Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's cool how we feel when we help people see things the way they are.

I didnt even know Kaleb's farewell was this week. Im glad it went good, did a ton of people come? Tell everyone if there still there I say Hi. 
That's sweet I'm glad you got my Mother's day gift with my note. I'm glad she brought it over! She was an awesome missionary. It was cool being there when she finished her mission. Sorry it just barely happened. I was with sisters in my district and now I'm with Elders Ha. I thought I did tell you that I was a District Leader. I think I sit down and forget everything I need to write, ha. 
This week wasn't the best. First of I had a dream about going home,it was weird it felt so real. Dad picked me up and max freaked at the door when I walked it. It was weird I'm not ready for the real thing yet. The dreams are preps, haha. 
My comps a stud. He's cocky, but he wants to work and has a strong testimony. This week was good ,we didn't have baptisms but we put dates for the 24th of august of this family. There are four people in the family and the mom is a member. But they dad and the two kids are getting baptized the 24th and thats the same day they got married, so in a year theyll be able to go to the temple. Should be awesome when they go! The kids are awesome, they ask in there prayers for an eternal family and stuff. It made the mom open her eyes and realize the importance of this, it was cool. So then we have another family of three were working with. So yeah, Its good. 
This week I had a cool spiritual experience. I was teaching this less active family and they were inactive because of some members who werent the greatest members and stuff happened. But I told them we go to become clean through Christ and become closer to God. And I cried a little, ha first time in a while Ive cried in a lesson. I felt the Spirit so strong and they started putting goals to be more active in reading and stuff. Its cool how we feel when we help people see things they way they are. I love the mission and this gospel. I'd be lost if I didn't serve a mission. I am thankful everyday for starting my journey and having my vision now for the celestial kingdom now more then ever. Thanks for everything and hope everybody is doing good. Keep me updated.
Love ya,
Elder Farnworth 

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