Sunday, September 22, 2013

We have a few families that are sweet....

Everything went well with the baptism. The family loves me so they wanted me to do it like a told you. But the girl, Elizabeth, didn’t plug her nose all the way so she got a bunch of water in her nose haha. I was like oh uh not my fault haha. But they were like, “Elder what happened?” I was like “I’m sorry.” But besides that everything turned out great. She was stoked to finally be baptized. 

I’m happy to stay with my comp. There’s got to be a reason I’m with him, And he’s not that challenging. I’m teaching him how to be a little more humble. Before my mission my eyes were brown? Now they’re green and I think I’ve grown. How tall is Jake? I hope I’m taller. 

That’s awesome about your RS calling. You’re a stud mom. But you will like your new calling. The Relief Society is easily one of the most important parts of this church! And that’s cool dad will be teaching that class. So now who is the new bishop? Who’s in our ward now. 

Yeah for sure I want to go to UVU and live at home. But later on go to BYU and live at BYU. Sound good? I just don’t wanna be one of the annoying BYU kids so you gotta help with that.

Mom my birthday is next Tuesday :) But thanks so much I feel pretty old and full of wisdom because of my maturity. Haha. No I feel the same. ha But I didn’t get my package... I don’t know why.. Weird maybe you could call again. 

So besides the baptism not that much happened with week. We are working on finding but we have a few families that are sweet in the sector. We have this family where the parents live together. But the mom all her life has had dreams about like a demon who always says to her in her dreams that he is going to persecute her all her life and all this stuff. She says it really freaks her out. She actually once got baptized but did it for her mom but never was confirmed. But then she said a few days after we started teaching her she had a dream that the demon came back and was knocking on her gate outside her house. And said the same thing like I am finding you and I will be here always. But she said this time was different, Another person, dressed in white came from the side of her house and said to the demon leave and don’t ever come back. Then went up to her and said I’m here, I’ve always been here and I’ll be protecting you. Then she said she felt a peace she hasn’t felt in years. Well it motivated her to read the Book of Mormon and she read more than the assignment we gave her and she said she has a ton of questions. We want to help them get married and her baptized with her kids. And the dad also, He was a pastor in another church. We’ve hardly talked to him but he’s awesome. He would be a strong member.

But that is about it so far in the work. We talk to some people in the street and knocked some doors and got some return appointments so this week we should find some good people. 

Oh and also Tanner Mangum got to my mission. He is in my district. We played football today actually. He’s good. We were the QB’s ha. Playing football with Latin’s is so fun. I got really burned but loved it. 

I felt the spirit this week in finding. I really can feel it as I talk and testify to the people. It’s an awesome feeling. I want to see you guys but honestly hope the rest of the time goes slow. I can’t get enough of it. Love you guys and hope all is well. Take care and stay faithful in all moments.

Con mucho amor :)

Elder Farnworth

This baptism of Elizabeth was awesome!

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