Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our church got robbed, they took the TV and DVD player...

My birthday was awesome. Remember how I told you we have been working with members, and because of that they all love us. So like 5 people gave us cakes. I gained a ton of weight pretty sure and my fridge is full of cakes. Ha it was an awesome week, but I still haven't gotten my package. But it is in the office, so it will get sent don't worry. The office should bring it down here soon, not sure when but soon. 

In my next package I need contacts. 'Im out and will probably have to buy some here... even though they are sticking expensive.. forty bucks!! But I have to do it I only have one in my eye right now... haha im having a rough time reading this. 

So wait you're changing all the rooms now? I dont understand? I dont want to sleep on a little bed.. Ive been using a twin for almost a year in a half and I dont fit!! Haha we will just move it back down. Yeah I heard BYU kind of has been sucking. One of these years they will be good and Jordan can be happy.  Im sure its cool and different to just having two kids at home.  How is kaleb has he written you?  I heard the recording you sent of him speaking Swedish,  his language sounds cooler than spanish not gonna lie. 

Its going allright. It's good, we just are struggling finding. But this week finally things are starting to pick up. We got some references so we will see. My comp is cool but sometimes he has his moments. Buts so far I can't complain cause he wants to work. But the family we baptized and everyone are staying strong so things are good. Looks like they're going to have callings soon. They're awesome. you still havent answered about if we are going to come back.. I'll take it as a no? Ha, but this week we found a ton of people that wanted to fight with us. Telling us our religion was crappy, that we didn't need anything else but the bible and all this stuff. But every time I showed them verses talking about it, saying why it was necessary. Then we invited them to pray, but we felt attacked. It was weird and has happened more in this week than my entire mission. But I felt bad because they would ingnore me and just talk to my comp. And he is new so he didnt know how to react or respond. They just tore him apart. It was sad but I helped him feel better. Then we found a family who wants us to eat lunch with them. So we should get some good lessons in the week. Just have to keep moving forward. That's about it, I can't thing of anything else we did. We have a ward activity like a dessert festival and I made smoothies. They were good. It was fun but we were there for a bit then left. Oh and our church got robbed. They took the TV and DVD player. They broke through the roof it was nuts. Chilean's are like that, everyone steals. Well thats about it. 

My camera basically is broke, but I can get the memory card to work. But the other one works, so I'll switch my stuff over and use the other one to start sending you pics... Im sorry. Send me pics of the new room. Tell everyone I love them!! Love you guys!!

Thanks for everything mom and dad, appreciate it :) Love U
Elder Farnworth


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