Saturday, December 29, 2012

What an amazing Christmas...

Zachary didn't send an email on Monday, but we had an amazing Chirstmas present from him on Tuesday.  We were able to skype with him for over an hour.  He just seemed so happy and loves what he is doing.  He had a little Chilean boy that jumped up on his back and the whole family gave him a hug for us.  You can tell he really loves the people there.  It was so wonderful to see him looking so good and realizing he is still Zac, only better!  We all visited with him as a group and then each had our one on one time.  It really made our Christmas!  At the end of our visit he bore his testimony in Spanish.  We all felt the spirit and were amazed at his ability to speak the language and for his love of the gospel.  We couldn't have had a greater gift this Christmas Season.

AND, when he got to the zone conference, he got BOTH of my packages!!  He was going to make his Thanksgiving turkey dinner on Christmas!  He said he put up all the Christmas decorations and gave the Chirstmas book that was in Spanish to the family he was with.  That was such a relief for me and brought us so much happiness to know he was able to have some gifts from us at Christmas. 

Zac did send some pictures of his Zone Conference and I found a few more on the Mission Blog.  President and Sister Bruce just seem like the most amazing people.  Zac is so fortunate to be lead by them. 

 The Missionaries had a gift exchange.  Looks like Zac got a new pillow;)
Sister Bruce and the funniest gift, a plunger.

President Bruce looks like he is having a good time.

 When someone would say baptize they passed to the right, when they said Christmas they would pass to the left.

            Then they have a lunch with all the missionaries.

This is Zachary's Zone.  It is called the Chanaral Zone.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

It hardly feels like Christmas without snow, ha!

Haven’t gotten anyone packages yet.... this Thursday we have a conference, and the assistants always bring packages there, so I should get one then. The one you sent in November is going back? Hopefully I’ll get the Dec. one!

I’ve been listening to Christmas songs, but it still hardly feels like Christmas without snow, ha, feels like summer.

Things are good, still a little rough. Tough people here, really like keep to themselves and they don’t like to be social, ha, it’s interesting. But I like the city and how it is. Thinks are getting better with my comp, still kinda hard to keep a conversation, ya know. But it’s all good, we’re buds! Umm, I haven’t found a member yet, but we’re going to ask this week. Hey, could you make me a skype account then send me all the info cause I don’t know how to do it. Plus, then it would  just be already for next week. I’ll email Monday and get the password then skype Tuesday. Crazy that it’s already my first Christmas! 

Just keep sending stuff to the mission home, they will get it me, it just takes a bit. But if some of them have gotten here I’ll get them this Thursday for sure. 

Teaching is good. In Antofagasta we had a ton of people to teach so we got in like 28-30 lessons each week. Now, a good week is like 12... BUT we are planning to put a baptism date the 29th and it’ll be the first baptism here since 2011, I think. That’s what my comp says at least. So we will see how that goes.

I love you all and can’t wait to talk!
See ya next week!

Elder Farny

*As a side note, I ended up calling the Mission Home in Chile and they had just received Zac’s Christmas package!  YAY!  The Thanksgiving package  is still MIA, so some Chilean is probably enjoying a nice Thanksgiving dinner;)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nope THIS is the hardest thing I've ever done...

My new area is great. It’s so quiet, its weird, there’s not a single stoplight in the entire city and like 5 or 6 cars in the street at a time. But its loaded, the houses are some of the biggest in Chile. They would kind of be smaller homes in the states but they’re big for here. And the streets are all gringo names. I guess the city was established by gringos like 50 years ago. So they have like a street called 4th of July. Ha, Kinda of cool. But at times it's a little boring being alone in a little city just you and your comp. I used to always see my zone and stuff but we live 4 hours from the zone leaders and 2 hours from the nearest missionaries. Yeah its pretty far inland, before I left, I tried showing my converts the boys where it is and couldn’t find it on google map ha, goes to show how small it is.

My Companion is from Peru and one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met haha. He’s unbelievable quiet like he just flat out doesn’t talk. It’s rough not going to lie. First time being senior comp. I’m like leading the lessons and talk almost the whole lesson. But it helps me with my Spanish I’m getting faster and faster. He has two more transfers than me and is 25. But easily the quietest person I’ve ever met. Like one time this less active lady was like so what are you thinking you just look at me and don’t talk?... And he didn’t say anything ha, but then other times he'll teach and stuff and he does a good job. I feel like each transfer I find my self saying "Nope THIS is the hardest thing I’ve ever done" Ha but its good to always be stretching my abilities.

