Sunday, September 15, 2013

People here have gotten mad at us for not visiting them...

We just had transfers but I am staying, Which was a relief because people here are so awesome and the girl we are baptizing Wednesday really wants me to do it. Her parents said they would only let her if I do it. haha. My comp is pretty cool. He's a loud mouth, ha, that is the best way to explain him but we do get along. I'm teaching him how to be a little quieter and how to get people to like him a little more ha :)
So Dad is released! It will be good for him, Have time to now focus on Compworks.  Bummer, tell Trevor to write me.  Yeah I read Kaleb's blog, it seems likes hes doing good. It's a struggles once you get to the field too but then you get over in and you don't think about the family, just the work.  Tell jake I say good luck with lacrosse and tell Megan not to like boys.  Yeah that sounds hard to plan lessons all day. We just plan for an hour ha its easy!  You have an Iphone now? 
Well, this week was better than last week. We were looking for new people and stopped visiting alot of investigators. I'll let someone else in the future try to go back because they just lost interest or something. But we have two baptisms so far for September. But this week we want to put more dates. We have that girl who finally got permission this Wednesday. It's the one that her parents told me she can only do it if I baptize her, haha I dont know why they love me so much, Im just me haha. Then we had this partial family who the dad doesnt want anything to do with the Church. But we just were friends with him and he started asking about the Church and he wants us to help him build up his roof or something. Hes a DJ so I always talked to him about my favorite types of music. I think he's starting to get a lot of trust with us. It seems like missionaries here are different. To get someone interested in the Church, you can't talk about the Church right off ya know. You have to get to know them and then they always started asking like what do you believe or whatever then we teach from there. It reminds me a lot of Ammon how he didn't go to the king right away and start talking about God, he was his servant first. Then the king got interested and later converted. Thats how Chile is exactly! I love it, ha people here have gotten mad at us for not visiting them.. Like people who are recently becoming active.
Oh, this week I got really sick. But I just kept working and working and it got worse and worse so I went to this like instacare and it was so funny. So I guess for Chileans its free. Its just like a little checkup place then give you a few pills or tell you to go to the hospital. But because I'm not Chilean I would've had to pay. So I was like yeah I'm good. But then she gave in and let me pass. And all the nurses were like talking in English and kinda flirty a little, haha, but they said because were good kids doing good things she would give me enough pill to finish the treatment. Cause I guess they normally just give a few. It was a blessing and now I feel good. Well with medicine I feel good. I have bronchitis.
That's about it. Our branch is AWESOME. Everybody wants to help. Thats rare in Chile but we take advantage of it. Oh and that family we baptized are talking about the temple. Do you think I could come back for there sealing?? Is it crazy expensive... anyways. That's all about this week.
Hope all is well and keep me updated.
Viva chile :)
Elder Farnworth

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