Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm getting moved, just to the other side of town!

How’s St George? Sounds nice! It’s starting to cool off here. It’s nice, a little less sun, so I won’t be as burnt. But yeah, I’ve loved this sector. But I’m getting moved, just to the other side of the town!  I’m so bummed to be leaving sweet converts and a baptism date with Claudia. She was sad but I think I might come back on Friday and baptize her, it’s just a bus ride away.  

So this week was pretty crazy, we had a baptism! His name is Gonzalo and he was a golden investigator. He had heard from the missionaries before and always wanted to here from them again. He said he would see missionaries and they wouldn’t talk to him. As soon as we found out he wasn’t a member, we taught him and he was basically already ready and had been going to Church for the last little while. We baptized him Sunday night, it was awesome. He was so stoked to change his life, he says the whole world needs to have the word of wisdom and the law of chastity and all the commandments. I was like, more people here need to have your attitude, ha-ha. Before he got baptized he was asking about being a missionary, ha-ha it was awesome. The only bummer is we can’t keep visiting him, because I'm moving and four sisters are taking over my sector, but still a great last week.

We were also able to teach some other good people. In fact, I found a lady named Gricel and her daughter Zaira who loved me. Her mom wants me to marry her daughter, ha-ha. She had been taught before and almost got baptized, but got to busy and couldn’t. But I found her for a reason. The only problem is, I just got moved to this other side of the city... Bummer huh? I hate saying goodbye to converts. Especially the 13 year old kid who already is learning to recognize the spirit, unreal right? He’s more spiritual than I was when I was thirteen. I LOVE this work and seeing people like that. He keeps saying to me "don’t leave, don’t leave". Sucks, but luckily we have facebook for after the mission.

But my new part of the city should be awesome, I’ve heard good things and my new comp is a stud. He has more time then me, but I’m still senior comp. I don’t know why president keeps doing this. Ha its kind of awkward being younger and leading, but I can’t say I don’t like it. Kinda surprised I’m not training, especially because president told in December I would... weird. But I just want to keep working.
Anyway, Tell Kaleb I’m stoked for him. I’m praying he is called to my mission, then I will train him :) Would be awesome! I’ll send you guys some pics and will be praying for you recovery and that the surgery goes well.

Hope all is well. Love you guys!

Elder Farnworth
                          Me and my comp Elder Vargas and Gonzalo.
                                            Me and Gonzalo, My convert!
                                Daughters and friends of Mamita.
 We built this for the sister missionaries that are coming. We also built a bed and 2 desks!
                       Service for the lady who wants me to marry her daughter. 
                             Don't have pics with her, I was too scared, ha ha!
                      Filipe, my other baptism.  He's awesome and feels the spirit so strong.
                                   Just a strong member. His Cool guys and helps us a ton.
                                                                After the baptism!
                                                             The Mamitas Family!
                                                       Our ties the members gave us!
                                                  Shes our mamita, Strongest lady ever!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Me and my comp work hard!

That is crazy about Jake... Is he okay now though? I will keep him in my prayers tell him to write me, if he can! It’s starting spring there? It’s starting to cool down here, but it’s still hot. I still don’t sleep with blankets. Ha, I love the climate here, it’s where I would like to live.

This week was pretty sweet. We were with the kid we just baptized, watching a video about the Holy Ghost. And he paused it and was like, "I feel that, here" and pointing to his chest. I was like whoa he recognizes the spirit. It was cool, then we have a baptism the 27th but we are going to try and move it to the 23rd. Me and my comp work hard! He’s funny, we get along good.

My sector is sick though, it’s all palm trees and we have way cool members and stuff.  We had an American BBQ last night, they bought pure meat from the US I loved it. And then today I ate at McDonalds. Ha, sickest place ever. Oh and I contacted some girls from the US they gave us there number to teach them. So I might teach in English for the first time, if we go teach them. Ha, would be pretty sick. The work is good, my zone is cool.

I took some pics of my apartment and stuff I'll send you them! But hope everything is good, Tell Jake to get better.

Thanks for everything,
Love you guys!
Elder Farnworth

Friday, March 15, 2013

We had a baptism and are hoping for more this month

It’s been a while since I’ve written for this thing. This week, we lost the March madness... BUT we had a baptism and are hoping to have more this month. This sector is a lot more alive than my last one.  His name is Filipe and he’s awesome. We are working now with his family and his best friend’s family. I’m praying the will be more open now to listen to us. Oh, and 2 of the investigators that I just had in my last sector are getting baptized this month!

Arica is sweet, it’s off the ocean I smell the ocean all day, but can’t see it.  They do  a lot of exchanges here, I’ve met some gringos or people from the U.S. that I want to continue to teach, but there outside my area, they were cool! The city is cheap too, everything is like less then ten bucks. I love that ha-ha. Also our ward is sweet. Good strong members and youth, there are going to have a bunch of missionaries. Speaking of new missionaries 28 new missionaries are coming to our mission the 25th of March, Crazy huh. Oh and how’s Hayden doing??

Oh and my new comp is Elder Vargas from Mexico. He’s tiny, but he is a good worker. He wants to work as much as I do. It’s sick. They speak so different in Mexico, Sometimes I don’t understand him ha-ha, but yeah that’s about it.

Did I miss anything? Let me know.

Love you guys!!
Elder Farnworth
P.S. During our baptism two gunshots went of right outside the church... Pretty sure people died during our baptism... it was crazy...

*I just wanted to thank Zac for the beautiful bouguet of flowers for my birthday.  He emailed Kaleb and had him help him buy them for me. The card said "Even though we are far from each other, I feel closer than ever before"  Love, Zac.  What a great son!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm getting transferred to this place called Arica...

I'm getting transferred to this place called Arica,  I hear it's awesome! 
It's a sector with 130 members last sunday... I'm going from an average of 20 to that... I'm stoked. And I hear that its good place to baptize.  My new comp is mexican.... hes kinda of newer missionary.
I'm glad everything is good there, sorry about the long winter.  It's really hot here if that helps...ha.
I love you guys, I'm gonna send some pics.
Elder Farnworth

                                            Here is Zac in front of El Salvador, Chile
                                          Zac with his comp Elder Garcia, From Peru
                                                I have preached the gospel to this city...

                                                         Warming by the fire?
                             This is the Branch Presidents Family in El Salvador, Zac loves them
                                                  My best buds from Chile, want them to visit!

                                             Zac's new comp Elder Vargas.  He is from Mexico.
                                        I'm not sure if Zac is a little nervous or excited to eat this...
Elder Farnworth