Oh, and our sector hasn’t had a baptism since 2011. Crazy, But the branch is super strong. There all rich so just about all of them have been to the temple and are endowed which is rare. Its cool to have rich members the because there’s this one guy who loves football and we are kinda buds, but has peanut butter which is crazy expensive, just for me at his house ha, its cool. Oh and then cooking has been kinda cool but I’m already tired of it haha. We had tacos and french toasts and rice.. Can’t remember what else. But this week I think we're going to try some pasta stuff and whatever else we think of.

Christmasy huh? It’s finally starting to feel like Christmas here there are a few houses in my sector with Christmas lights. It’s weird that there won’t be snow this Christmas but I think I like the heat more. Still haven’t gotten my package but I’m hoping soon, at least one of them! I hope I at LEAST get one before Christmas! But we will see. Yeah we can skype for Christmas I’m hoping to find someone cool to spend Christmas with and skype at there house but if not we will just do it at a Cyber.
Anyway I don’t have too much time this week because we got to get to work quick. But I love all of you guys and will talk to you next week. OH and that lessons sounds awesome, our president just taught a little about that a while back. Its interesting thinking faith and fear cant exist like darkness and light.
 Anyway, Love you all, take care and talk to you next week

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I got My First Transfer! And Im SENIOR COMP!

Yeah, the mission is starting to fly. Every week seems faster and faster. That’s awesome you got to teach about the story of Jesus Christ, ya we kinda of do that everyday, now you have some insight on what we do :) It’s awesome huh?
Whoa an apostle went to the nativity? Ha now next year everyone is going to be looking for apostles... pretty sweet. Did you take some pictures of them? Could you send me them? Sounds awesome, I wanna see. 

So some big news! I got My First Transfer and I’m a SENIOR COMP! I’m going to this tiny little mining town called El Salvador. My first time traveling in the mission. My bus leaves tonight at one in the morning and I get there tomorrow at like 9 or 10 I think. But one cool thing is because it’s a little town they only have a branch, and I’ll be part of the Branch Presidency, I think. Not 100% sure because the assistant told me I’ll be helping run the branch, but then another missionary told me he just came from there and the missionaries don’t really run it. But we will see. Also heard that its one of the nicest pensions or apartments in the mission and that I can drink the water (FINALLY I hate buying water!) You people who live in the US are lucky haha. but I'm absolutely stoked. Its gonna be an adventure. Oh and we don’t have mamitas, so I have to wash my own clothes and make my own food everyday… what a bummer ha. 

The one crappy part is that I’m leaving my first converts and less actives that I helped get to Church. They’re awesome when I bore my last testimony here, the mom of Alanoca ( I'll point her out in the pic) She started to cry and she says I better come back. I told her if you guys pick me up, we will hang with her and her family the whole time you guys are here. Would be perfect, they game me a sweatshirt and another investigator gave me this cool Chile hat and then we went to taco bell today with our investigators ha. It was sweet but still sucks saying bye. 

What else... nothing too exciting this past week, we found a couple new investigators this week but mainly were just working with our old ones trying to get them to progress. But I’m going to have all new investigators, so I guess its elder Ruiz worries now ha. 

My package still hasn’t gotten here which sucks cause now its going to be a little while until it gets from Antofagasta to El Salvador... But it should be soon.  I don’t know whats up.  I feel fine, I’m not sick anymore and have been taken care of myself. Nothing else too exciting, but ill send you a bunch of pictures when I arrive in Richville ok?

LOve you guys and hope everything’s been going good. Take Care!

Elder Farny

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I forgot it was Thanksgiving until nighttime

Glad you like the pictures, I’ve tried to take more, we just don’t take our cameras around with us cause its ghetto where we are at. Sucks you guys didn’t have snow at the cabin, but still sounds like you had fun. I wasn’t really paying attention to the date, so I kinda forgot it was thanksgiving until nighttime. My package still hasn’t arrived, but I think that it’s here and the zone leaders just have to go get it. But thank you for the package!! I know ill love it when I get it, haha. 

The house is already set up huh? It’s weird seeing the Christmas trees and stuff here and no snow.... just doesn’t seem to fit without snow haha But I hope you guys have fun at all your parties. We have transfers this week and this time I'm almost positive I’m leaving which sucks because the family of my recent converts is where I want to spend Christmas. But Ill find someone cool to spend it with. 

This week was both good one and bad. Monday night, I was sick and all day Tuesday I had to rest and take medicine our mission doctor gave me. I was coughing up blood and my whole body hurt. But the medicine helped quickly and we got back to work Wednesday. Wednesday we did splits with missionaries from the sector right next to ours, and I was with this new missionary named Mcconkie and we went to teach one of his investigators who was about to get baptized. So we get there and we met her niece who wasn’t a member but who had been to church a few times. We asked if she wanted to listen to the lesson she said ya and said the opening prayer and at the end of the lesson she goes I want to get baptized. I was like sweet haha second time that’s happened to me. So she got baptized Saturday. The investigators from our sector aren’t really like that ha, they’re making all these excuses and stuff.  We’re still teaching them and were going to see what we can do. We have like 10 potentials right now so we will see. But the work has been good.

