Saturday, March 23, 2013

Me and my comp work hard!

That is crazy about Jake... Is he okay now though? I will keep him in my prayers tell him to write me, if he can! It’s starting spring there? It’s starting to cool down here, but it’s still hot. I still don’t sleep with blankets. Ha, I love the climate here, it’s where I would like to live.

This week was pretty sweet. We were with the kid we just baptized, watching a video about the Holy Ghost. And he paused it and was like, "I feel that, here" and pointing to his chest. I was like whoa he recognizes the spirit. It was cool, then we have a baptism the 27th but we are going to try and move it to the 23rd. Me and my comp work hard! He’s funny, we get along good.

My sector is sick though, it’s all palm trees and we have way cool members and stuff.  We had an American BBQ last night, they bought pure meat from the US I loved it. And then today I ate at McDonalds. Ha, sickest place ever. Oh and I contacted some girls from the US they gave us there number to teach them. So I might teach in English for the first time, if we go teach them. Ha, would be pretty sick. The work is good, my zone is cool.

I took some pics of my apartment and stuff I'll send you them! But hope everything is good, Tell Jake to get better.

Thanks for everything,
Love you guys!
Elder Farnworth

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