Sunday, September 1, 2013

I love it when the Spirit helps us feel peace

So has Kaleb written you???? Ive been praying for him all week. The first week was the hardest for me, but then it get easy. I hope he is doing all right, I've been telling everyone. Ha 
This week was good, we baptized the of the family of four. The dad already got his interveiw to get the Aronic Priesthood. But Saturday was unreal hectic. I have a solid testimony that satan does everything in his power so that people do not get baptized. I've started telling investigator when we put the date that satan is going to start working with them as he did on saturday, well us and them. 

Here's what happened. First in the morning we played soccer  (4 Goals By the way) But Elder Dutson like broke his foot and he had to baptize a kid at four. So we had to fill up the font for the baptism at four and as we were getting showered the door on the bathroom broke and Elder Sarmiento got locked in the bathroom for like an hour because Chilean door knobs are weird and they dont have an easy way to take them off. After breaking it and getting the font filled, we had a barbeque with members at 1. So we had to run fill the font then get him to the barbeque which was way far away then get him to the baptism. That all went down well because the members helped us out with there cars. So the baptism went well at four it was just a nine year old, but Dutson messed up and the kid got water in his nose and his foot stuck up. So he had to do it again but didn't want to. So after some convincing we got him.
Then we wait till Seven which was the four People getting baptized. A lady from the other missionaries and Our three out of the family of four. So They get there and they didnt bring there shirts and the dress we finally had gotten didnt fit the girl. So we rushed getting shirts and baptismal clothes that fit and we finally got everything together. Then during the baptism, with 7 of us in white, we all just felt a peace. Like finally everything would turn out fine. I love when the spirit helps us feel peace. Then everything went well. They loved it, the dad said he felt like he had taken off a load off his back. Greatest day of my life. They loved it then after we went to there house and they suprised us with dr pepper!!!! It made the perfect end to the perfect day. 

Then sunday night we taught them about preisthood and the temple. They are anxious to go, they want to go before and do baptisms for the dead . It was sweet. I got sick tho but I didnt even really notice til everything was done. But it was amazing, next year if possible I want to come back for there sealing!! 

Elder Golpe is my comps name. He is with me in the soccer pics.  Copiapo is the big city like salt lake. Im in the little city part called Paipote. Like Salt lake county, then draper, like that. Sweet about work how is it? Is it like you thought it would be??

I checked out his blog and everyone looks sadder with him then when I left.... hahahha no, jk but it'll be an awesome experience. I love him I cant wait to see the things he will do and the person he will become. The mission is unreal, how fast some can progress is literally a miracle. Without this I wouldn't be who I need to and definitely would not be able to one day enter in the Kingdom of God. But more importantly help Gods children return to him. I love this work.

Hope all is well and thanks for everything. I love you mom and dad, take care and have a good week. I always think I may miss you now, but we will be together for eternity.
Love u guys,
Elder Farnworth

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