I’ve been thinking lately and really I haven’t been too homesick. I just have no reason to be ya know. I feel like even if I was at home, there wouldn’t be anything more important than doing what I'm doing right now. And it’ll help me be who I need to be when I get back. And like you said, it’s amazing meeting people in the ward and having them become my best friends. Like this investigator who speaks English, we are like buds already and we just met. Crazy all the people you meet. 

Well, this is probably my last week in this area, so next week Ill let you guys know what’s up. Hope all is well at home, love you guys and Happy Thanksgiving!

Elder Farnworth

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Our members are pretty strong here, it's awesome.

Sounds like things are going good with you guys! Its great here as well, even though we had the family that we planned on baptizing this saturday not show up at church, we brought five other people to church. Two of them are awesome, this girl who is 19 who speaks english and her bro whos 17. There dad just died and during the lessons they told us they liked our church more than all the others they've been to which was awesome.  It's sweet speaking english everytime we visit them. Also, yesterday we set up a devotional with the whole ward and taught them how to help our investagators and recent converts feel more comfortable. It turned out really well. Our member are pretty strong here, its awesome.
Other than that nothing else has really been different. They don't know what thanksgiving is here and I dont think were doing anything, so it'll be just a normal day. But I'll have to make a recipe that you gave me, I'll make something sweet for me and my comp. I keep having dreams that I'm with you guys. I had a dream that Mom moved here for two years and had her own little house and spoke spanish. And we visited you like everynight... haha weird huh? Anyways that's about it, I'lll let you know when we have a set baptism, I'm praying it's soon.
Love you guys and thanks for everything.
Elder Farny
                *Here are some pictures of the Antofagasta that Zachary sent. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

We're staying busy and working hard..

I’m glad to hear everything is going good. This week was a good one. We’re staying  busy and working hard. This week was more about teaching our investigators and getting them ready for baptism. We had 5 investigator at Church, and 5 less actives. And this week we found 6 new people to teach. Included in those 6 is a Grandma who asked us to baptize her during the first lesson with her. So that’s a good sign, haha. The works good, it’s just getting hot. Oh and then these other two girls we found is a cool story. So I was choosing where we did contacts on splits not this week but last week. And we were walking and I felt like we should visit this house. So we knocked on it and those girls that I told you about who were more into us than our message answered. So I thought the feeling I had was nothing. But turns out the house is two parts, so we tried the lower half and found these two other girls who are super interested and after teaching them asked us to come back and all the stuff. It was a cool experience and I hope we can get them baptized soon. Anyway other then that, we're just working hard.
Thanks for all the support from everyone and keep me updated on life in the U.S.

Love ya!

Elder Farny

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's been a tiring week...

This weeks focus has been finding new people to teach. It's been a tiring week, every night I come home absolutely exhausted. The other night we taught our recent converts and I almost fall asleep during the lesson. I've never been so tired in my entire life. Its all been good though, everyday we comment about how for some reason people just let us in. Our numbers of contacts are low, but the number of new investigators is always high. Its awesome, so hopefully this Sunday, we get poeple to church and by the end of the month we have baptisms. 

The spanish is good, but I wanted to get better. Still just getting used to the different ways to say things and learning the chilean slang and what not, but its good. Im trying to think if anything too excited happened this week. Oh ya crazy story. So we did splits and I went with this new Elder from Utah who speaks a tiny bit of spanish. But we were doing contacts and this family let us in. It was a family of four, the mom and two girls, 19 and 18 then one of like 12. So we started teaching but the whole lesson they just kept telling us how good looking we were and stuff. We couldnt even get through the lesson it was so bad, so we just invited them to church and left,haha. That's all thats really happened, we're just teaching our investigators right now but hopefully we will have some baptism dates soon. Hope all is well in the US and I hope Mitt Romney wins tomorrow.
Love you guys,
Elder Farnworth

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I gave my first talk in Spanish...

Nothing too big happened this week, but it was a good week of finding new people. We found 7 new investigators. We’re teaching three families now which is awesome, but it’s been a little rocky with each one having certain things keeping them from going to church. Like work or just being too tired in the morning. Ha Sunday I gave my first talk in Spanish. I got up and started off apologizing if I speak strange, and gringo and made everyone laugh, then my talk went well. I was able to speak and say what I wanted to say and I even got a few compliments after. Other than that nothing to big has happened. Oh, one of the families on Thursday told us about how they were struggling big time with money and they were struggling to feed their kids. So we ran around the whole ward and collected food for them and now they like love us and want us to come by and teach them about our church every day. Its awesome, I'm excited. I hope they get baptized. It'd be an awesome story.

