Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It was awesome seeing you all!

*We enjoyed talking to Zachary on Christmas Day!  He skyped us from an internet cafe in Iquique.  He only had a little over an hour, but talked with Megan, Jacob and Jordan and then Dave and I.  He was then able to talk to Kaleb!  It was cool to hear them say things in their languages and see the similarities.  They talked about their goals each week, and those were very different because of the different countries they are in:)  It made our Christmas to be able to talk to these boys, they are loved and missed! 

*This is Zac's letter on Monday, December 30, 2013

Yeah Grandma told me whats going on with Grandpa Shepherd. I hope he gets better, sounds like hes in pretty bad shape. But Grandpa's a tough guys he will get through it,  we will definitely be praying for him.

It was awesome seeing you all!  We had a good Christmas day. I don't  know if I ever explain how they celebrate Christmas here but they do it in the night. They stay up til 12 and open all there presents and then play will them all night. Then sleep in the morning on Christmas day. So we went to a dinner with family and then at like 9 00 Then waited in the pension from 1030 til 1200 and we opened our gifts. We drew names, us four and everybody bought sweet gifts. I got a cup to drink mate. Its pretty sick I don't know if you know what mate is, you should look it up, I know it exists in the states. Its this drink that gives you energy, it's good! Then Christmas night we went and taught an investigator. This week we have dinner for New Years with our ward mission leader. Hes a really nice guy and served with a bunch of gringos so he knows how to make American food :) 

This week went well! We found new people to teach. We found this guy in the street that told us he wants to change his life and be baptized. So we told him to meet with us at the Church Tuesday but he was a little drunk, but hopefully we can change him. Ha then we found this Colombian who was really interested. She told us about how she doesn't believe there's a true church and that each person finds there own true church. We told and testified that God would not be an artist of so much confusion. So she committed to read and pray and go to Church to see if she feels its true. Than this other girl, Maria, was planning to go to Church. Her dad is a member, but she isn't. Anyway she didn't go to church, but during sacrament came to church and told us sorry. I was like, wow she really wanted to come. We want to put a date for baptism this week. That's about it, I'm used to this sector and I feel like were good friends with the members. The members gave me 3 references on Sunday. They all came to me haha, I thinks its because I talk a lot to everyone. It was cool tho. We're working with members :) 
Well I love you guys!  Thanks for skyping, it was awesome. Miss you,  but time flies ;) 
Love you!
Elder Farnworth


This week we had a pretty good week. It’s kinda of been hard because the majority of our investigators sell things for week in like swap meets, so we weren’t able to find them and also we couldn’t get anyone in church. It was one of the weeks where you look back and say "good thing next week will be better" But I think it was cause we just have a lot of people that aren’t that interested. It’s a interesting sector, everyone is from different countries. But we have some solid references and a ton of families helping us out in the work.

We had a sweet lesson with the guy Rodrigo with the Bishop. It was cool because we were just walking and we felt we should go visit him. Well actually it was my comp, I was being a little less patient and said I don’t know, he’s kinda of an eternal investigator. But we went and had a super spiritual lesson. He had told us that he didn’t know why he needed to be baptized. I shared John 3:3-5 and said straight up we are not here just to get people to go to Church or just to get baptized cause we want them too. It’s to open the doors to the Celestial Kingdom... And he sat there thinking. Then said but I haven’t gotten an answer. I said how did you feel when you prayed. He said calm.. The bishop started talking a bit explaining how he will feel when he feels the spirit. But I felt like that was his answer, so I shared D&C 6:23 I think it is. That says I spoke peace to your heart, what more of an answer do you need from God? And he just sat there thinking. Then said know what, I did feel a lot more peaceful that night than any other night... So we said will you be baptized, but he still said not yet. But said he would, just doesn’t know when. The spirit was so strong though. Were going to keep working with him, he's an awesome dude, It was cool spiritual experience for us.

Then we had a ward party Saturday and brought 3 people. They liked it and made friends, it was good. There’s this thing they do here in Chile where Santa drives around in like trucks and takes presents to kids houses and throw candy out. It’s kinda of annoying cause they honk a ton all day but its cool for the kids ha. I took some pics. Its weird thought because it doesn’t feel like Christmas still... it’s too hot and there’s no snow haha. Anyways I’m stoked for skyping. I’m going to get on at like 3:30 to have a half hour with Kaleb there too. Would that be all right? 
Well, love you all take care and FELIZ NAVIDAD!!

Elder Farnworth 

Feeding pigeons on p-day morning while we ate bread for breakfast, haha we're poor

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