Sunday, August 25, 2013

I love the mission...

Thats awesome kaleb is leaving, He is going to be an awesome missionary and grow so much. I'm jealous of his personality being as friendly as he his he will be a straight up stud in the mission. Tell him good luck for me and let him know that I'll be praying for him. Could you buy a little Chilean flag to him and say its from me. I wanted to send one but I ran out of money last month. Ha I was a poor guy.�
You know megan manning? I wanna see the new video :/ Sweet tho. Conners back already wow. I bet he was a stud missionary!! Tell him I say hi.Thanks for the birthday package :) No my camera works I took pics in my apartment today. Just have to upload them now. ill do it real quick.�
This week was tough. We spent most of the days walking trying to find people. But our family we have is getting baptized this week. He lost his job like a week before we taught tithing and he still was like yeah Ill do it. We explained how this will help him a ton and he will be blessed for making the choice and everything. I'll send pics of the baptism but its cool helping them stop smoking and drinking and stuff. They want to go to the temple in a year from now. Theyre kinda rich so they could go easily I feel like. But the rest of our poeple are lazy. Chileans are hands down the nicest but easily the laziest people. But its not an excuse because when they're dedicated they don't fall through, its awesome.
But everything else is good, they're a bunch of people here who love us when we visit them they get mad at us for not going over to there house enough. Haha its pretty funny. OHHH a funny story we taught this kid diego who has a girlfriend they law of chastity because he was going to get baptized too but we have to put it off. But we taught him and at first he said no i cant do it.... but then we explained all the blessing and he agreed, so he will get baptized in September, for my birthday haha.

I love the mission, I'm so glad Ive had the opurtunity to serve when I did. I'm grateful for the things I've overcome to be here, And the things I'm learning here. I wouldn't be the person Heavenly Father needs me to if i wasn't here. Thanks for giving me the oportunity of being a missionary.
Love you mom and dad, heres the pics!

P.S. I bought an expensive winter jacket... It was like 90 But its so nice and illl use it after... But I found two sweaters last week for 4 and 6 bucks. sweet huh??�
Que dios este con Vos
Zac baptizing Pia

Zac looks so happy..awesome!


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