Sunday, August 25, 2013

I love the mission...

Thats awesome kaleb is leaving, He is going to be an awesome missionary and grow so much. I'm jealous of his personality being as friendly as he his he will be a straight up stud in the mission. Tell him good luck for me and let him know that I'll be praying for him. Could you buy a little Chilean flag to him and say its from me. I wanted to send one but I ran out of money last month. Ha I was a poor guy.�
You know megan manning? I wanna see the new video :/ Sweet tho. Conners back already wow. I bet he was a stud missionary!! Tell him I say hi.Thanks for the birthday package :) No my camera works I took pics in my apartment today. Just have to upload them now. ill do it real quick.�
This week was tough. We spent most of the days walking trying to find people. But our family we have is getting baptized this week. He lost his job like a week before we taught tithing and he still was like yeah Ill do it. We explained how this will help him a ton and he will be blessed for making the choice and everything. I'll send pics of the baptism but its cool helping them stop smoking and drinking and stuff. They want to go to the temple in a year from now. Theyre kinda rich so they could go easily I feel like. But the rest of our poeple are lazy. Chileans are hands down the nicest but easily the laziest people. But its not an excuse because when they're dedicated they don't fall through, its awesome.
But everything else is good, they're a bunch of people here who love us when we visit them they get mad at us for not going over to there house enough. Haha its pretty funny. OHHH a funny story we taught this kid diego who has a girlfriend they law of chastity because he was going to get baptized too but we have to put it off. But we taught him and at first he said no i cant do it.... but then we explained all the blessing and he agreed, so he will get baptized in September, for my birthday haha.

I love the mission, I'm so glad Ive had the opurtunity to serve when I did. I'm grateful for the things I've overcome to be here, And the things I'm learning here. I wouldn't be the person Heavenly Father needs me to if i wasn't here. Thanks for giving me the oportunity of being a missionary.
Love you mom and dad, heres the pics!

P.S. I bought an expensive winter jacket... It was like 90 But its so nice and illl use it after... But I found two sweaters last week for 4 and 6 bucks. sweet huh??�
Que dios este con Vos
Zac baptizing Pia

Zac looks so happy..awesome!


Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's cool how we feel when we help people see things the way they are.

I didnt even know Kaleb's farewell was this week. Im glad it went good, did a ton of people come? Tell everyone if there still there I say Hi. 
That's sweet I'm glad you got my Mother's day gift with my note. I'm glad she brought it over! She was an awesome missionary. It was cool being there when she finished her mission. Sorry it just barely happened. I was with sisters in my district and now I'm with Elders Ha. I thought I did tell you that I was a District Leader. I think I sit down and forget everything I need to write, ha. 
This week wasn't the best. First of I had a dream about going home,it was weird it felt so real. Dad picked me up and max freaked at the door when I walked it. It was weird I'm not ready for the real thing yet. The dreams are preps, haha. 
My comps a stud. He's cocky, but he wants to work and has a strong testimony. This week was good ,we didn't have baptisms but we put dates for the 24th of august of this family. There are four people in the family and the mom is a member. But they dad and the two kids are getting baptized the 24th and thats the same day they got married, so in a year theyll be able to go to the temple. Should be awesome when they go! The kids are awesome, they ask in there prayers for an eternal family and stuff. It made the mom open her eyes and realize the importance of this, it was cool. So then we have another family of three were working with. So yeah, Its good. 
This week I had a cool spiritual experience. I was teaching this less active family and they were inactive because of some members who werent the greatest members and stuff happened. But I told them we go to become clean through Christ and become closer to God. And I cried a little, ha first time in a while Ive cried in a lesson. I felt the Spirit so strong and they started putting goals to be more active in reading and stuff. Its cool how we feel when we help people see things they way they are. I love the mission and this gospel. I'd be lost if I didn't serve a mission. I am thankful everyday for starting my journey and having my vision now for the celestial kingdom now more then ever. Thanks for everything and hope everybody is doing good. Keep me updated.
Love ya,
Elder Farnworth 

Monday, August 12, 2013

I feel like I've changed a lot in the last 8 weeks..

I’m still in Paipote, Copaipo.  Its pretty nuts I’m turning 21 still can’t believe it. I’m olddd! The fam is growing! Tyler’s having a kid... He got home when I left haha. Sounds fun did you go boating?  Kaleb leaves soon, is he stoked. I keep talking to everyone about him, Sweden sounds like it’ll be sweet. It's really clean I hear!

