Thursday, October 25, 2012

I thought for sure I was leaving... I love it here!

This week has been kinda of a big change. I just finished my training and I have a new companion (his name is Elder Ruiz from Mexico), but I am staying in the same place, Antofagasta. Which is perfect, I love it here!  I thought for sure I was leaving (because all the leaders told me I was) so I told this family, and the mom almost started crying and all the kids were like ‘wait you’re going to come back right’? Haha, then they freaked when they found out I’m staying. I’m sending pictures of them, there so sweet. *Check out all the pics at the end of this post.

A few cool things happened this week. First off, we went to this lady in our wards house looking for her son, who is the ward mission leader, but he wasn't there. So we asked if we could leave her with a quick scripture and so I shared with her just a little scripture about praying everyday to feel closer with our Heavenly Father and to have comfort or whatever it is we need. After sharing the scripture, she got a little teary eyed and said this is exactly what she needed to hear. It was awesome to have helped someone out like that.

Then also this week we found two families that we are now teaching. One is our next door neighbor and the other are evangelico. Evangelist I think in English. Anyway there progressing, but they struggle with the fact that one religion is true. They keep just saying, yeah I believe everything you’re telling me, then we’re like GREAT! Then they say, but every church ends up in the same place. Sooo yeah, ha, but it’s a work in progress. Oh and my Spanish is improving too, I can talking a little fast and bit more clear. It’s going good.

Crazy story this week is we were doing contacts or tracting, and this guy starts chucking pieces of tile at us haha, I was like what did we do to you? We did nothing, ha, but he sucked and didn’t even come close to hitting us so we started walking away, then he said come here. I was like, what, you threw stuff at us then say come here? It was weird. Happens when your area is ghetto, ha, but I love this place. I hope Kaleb gets called to this same mission.  Highly unlikely, but it would be awesome.

I hope all is well with everyone in the States. I love all of you and thank you again for all the support. I’m doing great.

Love you guys,
Elder Farny
                                Elder Farnworth and Elder Revas
                                       Zac's 2nd Baptism

                                                   White Night
                                 (when there are a bunch of baptisms in the
                                       zone and they do them together)

So cool...Zachary baptizes Francesco

                                           Zac's 2 month mark
                              (I'm not sure what he is burning, a tie?)

                               Zachary's new Comp Eler Ruiz from Mexico
                             Staying in Antofagasta...I love this place!

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