But I got a spray and they're gone now. But Sunday morning I got sick to my stomach. I think I got an infecction. But I started throwing up and like 5 in the morning until 7. Then got ready for Church and took our investigator to Church. Threw up in Church after sacrament meeting then we went out again last night. I had a piece of bread and threw it up in the street. Ha It's been crazy the last two weeks but we really have seen a ton of blessings. We have a family of 7 and a few more people we are working with. They are reading the Book of Mormon and one said "I'm not 100% sure its true yet but I don't believe its false." They are awesome people. 

But other than that we have had a pretty chill week. We got around 8 referrals this week so the members keep helping us. But we can't bring them to church because of work or problems with their parents, etc. But we are going to keep working at it to help the ward grow. Me and Sarmiento were talking about how much we really grow in the mission and how we are preparing for exaltation. It's a start to a new life, With the goal of the celestial kingdom in mind. Getting there and helping others have the blessing of the gospel now and in the eternities. This is the greatest decision I have ever made. I love you guys and thanks for everything.

Elder Farnworth

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Area is Starting Up!

We forgot to take a picture together ha Here are pictures of him when we lived together in Paipote. haha But for sure this week we will take some. As a ZL we really don't do anything different. Just watch over the missionaries and get them excited. Actually I think district leaders are more interactive with the missionaries than zone leaders. We only talk to the district leaders pretty much. Ha But its fun cause we have an awesome sector. But nothing has changed really.

Sounds awesome about your reference. What a stud!! How do you know her? You should put a baptism date right away that would be awesome. How old is she? Do the missionaries work with you guys a lot? We do this do thing where we have 2 FHE's with a two different families each week and we tell them to bring their friends over so we can meet them. It's worked alright so far and this week we have two with some solid families. 

One thing that stuck out this week is we met this lady who is a member and shes visiting her sisters family that lives here. They aren't members. Well the ladies son got sick and so she called the missionaries to give a blessing. We gave the kid a blessing and he got better like right away. Actually the next day. So the rest of the family wasn't feeling that great either. The woman's sister couldn't speak she had a bad cold. So the next day she called and said they all wanted blessings. It was nuts, The first time we went they barely said hi to us, When we went back it was like they realized we were representatives of Jesus Christ. They were stoked for the blessings. We gave them blessings and everyone felt the spirit including me and my comp. One lady starting bawling in the middle of the blessing because she said she never had felt anything like it. Cicila, the sister with the cold, started talking almost perfectly after her blessing. Right away we saw her getting better. It was unreal. They all got interested in what we teach, what our church is like. It was awesome we talked a little bit about how all the truths were restored to the earth by Joseph Smith. And we have an appointment to go see them tonight. The most important thing is the Dad loves us. It was awesome. The sister who is a member said I'm staying here until we get them baptized. ha 

Also we got like 17 references this week. I think the members are trusting us because we've been working hard. Its good I hope I'm with him till I finish. 

That is cool that Brandon is home. Tell him I say hi!

Love you all!

Elder Farnworth

This is half our our zone. My comp is the one in the middle with the black and orange jersey.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I got transferred..I'm going to finish my mission here

Whats up!!
So we had transfers and I got transferred from my pretty sector to the city up the hill next to it out of sight from the beach. Ha but I'm going to finish as Zone Leader, and with one of my buds in the mission Elder Sarmiento! We lived together for 4 months in Paipote and now were comps!! It going to be awesome and from what I hear my new sector is sweet. It has a lot of awesome people and the members all want to work with us!! Cant wait to get started!

I'm not really freaking to bad. I pretend I'm in the middle of my mish ya know. Its what you gotta do!! That'll be pretty interesting seeing how many people really speak Spanish in the states. I'm sure it will surprise me. 

This week was good. It was kinda of a tough week we set up an activity that helped the other missionaries a lot but we didn't really get any investigators out of it. But the other missionaries investigators or references asked for a Book of Mormon right away. It was good for them. But one thing we were able to do is get our baptism date, Maria, Secure about being baptized. She said she didn't feel like she was preparing really well but now will be with my comp and they will baptize her at the end of the month. It should be good she is awesome. 

Oh and this week we found this guy who speaks English who never had listened to missionaries and he was like Who knew you guys were so nice and invited us back this week to come to church and learn more about our religion. He was kind of a basher but hopefully he will be good for the missionaries here. Also a member told me that he has a friend and for the Christmas party he brought him. I started talking to his friend and became friends with him. He is atheist but was a really nice guy. But I guess he told the member that he said I loved that he didn't like force religion on me and was just a nice guy. And his "atheist" friend starting praying so that everything would go well in work and his relationship with his girlfriend. It was good seeing that just being nice got him praying. He was like maybe that's why you came or something like that. 

My new sector you gotta look it up on google, it's called Alto HospicioIts. It's like a city in the dessert. Its pretty sick though, I cant wait. Sounds like things are good, I like the new couches and the mantel, looks good!!
I hope everyone is doing all right. I took some sweet pictures this week so here they are.
Love you!
Elder Farnworth
Our mamita, well now my old mamita is blind and she cooks for us everyday. She is unreal and her food is amazing. That's her with the glasses shes an awesome lady!!

This is for you Mom, ha ha!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Area is Coming Along

I am now in one of the bigger cities. It's like for tourist so its one of the prettier ones. That suit from last weeks picture is the suit we bought. haha Maybe it looks darker from being old but its the same one, Still haven't bought a suit here. haha

This week I listened to that talk by Brad Wilcox. My comp had it. It's the one where he talks about the piano lessons? It's awesome. We've talked about it a few times with a few investigators. It's cool because like Christ already paid we just have to take advantage of it...

