Sunday, June 30, 2013

She is my miracle and my motiviation to have faith in everyone.

Sorry about last week, I haven't been able to take a pic yet, but my new sector is awesome. My comp is a little weird, but the sector is aesome and the members are good too. It's a rama in the city called Copiapo. It's called Piapote and like 3 months ago there like 30 people going to church and this Sunday we had 85. Every less active we taught went to church. It was pretty awesome. Then we had investigators who should be getting baptized in July.
Before I left Arica we had an awesome baptism experience with our investigator Pia. When we met her she had a bunch of peircings and smoked. When we first taught her the importance of baptism she told us "dont talk to me about baptism, I dont want to." But we helped her get them all out. And finally Saturday, ten minutes before the baptism she decided to get baptized.  She had told us she wanted to get baptized at four, but in the morning her mom and sister said it was too soon so she almost didn't. So we were baptizing some of our other investigators and then she called ten minutes before and said, "I'm spiritually ready come get me and Ill be baptized at six", it was a miracle! When I met her I thought this girl wont ever progress, but it was cool because I gave a talk the next day and talked about how she is my miracle and my motivation to have faith in everyone. I told them I call her my miracle, it was cool. Yeah I saw the conference it was cool. I don't think we will use technology that much here, but maybe.  You guys all sound great!! Take Jake congrats and send more pics from New York.
Love you guys, I will write more next week.
Elder Farnworth

Friday, June 21, 2013

I love the mission and this week

I heard about Grandpa, hope everything is good.  I'll keep praying for him. Tell meg good job on her dance recital!! I miss you guys!!  You sold my car? I was planning on driving that red car... aww man.. But awesome about your trip, take lots of pics and I'll take the ones you want. That is cool about Amy leaving, it seems like everyone I know is on a mission or married. 
So our prospective baptism is putting it off this week, but she will get baptized I know it. Our fam were working with is good. Everything is going good, we just have to keep working. We have all these people going to Church, now we just have to baptize them you know? There has already been a ton of new missionaries and new sisters too. And I guess I'm going home two weeks early because of the number of missionaries coming out, crazy huh?
Missionary work in our ward is booming. We've been having a ton of people in church. This week as a ward (there are four missionaries for every ward now because so many) we will have two and the others three. Its awesome! This ward has always been the crappy one for missionary work for a while, but we are building it up like crazy. Just the members don't always help. But still its going good.
This past week this girl, Pia, was talking to us and said she didn't feel ready for baptism. We had been praying for her and felt that her and her sister (Shes 15, Her sister 24) are both ready because theyve been changing there lives, there just scared to get baptized. Anyway, we told her we've prayed and know she is ready. She said no, I'm not and we were like, weve prayed and Heavenly Father has let us know that youre ready! So she said she will pray too and hopefully be ready to be batpized the 15th. It was a spiritual experience Ill never foget. She had problems with smoking and piercing and was just a straight up rebel, but has really change. When I got there I almost didn't want to work with her because I thought she wouldn't listen at all, but her and her sister will be sweet members. We just have to get them less scared, ya know.
Anyway, I love the mission and this week. I'll write and send pics next week.
Love you guys, thanks for everything.
Elder Farnworth

Monday, June 10, 2013

I COMPLETED A YEAR! I feel like time is going too fast.

Things are good, I COMPLETED A YEAR! I feel like time is going too fast.
This week was awesome though, we had 7 people in Church. Ximena wants to wait to be baptized but we are talking to her telling her it's the start. Then that fam of three are awesome, everyone likes them in Church and they,re more social than our whole ward. This will help alot because our ward is kinda of all to them self old people, so they will be young members.. I just don't think I'll be in the sector long enough to baptize them. But they said they want to, just not as soon as I proposed, but it's good.  OH also we found this girl who speaks perfect english we are goingt to start teaching her tomorrow, she's cool. Other than that nothing interesting really happened, just preparing investigators ya know.  Oh and this week we went paintballing and we wrecked.
Crazy dream, Was it weird? I've had a few like that and they feel real! And ALLRIGHT I'll send pics, I just can't on the computers so were going run over to someone elses house in a bit to send pics okay!! Tell kaleb congrats, I'm proud of him!! That is cool about your fast, inspiration is incredible.
I love the church and especially this gospel. I bore my testimony this week for our investigators,   normally we leave the time for members, but I cried talking about how much it has changed my life. I love it and want to keep helping others change too.
Anyway, thanks for the package, I love the ties and the shoes and glasses. I look tight haha!
Love you guys and thanks for all you've done.
Talk to you later and the pics will be there soon,
Elder Farnworth
Zac and his companion Elder Rogers
 Studying hard..
 I assume this is where Zac lives

 Elder Farnworth and Elder Rogers on P-day
 The one year tradition, burning a shirt
 Dave did this same thing on his mission:)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Get on the wave!!

That activity sounds awesome, Im sure it will help the missionary spirit a ton also. I wish I could have seen it!  Did they like the food? Chilean food is great! There is a Chilean restaurant in Provo that I wanna take you guys to after the mission to show you what its been like!  Dad said it was a success, good job, sounds awesome!
I  can't believe Kaleb is graduating!!  Haha It'll be awesome. He is going to love the temple. Tell him to go as much as he can, because he might not go that much on his mission. Oh and tell Patrick congrats, that is awesome! Isnt Edward there? He ll love it. Its awesome so many missionaries. Get on the Wave!! Haha.
Our baptism fell through... I've been frustrated with this girl, shes like our best bud she just is being dumb making excuses. But we had 7 Investigators at church so it wasn't a horrible week ya know. We found this fam of three and the husband is a military nurse, they went to church and liked it. But they have this daughter, so I took her out almost the whole meeting so they could pay attention and feel the spirit. It was fun and they liked it. We want to teach them about eternal families this week. Then, We brought another investigator to new beginnings and they talked about preparing for the temple and she loved it.  She finally started saying her prayers and even though she was up til 5, she still came to church. We want to put dates with the fam and that girl. I feel like I'm being blessed and the spirit is just working through us. I love it,  I don't think I wanna ever stop. 
My Mission President leaves June 30th and the new one gets here an hour before he leaves. Weird huh?  Mom, I have to burn a shirt, but I will use an old one!! I'm completing a year baby!!!! Haha, I can't believe it. I got your package and  I ate the fruit snacks super fast. Thanks for everything, is was an awesome package. And you sent dr pepper! I almost died, haha. Thanks a ton!! Im going to take a pic standing with all the drawings of everyone with my vans and glasses. If my cam works, I'll send you some pics. Mom, your incredible, thanks for everything you do. Don't be nervous about the teaching job, you will wreck!!
Love you, Your son, Or Elder,
Elder Farnworth