Well that’s about it thanks again for all the support I wouldn’t be able to do it without all of you. Con Amor De Chile


Elder Farny

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I thought for sure I was leaving... I love it here!

This week has been kinda of a big change. I just finished my training and I have a new companion (his name is Elder Ruiz from Mexico), but I am staying in the same place, Antofagasta. Which is perfect, I love it here!  I thought for sure I was leaving (because all the leaders told me I was) so I told this family, and the mom almost started crying and all the kids were like ‘wait you’re going to come back right’? Haha, then they freaked when they found out I’m staying. I’m sending pictures of them, there so sweet. *Check out all the pics at the end of this post.

A few cool things happened this week. First off, we went to this lady in our wards house looking for her son, who is the ward mission leader, but he wasn't there. So we asked if we could leave her with a quick scripture and so I shared with her just a little scripture about praying everyday to feel closer with our Heavenly Father and to have comfort or whatever it is we need. After sharing the scripture, she got a little teary eyed and said this is exactly what she needed to hear. It was awesome to have helped someone out like that.

Then also this week we found two families that we are now teaching. One is our next door neighbor and the other are evangelico. Evangelist I think in English. Anyway there progressing, but they struggle with the fact that one religion is true. They keep just saying, yeah I believe everything you’re telling me, then we’re like GREAT! Then they say, but every church ends up in the same place. Sooo yeah, ha, but it’s a work in progress. Oh and my Spanish is improving too, I can talking a little fast and bit more clear. It’s going good.

Crazy story this week is we were doing contacts or tracting, and this guy starts chucking pieces of tile at us haha, I was like what did we do to you? We did nothing, ha, but he sucked and didn’t even come close to hitting us so we started walking away, then he said come here. I was like, what, you threw stuff at us then say come here? It was weird. Happens when your area is ghetto, ha, but I love this place. I hope Kaleb gets called to this same mission.  Highly unlikely, but it would be awesome.

I hope all is well with everyone in the States. I love all of you and thank you again for all the support. I’m doing great.

Love you guys,
Elder Farny
                                Elder Farnworth and Elder Revas
                                       Zac's 2nd Baptism

                                                   White Night
                                 (when there are a bunch of baptisms in the
                                       zone and they do them together)

So cool...Zachary baptizes Francesco

                                           Zac's 2 month mark
                              (I'm not sure what he is burning, a tie?)

                               Zachary's new Comp Eler Ruiz from Mexico
                             Staying in Antofagasta...I love this place!

Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm loving the Mission...

So I have a new comp from Mexico, his name is elder Ruiz. I’ll send a picture. He’s cool, but I’m only with him for a week.  I’m showing him around the area then I’m leaving Antofagasta! It sucks because I love the people here, but I’m kinda stoked to go to see what a different city is like. Maybe like a small mining city or something. I’m curious to see if my next comp this week will be gringo, I think it would be cool now that I speak comfortable Spanish to be with a gringo. 

I got my visa done finally. I had to sleep in a city called Tocapilla to finally get it done on Tuesday, then my comp Elder Rivas left Thursday. This week was a lot better than last week, but kinda of a weird week. We don’t really have a lot of people were teaching, we’re more in the finding process, which is good.

I’ve felt less home sick this week and more focused on what I’m doing and felt the sprit more times this week. I’m sure it’s an answer to your prayers. Thank- you for all you do for me and all you support. It’s kinda been rough lately, I don’t know why, but I just miss being with more familiar people ya know? Living with a stranger so to speak is kinda strange at times, but I’m slowly getting more used to it.

Its crazy Jordan’s think about going to law school, I hope it really happens, he would be good lawyer.  We have a missionary named Elder Smith that is a lot like Jordan, he’s cool he’s one of my buds. I heard about Trevor, I hope he’s doing better. I’m glad you had a good week that’s crazy that the Metcalf’s are going to Australia did they say why?

I’m glad you guys are taking a bit of time off and going to Cali. Hearing that makes me miss swimming and the other day we ran to the ocean and I wanted to jump in, haha. But I didn’t, don’t worry. Anyway I got to go write everyone else, tell everyone I say hi and tell Kellert and Natalie that I say ‘Happy Birthday’

I miss you guys, but I’m loving the Mission, it’s an incredible experience and  I’m learning a ton.

I love you, talk to you next week.
Love Elder Farnworth

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Has conference always been this good?

Doesn’t sound like a same old same old week to me sounds like you guys have been having fun! Yeah, I loved conference, but know you guys were watching all together at the same time made me home sick. I even had a dream Saturday night that we were all at a park playing football together. I keep having these dreams they’re weird.

