Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm loving the Mission...

So I have a new comp from Mexico, his name is elder Ruiz. I’ll send a picture. He’s cool, but I’m only with him for a week.  I’m showing him around the area then I’m leaving Antofagasta! It sucks because I love the people here, but I’m kinda stoked to go to see what a different city is like. Maybe like a small mining city or something. I’m curious to see if my next comp this week will be gringo, I think it would be cool now that I speak comfortable Spanish to be with a gringo. 

I got my visa done finally. I had to sleep in a city called Tocapilla to finally get it done on Tuesday, then my comp Elder Rivas left Thursday. This week was a lot better than last week, but kinda of a weird week. We don’t really have a lot of people were teaching, we’re more in the finding process, which is good.

I’ve felt less home sick this week and more focused on what I’m doing and felt the sprit more times this week. I’m sure it’s an answer to your prayers. Thank- you for all you do for me and all you support. It’s kinda been rough lately, I don’t know why, but I just miss being with more familiar people ya know? Living with a stranger so to speak is kinda strange at times, but I’m slowly getting more used to it.

Its crazy Jordan’s think about going to law school, I hope it really happens, he would be good lawyer.  We have a missionary named Elder Smith that is a lot like Jordan, he’s cool he’s one of my buds. I heard about Trevor, I hope he’s doing better. I’m glad you had a good week that’s crazy that the Metcalf’s are going to Australia did they say why?

I’m glad you guys are taking a bit of time off and going to Cali. Hearing that makes me miss swimming and the other day we ran to the ocean and I wanted to jump in, haha. But I didn’t, don’t worry. Anyway I got to go write everyone else, tell everyone I say hi and tell Kellert and Natalie that I say ‘Happy Birthday’

I miss you guys, but I’m loving the Mission, it’s an incredible experience and  I’m learning a ton.

I love you, talk to you next week.
Love Elder Farnworth

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