Sunday, September 8, 2013

Man I love how we are able to have the priesthood...

Last week was awesome, but this last week wasn't the greatest. We put a date for baptism for this girl who hasn't been able to get permission for 3 months. We just passed by the parents until they gave her permission. I was so happy. Their parents LOVE me. They get mad when I don't go by there house, I dont even know why. But unfortunetly they don't really like the church. I tried a ton helping understand why this is the true church, but they won't stop smoking. But I think the example of their daughter will help them.

Then this week I did splits with another missionary who wanted to go home and kinda helped him out and he told me he wants to stay.  It was like this is the first time he felt like supported by leaders. Then saturday I taught in the stake a capacitation for youth. It was like a mini MTC and Elder Sarmiento and I were teachers. Right after we went to a swap meet and did contacts. I noticed that it has been 3 months since I knocked doors. I started working more with members. But my comp is really, really, really shy with new people. So this week we will be knocking doors so we can be more outgoing. Ha :) Hes funny he's really prideful, so I use my sarcasm (You know how I am) to humble him and we get along haha.


This week I feel the spirit during a blessing super strong. Man I love how we are able to have the priesthood and that God has trusted us with the power of helping people with what weve been blessed with.

Things sound great, Im glad you love teaching. Crazy about Dad. Im going home to a different ward... Sweet ha I want to start recordings. So send me one this week ok :) I sent a short one. But my package isnt here, everyone is the ward knows its my birthday so Ill have a good day this year ha :)
Love you mom  and dad, for everything you've done. I'm working on pics but no promises.

There's a group on facebook from my branch. They put baptism pics up and everything. The branch is called Paipote, in Copaipo.

Transfers are this week, I doubt I'll leave. I dont want to but we will see!
Love you, tell everyone I say hi. Love ya:)
Elder Farnworth

We had a conference with a member of the seventy!! Elder ViƱas

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