Sunday, April 28, 2013

I love meeting new people...

Things are good in Chile! We’ve been having a good time. With my last companion, we didn’t have very many investigators, so this week after doing 104 contacts, or tracting, we found some people. One dude used to be a drug addict and now is looking for a change. He has lost it all, his kid, wife, and several jobs. Now he is humbly changing. We asked to be baptized he said "Yeah, That sounds like what I need."
Then there was another dude, who was really weird. When we first knocked on his door he was in a thong. So I thought "He’s gonna try to rape us" ha-ha but he just was exercising. I was like what?? Why in a thong...? Ha, but he came to church. He was about to be baptized about ten years ago but got in a car accident and lost it all. Hearing all these stories and meeting these two guys, I don’t know why, but I'm starting to find a new love for my investigators. I kind of got so focused on baptizing, and then I saw people as numbers. Like I still had good relationships with them, but didn’t love them as much as I’m starting to.
And then we are teaching a girl name Silvia. Whose whole family are members, but her. Her whole fam wants nothing to do with the Church and she does. Oh, and one of my converts I just had, Gonzalo, went to conference and decided to go on a mission. He enrolled in mission prep in institute and is going in a year!! Cool huh?
I’m starting to not only work, but fall in love with the work. At first it was like, UGH I have to be bold go invite all these people, knock on all these doors... But know its like more an adventure and I love meeting new people, even those who hate us.
Oh, also my kid is awesome. We still haven’t taken a pic, but this fam. I saw in Antofa I think took a pic of us. Look up Javiera Alanoca on facebook and it should be there.
Well that’s about it.  I miss you all and love you.
Elder Farnworth

                This is Zac and his comp he is training.

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