Monday, September 30, 2013

Look, we can't do this alone...

Yeah this week was allright. That weird that it seems faster for Kaleb than it did for me, it's because you miss him more.... haha no just kidding :) I heard about BYU, that stinks.
I haven't gotten the package.. looks like I will get it after my birthday. But, there are a few people who invited me over to there house, so its fine. And we bought a cake for our district.

Anyways this week we basically are just looking for new investigators. We found a few people like this one lady who is interested in families that can be eternal and this other guy who at first was like "there doesn't exist a true church". And by the end of the visit is was like "yeah I believe there is a true church, I mean if you guys tell me there is I'll believe it". Ha, it was funny but kinda cool. But we still need to find more people for a pool of investigators. We have been talking to everyone, And I mean EVERYONE ha, its fun actually.
It just seems less effective, but lately the members haven't been talking to the references or they make excuses for not going to visit people with them. But I gave a talk saying like look, we can't do this alone or the branch will stay small.  We can do this together and it will grow. And I shared a story about our mamita and how to get the dirt stains out of my comps shirts, she had to work her butt off, she told us. And I was like we need to do the same with the people who have sins or problems, work our butt of to fix it. Everyone laughed haha, it was good.
Besides that nothing new has happened, just searching. But if we stay obedient and keep working we will find, just takes time. But thanks for everything.
I cant believe I'll be 21 tommorrow, Can you say OLD.
Anyway, love you mom and dad.  Mom, I hope your evaluation goes well!
Take care and tell everyone I say hi!
Elder Farnworth
The city of Capiapo

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