Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our members are pretty strong here, it's awesome.

Sounds like things are going good with you guys! Its great here as well, even though we had the family that we planned on baptizing this saturday not show up at church, we brought five other people to church. Two of them are awesome, this girl who is 19 who speaks english and her bro whos 17. There dad just died and during the lessons they told us they liked our church more than all the others they've been to which was awesome.  It's sweet speaking english everytime we visit them. Also, yesterday we set up a devotional with the whole ward and taught them how to help our investagators and recent converts feel more comfortable. It turned out really well. Our member are pretty strong here, its awesome.
Other than that nothing else has really been different. They don't know what thanksgiving is here and I dont think were doing anything, so it'll be just a normal day. But I'll have to make a recipe that you gave me, I'll make something sweet for me and my comp. I keep having dreams that I'm with you guys. I had a dream that Mom moved here for two years and had her own little house and spoke spanish. And we visited you like everynight... haha weird huh? Anyways that's about it, I'lll let you know when we have a set baptism, I'm praying it's soon.
Love you guys and thanks for everything.
Elder Farny
                *Here are some pictures of the Antofagasta that Zachary sent. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

We're staying busy and working hard..

I’m glad to hear everything is going good. This week was a good one. We’re staying  busy and working hard. This week was more about teaching our investigators and getting them ready for baptism. We had 5 investigator at Church, and 5 less actives. And this week we found 6 new people to teach. Included in those 6 is a Grandma who asked us to baptize her during the first lesson with her. So that’s a good sign, haha. The works good, it’s just getting hot. Oh and then these other two girls we found is a cool story. So I was choosing where we did contacts on splits not this week but last week. And we were walking and I felt like we should visit this house. So we knocked on it and those girls that I told you about who were more into us than our message answered. So I thought the feeling I had was nothing. But turns out the house is two parts, so we tried the lower half and found these two other girls who are super interested and after teaching them asked us to come back and all the stuff. It was a cool experience and I hope we can get them baptized soon. Anyway other then that, we're just working hard.
Thanks for all the support from everyone and keep me updated on life in the U.S.

Love ya!

Elder Farny

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's been a tiring week...

This weeks focus has been finding new people to teach. It's been a tiring week, every night I come home absolutely exhausted. The other night we taught our recent converts and I almost fall asleep during the lesson. I've never been so tired in my entire life. Its all been good though, everyday we comment about how for some reason people just let us in. Our numbers of contacts are low, but the number of new investigators is always high. Its awesome, so hopefully this Sunday, we get poeple to church and by the end of the month we have baptisms. 

The spanish is good, but I wanted to get better. Still just getting used to the different ways to say things and learning the chilean slang and what not, but its good. Im trying to think if anything too excited happened this week. Oh ya crazy story. So we did splits and I went with this new Elder from Utah who speaks a tiny bit of spanish. But we were doing contacts and this family let us in. It was a family of four, the mom and two girls, 19 and 18 then one of like 12. So we started teaching but the whole lesson they just kept telling us how good looking we were and stuff. We couldnt even get through the lesson it was so bad, so we just invited them to church and left,haha. That's all thats really happened, we're just teaching our investigators right now but hopefully we will have some baptism dates soon. Hope all is well in the US and I hope Mitt Romney wins tomorrow.
Love you guys,
Elder Farnworth

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I gave my first talk in Spanish...

Nothing too big happened this week, but it was a good week of finding new people. We found 7 new investigators. We’re teaching three families now which is awesome, but it’s been a little rocky with each one having certain things keeping them from going to church. Like work or just being too tired in the morning. Ha Sunday I gave my first talk in Spanish. I got up and started off apologizing if I speak strange, and gringo and made everyone laugh, then my talk went well. I was able to speak and say what I wanted to say and I even got a few compliments after. Other than that nothing to big has happened. Oh, one of the families on Thursday told us about how they were struggling big time with money and they were struggling to feed their kids. So we ran around the whole ward and collected food for them and now they like love us and want us to come by and teach them about our church every day. Its awesome, I'm excited. I hope they get baptized. It'd be an awesome story.

Well that’s about it thanks again for all the support I wouldn’t be able to do it without all of you. Con Amor De Chile


Elder Farny