Sunday, March 30, 2014

Good But Not Great

Were doing good but not great. This week wasn't the greatest. We were planning on having four baptisms this week but now we just have one. It was horrible the Mom and son, Cecilia and Lucas aren't able to get with us anymore. She's having some problems I guess and her husband freaked and says we aren't allowed to go to her house anymore or talk to her cause it could mess up her marriage... But she said she will keep reading the Book of Mormon and hopefully get baptized before I leave, So that's what I'm praying for. We've worked so hard for her just to have her husband freak! Then Tracy's dad can´t stop smoking and said he needs more time. So we are going to keep helping him. But we are also looking for other people. 

Jessica, the last one to be baptized, her aunt and dad and like 3 of her friends are interested so we are still working with them. Her aunt wants to get baptized but doesn't live in our sector! We always have that happen then we send the other missionaries and they lose interest. Its frustrating. But we keep finding golden people, we´re blessed in that aspect. By the way, I'm still in Alto Hospicio with Elder Sarmiento. 

There isn't much else that happened this week. We got Palomas interview done, Jessica's sister who is getting baptized this week. Shes excited. Shes changed a lot shes 16 and used to party but read for The Strength of Youth entirely yesterday and said she´ll stop going to parties that have inappropriate music so she's set. I got sick this week. I went to the doctor and they gave me a shot in my butt. It hurt more than normal cause the lady didn't really care to more to do it carefully. I should've just done it haha but it happens. I'm throwing some pics up on OneDrive. Hows max doing? Lost any weight? Sounds like everyone is good everyone looks good.Con mucho cariño de Chile! 

I love you guys take care!!

Elder Farnworth

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There was a 5.9 earthquake...the building shook a ton, it was cool (3/17/14)

Glad you had a good Birthday :) I think I might get on again later to send some pics because I forgot my camera. 

Its been pretty awesome we had a baptism yesterday and I got in the water. Shes cool and bore her testimony after telling everyone of her friends they should follow her and be baptized as well. Haha I still like American Football I just haven't been able to see it. I know when I get home Ill remember my love for it. Ha But I'm also excited to watch soccer we will be watching the Fifa world  cup soon so I will show you guys why soccer is cool! 

Yeah we will take the pic this week! That's what life is about enjoying everything right! How did they do? They called me and asked me about which airport... And I said Honolulu Hawaii haha But they haven't send me the plans. So when I get them Ill send them to you.

This week was another busy one but was full of miracles really I've seen a lot of prayers answered. First of all Jessica got baptized. Shes awesome has a really strong testimony. She is preparing to go on a mission she reads Preach My Gospel and they help to find people. Its really awesome. In the baptism like I said she bore her testimony saying everyone should experience this! I was honored to baptize her. 
    The miracles have come. We set goals to talk to more people daily and we met Valentina. She works in a store close to us. We were there and I just felt I should talk to her I asked her if shes heard the missionary and then said would you like to? She accepted we taught her two days later and she accepted to get to know the Church and if she asks and feels an answer she would be baptized. She said shes needed something to help her be better and shes never been baptize. But she could got to church this week so we will see If she will actually progress. 
     After that Tracy's dad Carlos finally chose a date to be baptized. Her was supposed the 8th of March but now will the 29th. He was all excited to tell us and chose my comp to baptize him. We´re stoked for him it'll help his family a lot! Hes the only one not baptized. Then Jessica's sister said the closing prayer in her baptism. Shes 16 her names Paloma and she said in the prayer I hope all of you can come to my baptism which will be soon. Then told us its set for the 29th! She wanted to get baptized with her friend Tracy(a different one) But her parents didn't let her. They told her when she is 18 and no longer lives in there house. Its sad. 
    Then this whole week Hna. Cecilia who was going to get baptized with Jessica. Her and her son, Lucas, Were started to like lose there enthusiasm to listen to us to read the Book of Mormon and to get baptized. She was sick all week but we asked if she wanted to go watch the baptism. She accepted and we took her there in a car of a member. She loved it and everybody was happy she went. They got all excited again to read and they went to Church and she was all happy it was cool to see the spirit working with her and helping her out again! We want to help her get baptized the 29th. OH and were working with Jessica's dad to get him baptized but it might take a while they have to get married. But Jessica brought three friends to Church so this week we´re going to contact there families and teach them more! We´re extremely blessed but we are dead tired everyday. 
There are a ton of spiders in our house we have killed a ton and they're all poisonous! But I'm still alive. There was an Earthquake yesterday and in the city below us a Tsunami warning. A few missionaries had to sleep in the Church. I didn't even feel the first Earthquake during the day it must have been kinda small cause we were walking and didn't feel anything. But last night at like 2 there was a bigger ones, I think it was a 5.9 earthquake and we were sleeping in an apartment building. The building shook a ton, but it was cool. We are fine though!!

