Sunday, December 2, 2012

I forgot it was Thanksgiving until nighttime

Glad you like the pictures, I’ve tried to take more, we just don’t take our cameras around with us cause its ghetto where we are at. Sucks you guys didn’t have snow at the cabin, but still sounds like you had fun. I wasn’t really paying attention to the date, so I kinda forgot it was thanksgiving until nighttime. My package still hasn’t arrived, but I think that it’s here and the zone leaders just have to go get it. But thank you for the package!! I know ill love it when I get it, haha. 

The house is already set up huh? It’s weird seeing the Christmas trees and stuff here and no snow.... just doesn’t seem to fit without snow haha But I hope you guys have fun at all your parties. We have transfers this week and this time I'm almost positive I’m leaving which sucks because the family of my recent converts is where I want to spend Christmas. But Ill find someone cool to spend it with. 

This week was both good one and bad. Monday night, I was sick and all day Tuesday I had to rest and take medicine our mission doctor gave me. I was coughing up blood and my whole body hurt. But the medicine helped quickly and we got back to work Wednesday. Wednesday we did splits with missionaries from the sector right next to ours, and I was with this new missionary named Mcconkie and we went to teach one of his investigators who was about to get baptized. So we get there and we met her niece who wasn’t a member but who had been to church a few times. We asked if she wanted to listen to the lesson she said ya and said the opening prayer and at the end of the lesson she goes I want to get baptized. I was like sweet haha second time that’s happened to me. So she got baptized Saturday. The investigators from our sector aren’t really like that ha, they’re making all these excuses and stuff.  We’re still teaching them and were going to see what we can do. We have like 10 potentials right now so we will see. But the work has been good.

I’ve been thinking lately and really I haven’t been too homesick. I just have no reason to be ya know. I feel like even if I was at home, there wouldn’t be anything more important than doing what I'm doing right now. And it’ll help me be who I need to be when I get back. And like you said, it’s amazing meeting people in the ward and having them become my best friends. Like this investigator who speaks English, we are like buds already and we just met. Crazy all the people you meet. 

Well, this is probably my last week in this area, so next week Ill let you guys know what’s up. Hope all is well at home, love you guys and Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Farnworth

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