This week was unreal. We had transfers and like you know I’m training and they switched my district to Elders now, used to be sisters but not anymore. Then the new President is changing EVERYTHING. We used to work until 1030 and the latest now its 930. We used to be able to do activities now they’re banned. We used to get together as a zone each week now just as districts... Its weird and I’m not completely in agreement with all of the rules, but I know he is an inspired president so I will follow them, just with go by faith. So then I went to Antofa to get my son and our bus to leave got delayed. Then it came and it was flooded ha with water... It was nasty. So after 10 hours of lost time waiting, we got on the 8 hour bus ride to Copiapo. After that things have been great. We starting working with a bunch of families. We have baptism dates kinda we just need to fill out the papers and then they’re ready. 

My comp is from Argentina. He’s interesting. The other night we talked about the seventy and the prophet and he said something like "I will be the prophet" I was like uhhhhh huh? Haha but he’s a good worker and wants to work hard. The sector is sweet too. We had 8 Investigators in Church. Miracles legit are happening all around us. It blows my mind are faith as grown a ton. For example, we went to invite this girl to church and we get there and finally we met her mom but it seemed like she didn’t really want anything from us she was with a bunch of people but we still invited her to church and she said yes. (Everyone says yes BTW) But I though nahhh she won't come. But the daughter for sure. So we go by with a member in her little car and the mom comes out and goes "Hey, I don’t think were all going to fit" I’m like sweet you’re coming, we can just walk. We did and they liked church a lot. She started crying during Sunday school because she says for years she’s felt pain and felt like God is giving her too much to handle. Were helping her and her two daughters it was awesome. I felt the spirit strong while teaching her during the class. 

THEN, This lady Claudia, HATES talking in church and sharing, she just likes going and listening. But I guess in relief society she shared about how she came back to church just because we showed her that we cared by calling her a bunch and asking her about how’s it going with smoking. Then one day we got her to give it up and she gave me all her ash trays.  But yeah this ward is awesome. I don’t want to leave, I have two newbie’s in the pension, gets me stoked to be doing this. I know it’s the Lords work. When I’m home I want to keep doing it just in our ward, If possible. 

I honestly feel like I’ve changed in the last 8 weeks of my mission. I love it thanks for all you’ve done to help me be here. I wouldn’t change this for anything. 

Did you send my package already? I lost my oil case thing I need a new one!! I love you mom and dad and everyone, thanks for everything. Hope all is well!!
Elder Farnworth


Sunday, August 4, 2013

In my birthday package I want Costa Vida, just send it in a cooler:)

Hey I'm just writing real quick. I couldn't write Monday because I went to Antofa to get my second kid. I'm training again ha, and I got moved from district of sisters to elders. So things are dope, my comps name is Elder Golpe and Golpe means punch so everyone makes jokes about his name. He's cool, another one from Argentina, ha.
Things are sick in this sector we have a baptismal date for a soccer player who's trying to go pro, should  be sweet. I'll look for a suit here and in my birthday package I want Costa Vida, just send it in a cooler :) Ha, no probably just fruit snacks, swedish fish and laffy taffys. Take pics of Kaleb's farewell what day does he go in again?
Well just a quick update, we've got to go do service. I love this mish, take care Mom, Dad and everyone .
Elder Farnworth
P.S: I've already asked several times in the mission for a car, haha and I'll remember to  take the pension pics.

It rained really hard here, which never happens

WELL, this week was a dud because we lost contact with almost all our sweet going to be baptized investigators. Its killer but we plan on doing anything possible to find them. Francias mom is about to die and is never home. Juan is always working. Javiera doesn’t have permission form her grandparents and Eli’s parents hate the church. Ha BUT we found a fam whose husband and kids aren’t members but the wife wants to start going to church again. We have an appointment with them at six tonight. I don’t know what else to tell you ha.
OH, it rained really hard here, which never happens. It was weird being wet, it’s never happened my whole mission ha-ha. Then that Claudia lady I told you about who we baptized her son her daughter wants to come live with us in the states and thinks Jordan is cute, haha it was funny! Things are good though I like the people here, they’re really chill. Other than that, not too much going on. I want a car so bad. Ha, I get sick of walking everywhere, but now I walk fast haha.

 Hey, there is a sister going home this week who lives in Riverton. I’m sending some stuff with her for Mom and I’ll try to find something for everyone. If not I’ll just save it till the end of the mish. But I will try if you want anything special. I was thinking soccer jerseys for the fam??  
Anyways thanks for everything, here are some pics. I love you mom and dad and everyone and am thankful that we will be able to be together forever.



                                                         Looks like Zac's zone
                                                                   Musical chairs

Zac now loves soccer