Monday, July 22, 2013

I guess I'm heading into the old man phase..

First of all one of my pairs of shoes has a hole in them... do we have a guarantee? If you send me tan pants, send me slim fit like the ones like Christmas. And I need to decide to buy a second suit here or have you send me one... what do you think?? Also the same with the bag thingy, I need to buy one cause we cant use backpacks anymore.. ha.
Ok well about my President. At first I thought he was really weird because he’s less competitive than President Bruce and like did his thing totally different. But I warmed up to it quick, he is just a lot more humble. Pres. Bruce just was like another missionary really who was the President, but I also feel like Pres. Dalton is going to help the mission a ton. His wife too is cool. She speaks Spanish which is weird and also loves music. They seem pretty cool and really spiritual people.
This week was good. My comp is interesting to be honest. He acts funny and sometimes does things that are like... HUH?? But he is a good guy. We have had moments, but get along. I kinda understand why a mission is like marriage prep. haha.
We have a HUGE pool of investigators. Almost too much, we have had to decide which ones to go to and which ones to stop visiting. But we should have a lot of baptisms this month or the next because we are working more with members and they are trusting us a ton more. It’s been a blessing. 
We had a baptism this week his name is Javier. He’s a nine year old kid but it helped his family a lot. His mom after twenty years is going to church and loves having us in her house. Its cool then I had one of those golden investigators experiences. This girl Javier went up to her Mormon friend and was like I wanna go to a church and become more religious. Ha so she went last week and we are going to meet with her Wednesday. We are see blessings in the sector. Its like everything that could be going good is going good haha, I love Paipote. 
Don’t worry about having another missionary go out Mom, it’s just two years than we’re together for an eternity. Plus the mission gets rid of the 18 year old attitude haha. Do I look old? Jake says I look thirty here they tell me I look 23, 24-ish. I guess I’m heading in to the old man phase...
Love you all,
Elder Farnworth 
                                                       Javier getting baptized 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

I love how we feel the spirit so strong when helping other people

It was a little hard with my comp at first, but now we are buds. It's just different speaking in spanish all the time, but things are going good. We went around telling everybody it was the fourth of july everyone knows what it is, but nobody really remembered. I put the star spangled banner as my ring tone, haha it was funny.
This week was good, we have a baptism this week. Its the son of a less active. She smokes and hadnt been for 20 years. The first day I met her we didn't even talk about the church. I just talked to her like a friend and at acted like we knew each other (and it felt like we did, it was weird) But yeah at the end I said, oh yeah and are you coming to church sunday. She said ehh maybe, if you call me and wake me up, maybe I'll go. So we called her, and SHE CAME! Then came up to us and said I need you to baptize my son. So we are and also helping her quit smoking. Shes awesome now. My comp says when he met her he hated her. She would blow smoke in there face and would say I'll never stop and never am going back to church. And she wennnnnt, ha!
Then we have Eli whos parents wont let her get baptized, but we are fasting and praying. Then we have Francia who knows this is true and knows she needs baptism by immersion, but its hard for her to let the virgin Mary go, but with time. Then we found a family of four whose mom has cancer. They're going through a rough time, but the mom said I need to be closer to God or she said something like that. She is a little rebellious, I dont know. But she's sweet, she said she hopes one day her fam can all be members. So we are goin to help them with that.
It's awesome because we pray that people who are need can be found in the sector then a week later find them. Oh and one more fam whos mom cheated on the dad and the dad killed himself. So a 16and 17 year old couple is taking care of 12, 10, 5 and 2 month old kids. But we are helping them and we brought them bread and stuff. I love how we can feel the spirit so strong when helping other people. And when we feel the spirit helping others through us. I love missionary work!! I might ask for extension because I'll just be bumming the summer out if not, ya know.
Kaleb liked the temple, that is good. He will be a stud missionary, he looks good in the pics and old. That is sad about Scotts son... Tell jord I say hi and are your classes hard? Everyone I tell think its cool your a teacher, ha and me too! Its goin to be cool when I see you teaching. ha. You can't tell your missionary son how much time he has, ha! Today me and a missionary we live with were talking about it and I got teary eyed (Didnt cry, just teary eyed) thinking about the day I'll have to hang up the pack. I love this too much to think about it now. I wanna see you guys, but don't want to stop serving.
I love you mom and dad, miss you a bunch. Let everybody know i say hi and I love them!
Heres some pics, love ya!
Elder Farnworth
                                 Elder Farnworth and Elder Rogers at a Zone Conf.
                                           Zac and his baptism in Arica

                                    Zac made brownies for a competition
                                      Will stop for soccer players??
                               "We are here to save the world-in a missionary way"
                    Paintballing on p-day.  "Zac said we are here to save the world"
                 Elder Farnworth and his comp Elder Contretra in Copiapo at FHE
                    Lady we reactivated who wants us to baptize her son.
Francia @ Church

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm used to this place already

I took all the pics and stuff but I just need to send them. I'm in the city Copiapo and the sector Piapote. My comp is Elder Contrera and is from Argentina. I've had comps from everywhere, ha. My camera is fine now, but when Pia got baptized it wasnt working and my comp still hasn't send me pics, but when he does I'll send you them real quick. Our sector's good, we have two baptism dates, but hope to have more. I'm used to this place already. But the cool thing here is Claudia, I think I told you about her. But she hadn't been in forever and now shes going and her kids are getting baptized. Then this other family, Veronica Edward and Elizabeth.  They love me, but aren't that interested, only the daughter, they're cool tho. 
I bought a new coat its helped a lot and I love it. I'll send you a pic next week. I'm having someone lend me a computer and  we had no time to do anything this Pday because we had an activity. 
We meet the new Pres the eleventh of July. I have heard he is more spiritual and wants to baptize even more when we are already number one in Chile. 
Jake passing the sacrament, ha, weird. Tell me how Kaleb likes the temple. Next week for sure I'll send pics, we are going to do internet with more time. Thanks for keeping  me updated. Tell jordan and jake to write me and sorry to everyone else. I get too busy and have to many, its not my fault we just run out of time.
But let everyone know i love em and am praying for everyone.
Love you mom send me pics, Take care!!!
Elder Farnworth