Friday, June 21, 2013

I love the mission and this week

I heard about Grandpa, hope everything is good.  I'll keep praying for him. Tell meg good job on her dance recital!! I miss you guys!!  You sold my car? I was planning on driving that red car... aww man.. But awesome about your trip, take lots of pics and I'll take the ones you want. That is cool about Amy leaving, it seems like everyone I know is on a mission or married. 
So our prospective baptism is putting it off this week, but she will get baptized I know it. Our fam were working with is good. Everything is going good, we just have to keep working. We have all these people going to Church, now we just have to baptize them you know? There has already been a ton of new missionaries and new sisters too. And I guess I'm going home two weeks early because of the number of missionaries coming out, crazy huh?
Missionary work in our ward is booming. We've been having a ton of people in church. This week as a ward (there are four missionaries for every ward now because so many) we will have two and the others three. Its awesome! This ward has always been the crappy one for missionary work for a while, but we are building it up like crazy. Just the members don't always help. But still its going good.
This past week this girl, Pia, was talking to us and said she didn't feel ready for baptism. We had been praying for her and felt that her and her sister (Shes 15, Her sister 24) are both ready because theyve been changing there lives, there just scared to get baptized. Anyway, we told her we've prayed and know she is ready. She said no, I'm not and we were like, weve prayed and Heavenly Father has let us know that youre ready! So she said she will pray too and hopefully be ready to be batpized the 15th. It was a spiritual experience Ill never foget. She had problems with smoking and piercing and was just a straight up rebel, but has really change. When I got there I almost didn't want to work with her because I thought she wouldn't listen at all, but her and her sister will be sweet members. We just have to get them less scared, ya know.
Anyway, I love the mission and this week. I'll write and send pics next week.
Love you guys, thanks for everything.
Elder Farnworth

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