Keep me updated on everything there, Love ya mom!
Elder Farnworth

I'm honored to be able to baptize her...(3/10/14)

First of all Happy Birthday Mom!! Everyone reading this take care of my Mom for me on her Birthday, cause I cant!! I love you Mom and as you know If it wasn't for you and all you put up with I would be here doing what I'm doing, Becoming what I'm becoming if it wasn't for you!! I'll buy you something from Chile :)

Sounds like a crazy week there!! Lots of stuff going on, I'm glad that everything and everyone is allright. Tell Jake I played basketball today and I still got it so watch out haha. 
Glad you had a good week at work!! I tell everyone My Mom teaches Kindergarton :)

So this week wasn't as great but It wasn't that tragic either. What happened was we are working with a mom and her son. The mom struggles believing in Thomas Monson and we dont want to baptize the son until the Mom decides to. She didnt go to church for the first time in a while and this whole past week she told us she couldnt wait to go and she found herself anxious everyday for it to be sunday to go! So we will see what happened. She will be a stud when she gets baptized and for that same reason shes had a ton of struggles.. Almost everyone of her neighbors have told her she will be condemned, her son as well and that also when she gets baptized she will discover that the Church isn't want it seems like when your just investigating and that secretly we worship Joseph Smith and all this stuff. But she stood up for it everytime, Saying I know what Ive felt! But when we taught about a living prophet she kinda got scared. But we will see what happens this week.

Jessica is excited to get baptized. Actually she is nervous. She was like we need to practice so you dont drop me and all this stuff. Ha, but I'm honored to be able to baptize her. She golden and really is converted. She helps us look for new people and testifies to our investigators. She will probably serve a mission if she doesn't get married first. Then her sister also is studying she is 2 Nephi already and we have been sharing with her about a week and a half. She said she looked up all the scriptures about baptism and was thinking about why she had to do it. Shes a little tough but you can tell shes coming around. 

Then we have Tracy whose parents are Jehovah witnesses but they gave her permission to get baptized. But told her they probably won't go and that we aren't allowed to go to her house ever. Then Carlos who hasnt stopped smoking yet but we are going to keep up with him. But I have faith in him and a lot of hope for this month. 

We are looking for ways to find so we saw a bunch of kids playing football, AMERICAN FOOTBALL! So I went of there and offered to teach them a little and give them a few tips on footwork and what I can remember. They wanted me to join their team and play with them in their next game in April, but I told them i cant. Ha I hope we can find through them. But we are extremely blessed we´re merely instruments in doing the Lords work. He gave everything for us, Its the least we can do. I love this life and living closer to God. I love you all and pray for you daily. 
Take care and thanks for not sending trunky letters :)
Elder Farnworth

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"I Dread the Day When I Won't Be Able to Help Change Lives Anymore"

What a sucky week. But at least things are getting better for everyone. And Kelsey got baptized! I will start praying for Lexi. I don't know who she is but that has gotta be tough for the fam. And Kaleb, how is he doing? He doesn't love me enough to write. (haha no just kiddin)

I do not know my release date. I'm sure I will be getting home like that Wed. But I will know in a few months. Geez it's like you're trying to make me as trunky as possible. haha But I don't think its working cuz we are working hard. I'm dead tired all the time. haha

Since you guys had all the bad news, my news is good news! haha We have still been working with that awesome family. And this week Cicilia, the lady I told you who liked Church and wasn't interested at all, has decided to be baptized the 15 of March! :) Along with her 13-year-old son. She had been reading the Book of Mormon and praying and searching for an answer as to whether she should get baptized. She's on like chapter 20 of 1st Nephi already and she got an answer! She said in a dream she heard a voice that said what you're doing is right and she felt at peace. It's hard because her husband and family kinda make fun of her.  But she is tough and always talks about being the example to them so they can later do the same as her.

