Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm Glad I Came On A Mission!

This week is transfers so we will see what happens... I love this sector and the people.

The president's a good guy. I like him he's really humble. He has really good vision just the rules with baptism are changed so yeah its just different but its a good change, He's going to make a mission better than it was and really build up the church. 

I really do sound Latin? Looks like you had a fun week. The pics look awesome and a get away sounds awesome to St George.. This week was weird Its like I missed you guys more. 

But this week was awesome. We had a bunch of testimony building experiences. The first was this lady stopped smoking and has been going to church a while. And we stopped talking to her about cigarettes because it didn't seem like it was a problem. But during the lesson I felt like we should ask her, But thought naahhh she's fine. We did the last prayer and were about to leave and I felt it again. And she was like how did you know? And I was like know what. And she said did my son tell you? And I was like no why? She told us that the day before she had fallen and that she felt really bad. But we were able to tell her like don't give up! Repent and keep moving forward. 

That's the first one then the second we have kinda been working with this family who live together. The husband isn't a member but has been to church with his girlfriend a bunch. But they don't want to get married. Anyway they called and asked if we could go to the hospital to give a blessing. I was like for sure so we went at a time when we normally have time and we gave him a blessing. He was way drugged up because the pain was so bad. And it still was hurting with all the drugs. We gave him the blessing and his girlfriend called the next day and said you'll never believe what happened! He woke up and the pain was basically gone. And his mom is catholic and even said we were so blessed from the blessing. It was sweet. 

The third was I was helping out with the relief society activity like getting everything coordinated. (Missionaries do a lot here ha) But the president had said a pray in the morning, She shared this in her testimony. But she said a prayer in the morning saying like I feel alone I need help. And the sisters of the ward called me and said hey can you call the pres and ask if she needs help. So I called her and it was like a huge answer to her prayers and everything turned out fine. It was a sweet week! We challenged a bunch of people to baptism. They all said yes when they get there answer. But none of them went to church.. Was a bummer but they are all cool people and we've got a good pool. The cool thing is they are all really like faithfully people, really accepting. 

So we just have to keep working. I love this mission and know we are being extremely blessed. I'm glad I came ha :) Love you guys keep me updated on life in the US!! Chile is awesome, Sandy but awesome. Wouldn't change this for the world :) 

Here's some pics!!

The streets here and the trees pics is right outside our house.

This is our mamita!

This is one of the missionaries I live with
Our house is on the left

Happy Birthday to ME!

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