Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's cool to have people ask us for advice with things when we're like twenty...

Things sound good, thanks for the letter! I can't believe Kaleb's gonna be leaving soon. Oh, and in the pictures you sent Megan looks ten times older. I didnt even know she had braces, I didnt recognize her,ha! Thats awesome about the job interview, I will pray for you. But I know you will get it, for sure!! Youre the best and you're caring so its in the bag!! And that is awesome that dad and Jord are so busywith work!!
We had a sweet week this week. We have some progressing investigators that we plan on inviting to be baptized this week. Then we have a couple where the wife isn't a member. They have to get married first so that they can get baptized, so we are helping them work out their problems so they can get married. We feel like marriage counselors!! Haha, Its cool have people ask you for advice with things like that when we're twenty and they have experience. But they seem to be getting better, so maybe were saying a few things right.
Anway, my new comp is from Arizona. His mom is from Mexico so he has spoken spanish in his house all his life. So the spanish isnt a problem for him. He's pretty cool, we get along and training is fun. Other than that not much is happening. We found a dude who wanted to fight with us saying that we never die and all this stuff. I left with bearing my testimony saying no matter what you say these things are true, I know it and we can help you know it to, if you listen. Then he tried to fight more and we left. Felt the spirit but he isnt interested.
Oh, my new comp his name is Elder Rogers and my last was Elder Bernal. I sent a pic of me and Bernal didnt I? 
For the package, first off I want Dr. Pepper. I haven't had it in forever!!! Then what I kind of need is shoes. I kinda want white Vans and also, I want some more skinny ties I like the one you sent me. Maybe some plaid ones, and that's really it. Whatever else you guys want!! I can't believe I'm going to have a year in the mission!! Time has really flown!!
But guess what? Less then a month and we get to skype again!! Im stoked. Thank you everything you all do. Especially you mom your the best. I love you guys and miss you, but love this week. Keep me updated and talk to you next week.
Love you!!
Elder Farny

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