But yeah, I loved conference.  The things they talked about, wow I could feel the spirit more strongly than any other conference. Has conference always been this good? I feel like I really never noticed how incredible the talks were before my mission.
That would be crazy if Kaleb got his mission call and left while I was here. I was telling a member about it and she was like, perfect now you can help him with everything because you’ve experienced it! I hope he gets called Spanish speaking so that we can talk just between us, haha.

That’s awesome about you Jake and Meg playing on the field at the BYU stadium and everything, those pictures are sweet. Not sure why, but remembering those BYU stories made me miss you guys like crazy. Honestly this might have been the toughest week of homesickness of my entire mission, but I still love being here. I continue to get a ton of compliments on my Spanish. I guess the president bragged about my Spanish to another mission in my group, I was like ‘what?’ when I heard that. I’m glad though.

I’m almost out of time but I think but I might be able to have another chance to write again this week. I had another crappy p-day because I had to come to this city called Tocapilla for my visa again and now have to stay the night here.

Thank you for keeping me updated, it sounds like you guys are doing great. I miss you all a lot. It’s been rough, but I know I’ll be with you guys soon enough. I love you mom and dad, thanks again for everything.

Love you,
Elder Farnworth 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I always use shampoo first, then conditioner...

My birthday was great actually. I had two surprise party-ish things. The first was Monday night with four other missionaries. They told me we were doing a prank pretending we were Jehovah witnesses so they started filming. I was like ok? But then opened the door and they had a cake for me and bunch of stuff, it was sweet. Then the other was Saturday after the baptisms of the three kids.  By the way, I will have to get you those pics next week cause I forgot my camera cord. Anyways, this family of the kids we baptized had a party for me.  It feels like we’re part of their family, every time were about to leave the mom would be like, no please stay. Then always be like what time are you coming back tomorrow? They’re awesome, I have a video of them giving me the cake, I’ll send that next week too. I will make sure to describe each one with the pictures.

The holiday we they celebrated is just like Fourth of July, so they just call it 18th of September. It’s when Chile became Independent or something. They go all out too it’s crazy it’s like a law or something to not have a Chile flag on you house.

Oh yeah, I got your package Tuesday, so it takes about two weeks to get here.  It was awesome, it made me trunky. I’m using the pillow case and this is my favorite tie now. I like skinny ones, they’re nice. Oh yeah, and thanks for the tips on writing, I didn’t know I sucked at writing.... just kidding, haha but it says to make you feel like your with me.. So here it goes.

So I wake up at 6:55, Look at my alarm clock press the snooze button...
Then sleep for five more minutes then get up, put on my black jacket (If it’s cold, which is a lot lately) Then I walk down the stair, I think its yeah its twelve steps. Then I do my little work out thing then I take a shower. I take my showers hot but not like too hot just like perfect ya know. I always use shampoo first then conditioner....
hahaha this is boring me. But yeah sorry I’ll be more detailed when i write.

Our baptism was cool, we had a Blanco Noche(White night) which is when the zone has a bunch of baptisms and we do them all at one church. So we baptized thirteen people all in one baptism service. It was sweet. I’m lucky to be in a baptizing mission. I baptized the youngest of the three kids, his name is Francesco but everyone calls him Poncho. Him and his mom are awesome. I'm going to start teaching her English soon so that’ll be sweet. I’ll point her out in pictures next week.

Oh and by the way our whole mission baptized 111 people this month, truly the best mission in the World. I had my first interview with the President. To start he had my pray in Spanish so I did and I saw him write Excellent Spanish, I was like sweet. I know I’m lucky, some people aren’t even close to fluent after a year. I can almost say all I want to. I’m going to send some videos of me speaking Spanish so you can hear.

I have like three more weeks or something like that til the next cambia or transfer. They are every six weeks. It depends, some people stay together a long time and others change every cambia. I keep in touch with my MTC companion but not too much. I email Ry a bunch Trev never wrote back? Have you heard anything about him?

I just got sick too we had food from Peru... oh I don’t even want to write about it I hated it so much and it made me sick. But I’m happy you guys are getting better. Finally BYU wins, ya definitely send me pictures.

Well that’s about everyone going on here. Miss you guys and thanks again for the package. I took all the starburst and roasted them like we do at home.. Made me home sick but I like when little things remind me of you guys.

Anyway, love you mom and dad, thanks for everything,

Love your fav.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Three baptisms this Saturday...

A few sweet things happened this week. First off,  the 18th of September is like crazy here. Everyone, literally everyone, is drunk. Ha, it’s nuts!  Since everyone is drunk, we couldn’t have appointments and what not so we just played soccer that night . So we played three on three, Latin’s verses gringos. Me and two other gringos against Latinos who actually play soccer and we crushed them. Like BAD they were so mad, haha. We beat Latin’s at there own sport.

