Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our members are pretty strong here, it's awesome.

Sounds like things are going good with you guys! Its great here as well, even though we had the family that we planned on baptizing this saturday not show up at church, we brought five other people to church. Two of them are awesome, this girl who is 19 who speaks english and her bro whos 17. There dad just died and during the lessons they told us they liked our church more than all the others they've been to which was awesome.  It's sweet speaking english everytime we visit them. Also, yesterday we set up a devotional with the whole ward and taught them how to help our investagators and recent converts feel more comfortable. It turned out really well. Our member are pretty strong here, its awesome.
Other than that nothing else has really been different. They don't know what thanksgiving is here and I dont think were doing anything, so it'll be just a normal day. But I'll have to make a recipe that you gave me, I'll make something sweet for me and my comp. I keep having dreams that I'm with you guys. I had a dream that Mom moved here for two years and had her own little house and spoke spanish. And we visited you like everynight... haha weird huh? Anyways that's about it, I'lll let you know when we have a set baptism, I'm praying it's soon.
Love you guys and thanks for everything.
Elder Farny
                *Here are some pictures of the Antofagasta that Zachary sent. 

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