Sunday, August 4, 2013

In my birthday package I want Costa Vida, just send it in a cooler:)

Hey I'm just writing real quick. I couldn't write Monday because I went to Antofa to get my second kid. I'm training again ha, and I got moved from district of sisters to elders. So things are dope, my comps name is Elder Golpe and Golpe means punch so everyone makes jokes about his name. He's cool, another one from Argentina, ha.
Things are sick in this sector we have a baptismal date for a soccer player who's trying to go pro, should  be sweet. I'll look for a suit here and in my birthday package I want Costa Vida, just send it in a cooler :) Ha, no probably just fruit snacks, swedish fish and laffy taffys. Take pics of Kaleb's farewell what day does he go in again?
Well just a quick update, we've got to go do service. I love this mish, take care Mom, Dad and everyone .
Elder Farnworth
P.S: I've already asked several times in the mission for a car, haha and I'll remember to  take the pension pics.

It rained really hard here, which never happens

WELL, this week was a dud because we lost contact with almost all our sweet going to be baptized investigators. Its killer but we plan on doing anything possible to find them. Francias mom is about to die and is never home. Juan is always working. Javiera doesn’t have permission form her grandparents and Eli’s parents hate the church. Ha BUT we found a fam whose husband and kids aren’t members but the wife wants to start going to church again. We have an appointment with them at six tonight. I don’t know what else to tell you ha.
OH, it rained really hard here, which never happens. It was weird being wet, it’s never happened my whole mission ha-ha. Then that Claudia lady I told you about who we baptized her son her daughter wants to come live with us in the states and thinks Jordan is cute, haha it was funny! Things are good though I like the people here, they’re really chill. Other than that, not too much going on. I want a car so bad. Ha, I get sick of walking everywhere, but now I walk fast haha.

 Hey, there is a sister going home this week who lives in Riverton. I’m sending some stuff with her for Mom and I’ll try to find something for everyone. If not I’ll just save it till the end of the mish. But I will try if you want anything special. I was thinking soccer jerseys for the fam??  
Anyways thanks for everything, here are some pics. I love you mom and dad and everyone and am thankful that we will be able to be together forever.



                                                         Looks like Zac's zone
                                                                   Musical chairs

Zac now loves soccer