Monday, August 12, 2013

I feel like I've changed a lot in the last 8 weeks..

I’m still in Paipote, Copaipo.  Its pretty nuts I’m turning 21 still can’t believe it. I’m olddd! The fam is growing! Tyler’s having a kid... He got home when I left haha. Sounds fun did you go boating?  Kaleb leaves soon, is he stoked. I keep talking to everyone about him, Sweden sounds like it’ll be sweet. It's really clean I hear!

This week was unreal. We had transfers and like you know I’m training and they switched my district to Elders now, used to be sisters but not anymore. Then the new President is changing EVERYTHING. We used to work until 1030 and the latest now its 930. We used to be able to do activities now they’re banned. We used to get together as a zone each week now just as districts... Its weird and I’m not completely in agreement with all of the rules, but I know he is an inspired president so I will follow them, just with go by faith. So then I went to Antofa to get my son and our bus to leave got delayed. Then it came and it was flooded ha with water... It was nasty. So after 10 hours of lost time waiting, we got on the 8 hour bus ride to Copiapo. After that things have been great. We starting working with a bunch of families. We have baptism dates kinda we just need to fill out the papers and then they’re ready. 

My comp is from Argentina. He’s interesting. The other night we talked about the seventy and the prophet and he said something like "I will be the prophet" I was like uhhhhh huh? Haha but he’s a good worker and wants to work hard. The sector is sweet too. We had 8 Investigators in Church. Miracles legit are happening all around us. It blows my mind are faith as grown a ton. For example, we went to invite this girl to church and we get there and finally we met her mom but it seemed like she didn’t really want anything from us she was with a bunch of people but we still invited her to church and she said yes. (Everyone says yes BTW) But I though nahhh she won't come. But the daughter for sure. So we go by with a member in her little car and the mom comes out and goes "Hey, I don’t think were all going to fit" I’m like sweet you’re coming, we can just walk. We did and they liked church a lot. She started crying during Sunday school because she says for years she’s felt pain and felt like God is giving her too much to handle. Were helping her and her two daughters it was awesome. I felt the spirit strong while teaching her during the class. 

THEN, This lady Claudia, HATES talking in church and sharing, she just likes going and listening. But I guess in relief society she shared about how she came back to church just because we showed her that we cared by calling her a bunch and asking her about how’s it going with smoking. Then one day we got her to give it up and she gave me all her ash trays.  But yeah this ward is awesome. I don’t want to leave, I have two newbie’s in the pension, gets me stoked to be doing this. I know it’s the Lords work. When I’m home I want to keep doing it just in our ward, If possible. 

I honestly feel like I’ve changed in the last 8 weeks of my mission. I love it thanks for all you’ve done to help me be here. I wouldn’t change this for anything. 

Did you send my package already? I lost my oil case thing I need a new one!! I love you mom and dad and everyone, thanks for everything. Hope all is well!!
Elder Farnworth


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