Then Jessica, who's 17, is getting baptized the same day. She asked me to perform the baptism. She is signing up for seminary and already is studying Preach my Gospel. A little advanced for an investigator, but they are helping us look for more people to teach. And they even brought someone new to church. Actually two people - a friend and her sister. They liked it and her sister read the first 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon the first night she had it ... and really understood it. She just doesn't want to get baptized right away but we set a goal with her for the 29th of March. The friend is a little tough but we will see this week.

Then Carlos, Tracy's dad, didn't come to Church this week (which worries us a bit). So we will see if he still gets baptized on the 15th. If not, then we will make it the 22nd. And also Adolfo decided to get baptized but we haven't been able to see him. His mom is sick but she told him to not let it affect him meeting with us. She said he still needs to keep listening to the missionaries. Looks like he will be set for baptism on the 22nd or the 29th as well. And then we have Franco who was suppposed to get baptized in January but didn't due to his smoking habit. But he said this month he is going to stop smoking and then decide if he wants to be baptized. He's a punk, but is a cool kid.

We also found a dead mouse in our pension (apartment) that had been stinking it up for like three days. It's been a fun week here and things are good!! I will keep praying for all of you and know that I love you. The church is true. And my mission is awesome! Excited to see you all but I dread the day when I won't be able to help change lives anymore. Love you guys.

Elder Farnworth

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blessed and Loving It

Tomás got baptized on Saturday. He is a stud and it was awesome. But Satan was not happy about it. Because he got in a huge fight with his Dad right before his baptism. I'm pretty sure it's because he is going to be a stud. He's crazy smart for 16. He understands everything super fast and has a testimony of the Church. 

I'm glad everything went well with Kelcey's baptism! She sounds awesome and I'm sure it was cool for you to see how you helped to start what will one day end as an eternal family!! The work of salvation is awesome isn't it??  Life's too short to not be fearless. haha Sounds fun! Tell Jake to enjoy it and to write... 

This week again was pretty unreal. We haven't found any new people really (I mean a few) but they're not that interested. Still just working with the same people. We found out Carlos has got a problem (pretty big) with smoking. He says "Don't ask so much of me" when we talked to him about quitting for his baptism and why he needs to stop. I think we might need to pospone it because its in two weeks on the 8th of March. But if we change it we are going to baptize Jessica that day. She is the definition of unreal. She gave the closing prayer at the baptism. And she comes to lessons with us and testifies about the answers she got when she prayed about the Book of Mormon and the Church. Imagine someone who has known us and the Church for two week already testifying about the truth. Its unreal! We just have to work with her parents. They're tough - they want NOTHING. Her mom is less active but this week we set up a dinner with them to get to know them more. Her friend Tracy came to church and decided she wanted to get baptized. But we need to get permission from her parents. And her parents are Jehovah's Witness. But they let her go to Church.. She's just scared to introduce us to them. But we will find a way. 

Then Aldolfo's mom almost died. She wasn't doing so good so they are going to operate on her. But he didn't go to Church. But we had 7 investigators in Church and we have the potential for 5 baptisms in March. Oh and that tough family I told you about the kid said he wants to get baptized. But we are waiting for the mom to decide. She's read almost all of 1st Nephi and has been to Church twice. Her family kind of lost interest and she could tell. So she said wait on them - just teach me and they will become interested again. Shes giving them a great example. When we first met her she said stuff like "Share with them but I don't really wanna hear much." She's awesome she´s changed a lot and already knows that the Book of Mormon is true :) We just haven't been able to teach her to get her baptismal date. 

We are extremely blessed. We are loving it and having fun. The kid I trained is coming to my Zone today so I'm excited. We had transfers and were staying. Hope all is well, 

Love you guys and know I'm praying for you always! 

Elder Farnworth

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