Then, that night we were watching church movies (I think it was the Work and the Glory or something like that) and one of the missionaries fell asleep. So we all made a plan to put an alarm next to him and then all get up and starting getting ready like its morning, but it was like 2 in the morning. Haha, it worked and we got him to think it was the morning and he got all ready at breakfast and everything.

Then on Thursday I think it was I took one of the new missionaries and did splits. I was the senior companion for the day so I chose everything we did and lead all the lessons and everything. Man that was cool being like the older one for once. Then yesterday  I told someone I was from Peru and it was like, oh yeah that’s awesome. Then I was like, not really I'm from the US and he goes, you talk better than Elder Packard.  I really thought you were from Peru.
Haha, Cool huh?

I have three baptisms for this saturday and the other day we found some new people to teach so things are working along. I've been blessed to see a lot of success,  other missionaries in my same group haven't had any baptisms yet.

Well there’s my cool stories for the week. Feel better mom and thank you for the package and birthday wishes!  Thanks everyone for your emails and for your support, I appreciate it so much.

I love you all!
Elder Farny

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kind of Crazy I'm Turning Twenty

Glad everyone is doing well and staying busy. Kind of crazy I'm turning twenty, especially because now I only have one more birthday in my mission. I was all happy it was on a P-day, but found out yesterday that I have to go get my visa in another city so I’m going to be doing that all day. But it's all good some families invited me over next week to have cake and everything. It’s sweet because our fechas (our next three baptisms) are like brothers to me and their mom is awesome and she tells us to come over when were hungry and wants to make me something for my birthday. Kinda stoked.

I guess the 18th of Sept. is like Chile’s 4th of July. So I can only write you today but I’m going to write everyone else Thursday. The Stakes and Wards are having parties today, tomorrow and Wednesday so were going to all of them and bring our investigators hoping they’ll make some friends.
Nothing to new has happened this week just the same old working hard. Oh yeah, Monday new missionaries came in so I’m not the newest, haha, its weird feels like I just got here. The new missionaries are kinda weird, I wonder if I was weird like that.
I’m starting to take more pics my goal is to fill up my 32 memory card by the time I go home. I'll get some pics of the parties this week and us playing soccer and everything and send them on Thursday.
All right gotta go but I'll write you again Thursday ok? Thanks for the package. I heard it only takes a week so it should be here soon. Can’t wait.
Love you guys, tell everyone hi for me;
Hasta luego,
Elder Farnworth ,Chao

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Elder Rivas, Pati, Joshua and Elder Farnworth
First baptism in Chile on Sept 8, 2012

Elder Farnworth and Elder Rivas 

Saturday was absolutely Incredible. MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! So awesome. So we baptized a girl and a boy. The girl, Pati, was baptized by my companion and I baptized Joshua. It was awesome because both their moms aren’t members and they said it was beautiful and made them confused about there religion (one being Catholic the other Jehovah witness) I thought that was incredible. But anyway, we did the whole meeting thing for the baptism and they gave the talks and everything. I felt ready, then we started walking to the font and I got really nervous about my accent and everything. I don’t know why cause I’ve felt confident with my Spanish. But I turned to Joshua and said are you nervous? He goes yeah, and I was like, don’t worry me too, haha! We went first and the water heater in our chapel is broken. The first few steps were FREEZING haha, me and Joshua were shivering then as soon as I started say the prayer, I stopped shivering, and felt the spirit so much. I can’t even describe the feeling. Like pure joy. Not the joy from like sports, or other things I like to do, but a lot deeper than that. I said the prayer, kind of slowly to make sure I got it right, (kinda of difficult in Spanish). But yeah it all went well and he told me afterwards he felt clean. Aw man, I loved it. I hope I have the experience a lot more on my mission. Which I think I will be blessed with the opportunity again soon we have three more kids who have dates for the 22nd. I’m so blessed, I don’t know how I got so lucky to find this great success but I Love it. I Love missionary work. I have pictures with both our baptisms. Seems like something happens like this every week.

I got all your pics from McCall looks like you had fun! That’s awesome you love working, I feel that way all the time, exhausted but accomplished. Its an incredible feeling huh? I love it. I’m glad all is well with Jake and Kaleb and Megan, I’m going to write them real quick. Um, for my birthday, just send candy and stuff. Could you send me some recipes of really simple breakfast ideas? That’s kind of what I need something good to make for breakfast. I really have been able to have some America food so that’s good. Also, how is the ward?  How many people do we have in our ward, the bishop asked me I told him like 300.  That seems like a ton but I was thinking we have a big ward. Idk, let me know.

I would love for you to come pick me up, please do! That would be awesome to have you guys be in Chile with me. It’s incredible, I’ve already fallen in love with it. I’m half Chilean, haha! No, but really I like soccer now, ha never thought id see the day.

