Thursday, October 11, 2012

Has conference always been this good?

Doesn’t sound like a same old same old week to me sounds like you guys have been having fun! Yeah, I loved conference, but know you guys were watching all together at the same time made me home sick. I even had a dream Saturday night that we were all at a park playing football together. I keep having these dreams they’re weird.

But yeah, I loved conference.  The things they talked about, wow I could feel the spirit more strongly than any other conference. Has conference always been this good? I feel like I really never noticed how incredible the talks were before my mission.
That would be crazy if Kaleb got his mission call and left while I was here. I was telling a member about it and she was like, perfect now you can help him with everything because you’ve experienced it! I hope he gets called Spanish speaking so that we can talk just between us, haha.

That’s awesome about you Jake and Meg playing on the field at the BYU stadium and everything, those pictures are sweet. Not sure why, but remembering those BYU stories made me miss you guys like crazy. Honestly this might have been the toughest week of homesickness of my entire mission, but I still love being here. I continue to get a ton of compliments on my Spanish. I guess the president bragged about my Spanish to another mission in my group, I was like ‘what?’ when I heard that. I’m glad though.

I’m almost out of time but I think but I might be able to have another chance to write again this week. I had another crappy p-day because I had to come to this city called Tocapilla for my visa again and now have to stay the night here.

Thank you for keeping me updated, it sounds like you guys are doing great. I miss you all a lot. It’s been rough, but I know I’ll be with you guys soon enough. I love you mom and dad, thanks again for everything.

Love you,
Elder Farnworth 

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