Sunday, October 13, 2013

This Week Was Sick!

This week I sent a bunch of questions for Zac to answer (he isn't too descriptive sometimes)

OK Mom, here's your answers.

Did you get a new companion?  Please let me know if you do have a new one and where he is from.
1. Nope. Still with the same one from Argentina.

Do you know your release date yet?
2. Mom I still have a ton of time left. I don't know it and don't really want to haha

Are you still in the same district as Tanner Mangum?  Are you still District Leader?
3. Yeah I am this week we did splits actually he's a cool kid. Hes a stud for how much time he has. And yeah I am district leader. 

Did you know that Capiapo is where 33 miners were trapped and it was all over the news?  (Found that out when looking for pics)
4. Yeah I was about to tell you this week, We want to go to the mine soon. Were planning it out!! If we can..

Is stuff expensive where you are?  We would like some little stuff from Chile for Christmas, so get on that soonJ (Please)
5. Its kinda expensive. But I will get you guys stuff. I'm working on buying us all Chile futbol jerseys.. But the guys taking forever!!

So do you want me to buy you a camera for Christmas or can you buy one there?
6. I fixed it :) It was my memory card. It was too big.

Did you get your shoes fixed?
7. Yeah I got them fixed, They are fine now!!

Do you know a sister who got bit by a dog?  I read her blog
8. I don't know her. What's her name.. I'll take pics promise!! tons!!

We thought a lot about you guys while watching Conference. Wasn’t it amazing?  
My favorite was probably David Bednar's. Or a seventies who talked about eternal consequences when his family went on a trip instead of church. They were amazing this year I loved them. 

This week was sick. We found this couple who lives together but is getting married the 16th. We met her at a less actives house. And she was like hitting on me hard core and then said I want you guys to come by and we were like uhhh yeah. Like thinking she was a snake. Or someone flirty ya know. But we never found her house but we saw her in the street and we went and she like stopped being like flirty and not serious and before we even taught her she said I want to get baptized and be more mature and keep the commandments. And also she wants her husband to get baptized too with her. 

But we thought oh it'll be tough because shes not married because its hard in Chile to get married quick. But then we went back and they invited us to her wedding. We were like GREAT we will get you all ready. They're awesome.  They're already planning it all out and we've had one lesson!!! 

Then this other family we talked to the mom (It was a reference) and she said she would be baptized when she gets her answer. Then we met this OTHER lady who said she would too but she lives together with someone. But she was awesome. And she said she never wanted to get married and we started talking about the law of chastity and eternal marriage. We found out its because she's insecure, But she said if she felt secure about her marriage and her husband was willing to work on like an eternal marriage she would do it. And started asking about how we baptize and if it's ok if she had been baptized by the catholic church when she was young and stuff. It was a blessing. We put a crazy high goal And we've seen the Lord helping us to achieve it. 

Then conference just topped it all off. Wow, The spirit was so strong all the talks were so bold and perfect for missionary work. So many about the work too, We need to keep working strong. I'm glad to be a missionary in these times. The family we baptized went and liked it a lot they want to see other talks from the prophet and stuff. It was cool to see there whole family there. It was a sick Sunday :) 

Thanks for the updated hope work is well know I pray for you all constantly. 

Love You :)

Elder Farnworth

The famly Elder Farnworth baptized that he wants to go back and go through the Temple with

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