Thank you again for the support, I appreciate all you’ve done for me. Btw Mom, the temple pic you painted for me is right next to my bed, I love it :) Thank you mom!

Elder Farnworth

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

At times I feel Chilean...ha!

My week was Great! This week has been probably the best week of my mission. We’re working hard and have been able to see it pay off. The girl that we are going to baptize, her mom is also interested so we are teaching her and also her Uncle, so we we’ll see what happens. Ill take some pictures but I don’t think I’m baptizing, but maybe, we will see. This week I got really really sick, but took grandmas medicine at felt good immediately. Nothing too crazy happened this past week. One night I woke up in the middle of the night and heard gunshots again, but I’m used to it now.

At times I feel Chilean, haha, it’s awesome. I feel really good about my Spanish. Kinda far from fluent, But every one tells me for only three months I can talk really well. I can almost understand everything I hear. We were at a member’s house and the dad was talking to his son about the gift of tongues and how I definitely have it. Which is true, I’m blessed. The bishop told me a story of a missionary who was in my area for four months and could barely talk all four months. I’m very blessed that it’s coming so quick. Also, this week we played soccer and a missionary told me I'm good which is rare for us gringos. So Basically I’m Chilean. Sure you didn’t adopt from a Chilean family?? Haha,no jk.

We just ate at TGI Fridays. They play all English music and it was like all the songs I listened to and even the song I had as my ring tone. I was trying so hard not to sing it! That’s got to be the toughest thing not listening to the music. I’m happy to be in a different country, when I think about what is was like when I was in the states it felt like... Weird.

There were only two from the MTC at the zone conference. That seems like it was forever ago, yeah it was fun though. OH YEAH, we had our welcome meeting this week with all our MTC group and the president. It was awesome he told us the Lord is blessing them with good missionaries and he thinks were all going to be really good missionaries. It got me excited.  My mission mom is awesome, she is just incredible one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met! And the President is awesome too. He basically is a giant, he’s six four and he’s really good at basketball.

I love what I’m doing I love Chile. Some missionaries are trunky (that’s what they call it when you work and everything but you would rather be home). I’m far from trunky. I love exactly where I am. This is the greatest experience it’s everything I thought my mission would be.

Well, I’m glad to hear all of you are having fun and that everything is going good at home. What did Jake say? Better be no... ha! Is it weird only having three kids? Seems like that’d be weird. I’ve been praying for Grandpa, is he doing any better now? I hope he gets better. Definitely keep me updated on who won the first BYU game! I forgot my camera today but will send a bunch of pictures next week.

Anyway, thank you for all the support. Couldn´t be here without you. I love you all.

Con Amor,
Elder Farnworth

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I can't wait until September 8th!

This has been a good week.  That girl that committed to baptism is still following through and we have three more people getting baptized that same day! Two are brothers named Joshua and Sebastian, they are awesome. They like the same music I do and stuff because people in Chile listen to music in English. It’s funny they sing me the words then I tell them what they mean. The other is Antonio's he's forty five and has had a ton of trials like drugs and drinking and wants to be clean, its awesome to see the gospel making these people as happy as its made us. I love it, he was so happy when we told him he could be clean of everything he has done.

Teaching has also been good. We do splits a lot because my companion is the district leader and one if the elders I did splits with told he felt the spirit every time I spoke. I know that the Lord is helping me teach because at times that's the hardest thing for me. Also I've been blessed with the language, I said a prayer yesterday in Priesthood and one of the people told me I speak a lot more fluid, I was so happy! I feel lucky- three months and I'm nearly fluent.

Things have gotten better with my companion. It’s just kinda rough because we are buds, but we don't have a ton in common. Anyways, this week was a ton better. Dad, thank you so much for the advice. It’s just what I needed to hear. I've been working on being bold, it’s tough for me. With people I’m fine with walking up to them getting to know them and then talking about the gospel, but with my companion it seems harder. But I'll be okay. Thanks again. Really last week I think I was thinking more about myself and being homesick than about everything I want, but now turning all my thoughts towards others and that has helped. We’re already seeing success with our four baptisms dates. I can't wait until September 8th!

At times I'm home sick, but I know and feel everyday I'm exactly where I should be. I feel happier than I've been in a so long and I know it’s because of this gospel. Its like I finally figured out who I am supposed to be. I don't know the best way to describe it. But never in my entire life have I felt more peace and mire happiness then I do right now. This gospel and this mission saved my life.

