Monday, June 10, 2013

I COMPLETED A YEAR! I feel like time is going too fast.

Things are good, I COMPLETED A YEAR! I feel like time is going too fast.
This week was awesome though, we had 7 people in Church. Ximena wants to wait to be baptized but we are talking to her telling her it's the start. Then that fam of three are awesome, everyone likes them in Church and they,re more social than our whole ward. This will help alot because our ward is kinda of all to them self old people, so they will be young members.. I just don't think I'll be in the sector long enough to baptize them. But they said they want to, just not as soon as I proposed, but it's good.  OH also we found this girl who speaks perfect english we are goingt to start teaching her tomorrow, she's cool. Other than that nothing interesting really happened, just preparing investigators ya know.  Oh and this week we went paintballing and we wrecked.
Crazy dream, Was it weird? I've had a few like that and they feel real! And ALLRIGHT I'll send pics, I just can't on the computers so were going run over to someone elses house in a bit to send pics okay!! Tell kaleb congrats, I'm proud of him!! That is cool about your fast, inspiration is incredible.
I love the church and especially this gospel. I bore my testimony this week for our investigators,   normally we leave the time for members, but I cried talking about how much it has changed my life. I love it and want to keep helping others change too.
Anyway, thanks for the package, I love the ties and the shoes and glasses. I look tight haha!
Love you guys and thanks for all you've done.
Talk to you later and the pics will be there soon,
Elder Farnworth
Zac and his companion Elder Rogers
 Studying hard..
 I assume this is where Zac lives

 Elder Farnworth and Elder Rogers on P-day
 The one year tradition, burning a shirt
 Dave did this same thing on his mission:)

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