Sunday, June 2, 2013

Get on the wave!!

That activity sounds awesome, Im sure it will help the missionary spirit a ton also. I wish I could have seen it!  Did they like the food? Chilean food is great! There is a Chilean restaurant in Provo that I wanna take you guys to after the mission to show you what its been like!  Dad said it was a success, good job, sounds awesome!
I  can't believe Kaleb is graduating!!  Haha It'll be awesome. He is going to love the temple. Tell him to go as much as he can, because he might not go that much on his mission. Oh and tell Patrick congrats, that is awesome! Isnt Edward there? He ll love it. Its awesome so many missionaries. Get on the Wave!! Haha.
Our baptism fell through... I've been frustrated with this girl, shes like our best bud she just is being dumb making excuses. But we had 7 Investigators at church so it wasn't a horrible week ya know. We found this fam of three and the husband is a military nurse, they went to church and liked it. But they have this daughter, so I took her out almost the whole meeting so they could pay attention and feel the spirit. It was fun and they liked it. We want to teach them about eternal families this week. Then, We brought another investigator to new beginnings and they talked about preparing for the temple and she loved it.  She finally started saying her prayers and even though she was up til 5, she still came to church. We want to put dates with the fam and that girl. I feel like I'm being blessed and the spirit is just working through us. I love it,  I don't think I wanna ever stop. 
My Mission President leaves June 30th and the new one gets here an hour before he leaves. Weird huh?  Mom, I have to burn a shirt, but I will use an old one!! I'm completing a year baby!!!! Haha, I can't believe it. I got your package and  I ate the fruit snacks super fast. Thanks for everything, is was an awesome package. And you sent dr pepper! I almost died, haha. Thanks a ton!! Im going to take a pic standing with all the drawings of everyone with my vans and glasses. If my cam works, I'll send you some pics. Mom, your incredible, thanks for everything you do. Don't be nervous about the teaching job, you will wreck!!
Love you, Your son, Or Elder,
Elder Farnworth

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