Anyways, I hope you love your work Mom, that sounds awesome that you're going to be working with autistic kids. They’re awesome. And once there parents realize how awesome you are they won't be nervous at all. Hmmm, things I want in my Birthday package?  I think I want candy. All the candy here is like not as sweet. Like chocolate recess, twix and things like that. Or if that will just get ruined or something, just others candy like star burst. The ticks are gone so I'll be okay with that. So candy and I need a tie clip. Then just whatever else because I can't think of a ton of things. Some of the things in Chile are almost the same, like the other day I had McDonald’s, it was cool.
Anyway, Dad I'm glad work has been good. We’re so blessed its unreal. Seeing the members here that have nothing but are happy and feel blessed with what they have has really made me feel even more grateful for our beautiful house and everything we have. But you know this, ha... That's crazy about Janeen, I didn't know she had that. Crazy, that's good that she's doing good.
Oh ya, the President and his wife are awesome, they are super chill and the President is funny. He's also filing or whatever to be a President longer, so I might have him my whole mission. We’re the number one baptizing mission in Chile and number six in South America because of them, they are incredible people.

Thank you for all the prayers and keep me updated on life at home. I am extremely blessed with all the family support I have. Tell everyone I say hi and sorry that I haven’t been able to write everyone back, the time I have is really short but tell them I've read their letters and thanks!

I love you all.
Elder Farnworth

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zac's first baptism date set for Sept 8th and I found pics from his Zone Conference on the mission blog=)

Hey that’s awesome that you’ve had a great summer and that the kids learned a lot at Education Week and especially that they loved it. I like to see pictures and it doesn't make me home sick, I really haven’t been that homesick at all..

Things are good here. A little tough though... My companion is almost done so at times it’s not his favorite thing to work. But I’ve been trying to get us to work more and visit more people, it’s just tough because I'm the junior companion and can’t speak amazing. The language is pretty good though, I feel like I’m picking it up pretty simple. I can have conversions and can teach ok, but I’m always improving. I’m hoping that by the end of my second transfer I’m fluent. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer everyday.  I get most frustrated when my companion speaks his Chilean accent, which is more like sounds than words, then I’m like, ok I want a gringo companion who I can understand. But it’s good for me to be pushed to learn Spanish. I’m learning so fast. I feel like new languages aren’t that hard for me, kinda want to learn a few more when I get back.

The people here in Chile don't love the Mormons. So almost every door we just hear about there excuses how there busy. Or we will teach a lesson and it’ll go really well then we'll try to go back and they’re busy. Chile is great, but also frustrating. The cool thing is yesterday we taught this girl named Pati at the church. We started teaching her about the restoration and about baptism. In the middle of the lesson she told us she wants to be baptized in this church. We didn't even ask her, it was awesome!  So we have our first baptism date set for Sept 8th! She’s the coolest girl too, I’m so stoked for her!

Anyway, I’m happy Jake and kaleb like learning about the book of Mormon! I wish I would've been more prepared with the doctrine before my mission, but I've learned a lot. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m in South America. I’ve kinda of had a rough welcome. I got ticks which sucks, I got them two weeks ago. Then the shootings like I told you about,  then also the other day I put my sweat shirt on and a giant spider crawled onto my hand.  Later I found out those kinds of spiders are really poisonous and if I would’ve been bit I would have had six hours to get to the hospital or I would be dead. Crazy huh. We have a mamita who makes our food and the other day she mad seafood like tentacle leg thingy... wow, I almost couldn’t eat it. but I put a ton of lemon juice in it and was fine. Yeah this is nuts, but I’m sticking through it. I feel adjusted to Chile, just not adjusted to like having a native companion and stuff. But with time it’ll be all good. Anyway, I’m going to try to take more pictures this pday and I’ll give you more next pday.

Alright I got to write everyone back Love you, and thanks for keeping me updated on everything.
Love, Elder Farnworth.

**I decided to see if Zachary's Mission President had updated their blog and they had!  I found these awesome pictures of Zac's at Zone Conference on Monday.  I'm sure he will tell us more about it next week.  It looks like President Bruce's wife is back from Utah.=)

The missionaries from the Antofagasta, La Portada and Calama Zones.

Can you see Zac turned sideways in the middle of the picture?

President and Sister Bruce ( I thought I'd throw in this pic of Zac's Mission Pres and his wife)

                                          Zone Conference in Antofagasta
We started our Zone Conferences this past week in Antofagasta. The Antofagasta, La Portada and Calama zones participated. Luckily for these missionaries we have the only Dominoes Pizza in the mission here in Anto so there was plenty of pizza for everyone.

Below are pictures from our lunch.  What a wonderful group of missionaries we have in these three zones.

                                                There's Zac!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A few pics from Zac on Aug 13th, Read his post for his descriptions=)

 Zac and his Companion
Zac's apt. and yes, that is a folding table and chairs.  I'm not sure where the rest of the furniture is?

 Zac's bed and closet..are those cinder blocks and a board??
 The rooftops of Antofagasta
Zac LOVES the crazy buses..ha ha.