Sunday, April 28, 2013

I love meeting new people...

Things are good in Chile! We’ve been having a good time. With my last companion, we didn’t have very many investigators, so this week after doing 104 contacts, or tracting, we found some people. One dude used to be a drug addict and now is looking for a change. He has lost it all, his kid, wife, and several jobs. Now he is humbly changing. We asked to be baptized he said "Yeah, That sounds like what I need."
Then there was another dude, who was really weird. When we first knocked on his door he was in a thong. So I thought "He’s gonna try to rape us" ha-ha but he just was exercising. I was like what?? Why in a thong...? Ha, but he came to church. He was about to be baptized about ten years ago but got in a car accident and lost it all. Hearing all these stories and meeting these two guys, I don’t know why, but I'm starting to find a new love for my investigators. I kind of got so focused on baptizing, and then I saw people as numbers. Like I still had good relationships with them, but didn’t love them as much as I’m starting to.
And then we are teaching a girl name Silvia. Whose whole family are members, but her. Her whole fam wants nothing to do with the Church and she does. Oh, and one of my converts I just had, Gonzalo, went to conference and decided to go on a mission. He enrolled in mission prep in institute and is going in a year!! Cool huh?
I’m starting to not only work, but fall in love with the work. At first it was like, UGH I have to be bold go invite all these people, knock on all these doors... But know its like more an adventure and I love meeting new people, even those who hate us.
Oh, also my kid is awesome. We still haven’t taken a pic, but this fam. I saw in Antofa I think took a pic of us. Look up Javiera Alanoca on facebook and it should be there.
Well that’s about it.  I miss you all and love you.
Elder Farnworth

                This is Zac and his comp he is training.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's cool to have people ask us for advice with things when we're like twenty...

Things sound good, thanks for the letter! I can't believe Kaleb's gonna be leaving soon. Oh, and in the pictures you sent Megan looks ten times older. I didnt even know she had braces, I didnt recognize her,ha! Thats awesome about the job interview, I will pray for you. But I know you will get it, for sure!! Youre the best and you're caring so its in the bag!! And that is awesome that dad and Jord are so busywith work!!
We had a sweet week this week. We have some progressing investigators that we plan on inviting to be baptized this week. Then we have a couple where the wife isn't a member. They have to get married first so that they can get baptized, so we are helping them work out their problems so they can get married. We feel like marriage counselors!! Haha, Its cool have people ask you for advice with things like that when we're twenty and they have experience. But they seem to be getting better, so maybe were saying a few things right.
Anway, my new comp is from Arizona. His mom is from Mexico so he has spoken spanish in his house all his life. So the spanish isnt a problem for him. He's pretty cool, we get along and training is fun. Other than that not much is happening. We found a dude who wanted to fight with us saying that we never die and all this stuff. I left with bearing my testimony saying no matter what you say these things are true, I know it and we can help you know it to, if you listen. Then he tried to fight more and we left. Felt the spirit but he isnt interested.
Oh, my new comp his name is Elder Rogers and my last was Elder Bernal. I sent a pic of me and Bernal didnt I? 
For the package, first off I want Dr. Pepper. I haven't had it in forever!!! Then what I kind of need is shoes. I kinda want white Vans and also, I want some more skinny ties I like the one you sent me. Maybe some plaid ones, and that's really it. Whatever else you guys want!! I can't believe I'm going to have a year in the mission!! Time has really flown!!
But guess what? Less then a month and we get to skype again!! Im stoked. Thank you everything you all do. Especially you mom your the best. I love you guys and miss you, but love this week. Keep me updated and talk to you next week.
Love you!!
Elder Farny

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm training this week!

Things are goin good. Guess what, I’m training this week! I’m gonna have a kid! He’s from the states and he gets here on a special cambio Wednesday. (Cambio=Transfer) It’s bittersweet because I love my comp right now. He's been so funny and we have so many potentials.  This couple we are working with to try to get them married, then baptize the wife, cause there just living together. And then we are working with the sister of recent coverts and a few families where not everyone are members. The other thing that sucked was we couldn’t bring anyone else to conference. They all wanted to sleep in, but that’s life. We just have to teach the importance of church and be bold with them and get them in Church. Church just isn’t part of the Chilean culture.

Anyway, I LOVED conference. It helped me out so much. It gave me so much motivation to just keep being bold and contacting everyone I see! It’s unreal, I love the Church. My favorite was Bednar or Holland. The boldness and the things they say are just perfect to what helps motivate me. We had a separate room just for English missionaries to listen to conference. I think there were like about twenty of us.

 We have gotten a few Elders in our mission, but still not a ton of sisters. I think soon though. I thought about you all during Priesthood session. My zone leader was like, we are singing this song with our dads and brothers.  I was like Trunkey, ha-ha he’s awesome. We do sweet stuff in this zone, like today we played soccer for 2 hours then football for 2 hours on the beach. I had five goals :)

Oh and my convert Gonzalo, from the last sector wants to serve a mission already. Ha He’s kinda bummed he can’t, but in a year.  He’s going to bring so many people to the kingdom. Can’t wait!! I miss you guys, but feel so lost in the work. I love helping these people change. We just helped this less active girl put in her papers and change her life. She told me she was too scared to talk to the bishop. But I told her not to worry and to say a pray before you talk. She did it and should be getting her call soon. It was cool.

 Anyway hope all is well in Utah. I love you you’re the greatest blessing in my life.

Love you,

Elder Farny.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

I had a dream that Kaleb was going to come to Chile..SWEDEN, Kaleb I'm stoked for you!

SWEDEN!! Kaleb I am stoked for you, you’re going to be an amazing missionary. I can’t wait to see the miracles and the spirit that you bring the Swedish people. You’re going to do amazing things. I had a dream he was going to come to Chile, but I guess I just wanted that. Ha-ha but I know he was called there for a reason. Is he stoked? Is Swedish hard? Let me know what it’s like there! I actually met someone here who was from there. He spoke perfect English. Ha

Our week was pretty good here, not as exciting as Kaleb's, but we have found a bunch of new potential people. My comp is awesome, we are like the same person. Ha, it’s a blast. He is from Columbia, I’ll send a pic.  We were able to go back and baptize Claudia so that was awesome.

I am sending some pics.  I hope you all are doing great.  Have a great week and I’ll think of you while watching conference.

Love you all,
Elder Farnworth

                                        Me and my Comp, Elder Bernal
                                                    Me and Claudia
                                         Colombain jersey I borrow to play soccer
                                         Claudia and her family
                                       Me and Vargas, With the chester drawers we built!
My shoes! Sweet huh?