We had a good week this week. We got a baptismal date with this girl named Maria. Still are working with that other couple, They went to Bolivia so it was kind of tough to contact them daily but we have been doing that with our other investigators. We taught Maria yesterday the Plan of Salvation and she said, "Wow you teach really well. I understand all of it." But she said we have to convince her why should get baptized on the 26th. We know she's going to but she's just like playing games I think. ha She's cool though. Her dad and stepmom are members but she's been through a lot. She needs the Church. 

Then a bunch of members have gotten excited to work with us. We got more references and have some priests who want to work with us. This ward is a little weird, Its not really united because everyone is from different countries and stuff but we should be able to unite them at least in helping in the work. We have a FHE friday in the church. 

We had fun for New Years. We went to this guy's (our ward mission leader) house. We had a good time. We ate and  stayed up till 12 and saw some fireworks. And we bought silly string and stuff. It was fun!! I'll send some pictures.

I love your pics looks like you guys had fun at your New Year's party. Well love you all. I'll see ya!

Elder Farnworth

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It was awesome seeing you all!

*We enjoyed talking to Zachary on Christmas Day!  He skyped us from an internet cafe in Iquique.  He only had a little over an hour, but talked with Megan, Jacob and Jordan and then Dave and I.  He was then able to talk to Kaleb!  It was cool to hear them say things in their languages and see the similarities.  They talked about their goals each week, and those were very different because of the different countries they are in:)  It made our Christmas to be able to talk to these boys, they are loved and missed! 

*This is Zac's letter on Monday, December 30, 2013

Yeah Grandma told me whats going on with Grandpa Shepherd. I hope he gets better, sounds like hes in pretty bad shape. But Grandpa's a tough guys he will get through it,  we will definitely be praying for him.

It was awesome seeing you all!  We had a good Christmas day. I don't  know if I ever explain how they celebrate Christmas here but they do it in the night. They stay up til 12 and open all there presents and then play will them all night. Then sleep in the morning on Christmas day. So we went to a dinner with family and then at like 9 00 Then waited in the pension from 1030 til 1200 and we opened our gifts. We drew names, us four and everybody bought sweet gifts. I got a cup to drink mate. Its pretty sick I don't know if you know what mate is, you should look it up, I know it exists in the states. Its this drink that gives you energy, it's good! Then Christmas night we went and taught an investigator. This week we have dinner for New Years with our ward mission leader. Hes a really nice guy and served with a bunch of gringos so he knows how to make American food :) 

This week went well! We found new people to teach. We found this guy in the street that told us he wants to change his life and be baptized. So we told him to meet with us at the Church Tuesday but he was a little drunk, but hopefully we can change him. Ha then we found this Colombian who was really interested. She told us about how she doesn't believe there's a true church and that each person finds there own true church. We told and testified that God would not be an artist of so much confusion. So she committed to read and pray and go to Church to see if she feels its true. Than this other girl, Maria, was planning to go to Church. Her dad is a member, but she isn't. Anyway she didn't go to church, but during sacrament came to church and told us sorry. I was like, wow she really wanted to come. We want to put a date for baptism this week. That's about it, I'm used to this sector and I feel like were good friends with the members. The members gave me 3 references on Sunday. They all came to me haha, I thinks its because I talk a lot to everyone. It was cool tho. We're working with members :) 
Well I love you guys!  Thanks for skyping, it was awesome. Miss you,  but time flies ;) 
Love you!
Elder Farnworth


This week we had a pretty good week. It’s kinda of been hard because the majority of our investigators sell things for week in like swap meets, so we weren’t able to find them and also we couldn’t get anyone in church. It was one of the weeks where you look back and say "good thing next week will be better" But I think it was cause we just have a lot of people that aren’t that interested. It’s a interesting sector, everyone is from different countries. But we have some solid references and a ton of families helping us out in the work.

We had a sweet lesson with the guy Rodrigo with the Bishop. It was cool because we were just walking and we felt we should go visit him. Well actually it was my comp, I was being a little less patient and said I don’t know, he’s kinda of an eternal investigator. But we went and had a super spiritual lesson. He had told us that he didn’t know why he needed to be baptized. I shared John 3:3-5 and said straight up we are not here just to get people to go to Church or just to get baptized cause we want them too. It’s to open the doors to the Celestial Kingdom... And he sat there thinking. Then said but I haven’t gotten an answer. I said how did you feel when you prayed. He said calm.. The bishop started talking a bit explaining how he will feel when he feels the spirit. But I felt like that was his answer, so I shared D&C 6:23 I think it is. That says I spoke peace to your heart, what more of an answer do you need from God? And he just sat there thinking. Then said know what, I did feel a lot more peaceful that night than any other night... So we said will you be baptized, but he still said not yet. But said he would, just doesn’t know when. The spirit was so strong though. Were going to keep working with him, he's an awesome dude, It was cool spiritual experience for us.

Then we had a ward party Saturday and brought 3 people. They liked it and made friends, it was good. There’s this thing they do here in Chile where Santa drives around in like trucks and takes presents to kids houses and throw candy out. It’s kinda of annoying cause they honk a ton all day but its cool for the kids ha. I took some pics. Its weird thought because it doesn’t feel like Christmas still... it’s too hot and there’s no snow haha. Anyways I’m stoked for skyping. I’m going to get on at like 3:30 to have a half hour with Kaleb there too. Would that be all right? 
Well, love you all take care and FELIZ NAVIDAD!!

Elder Farnworth 

Feeding pigeons on p-day morning while we ate bread for breakfast, haha we're poor

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