Sunday, May 26, 2013

*I asked Zac to share some information about Chile for our ward Missionary night.  I had youth from our ward come over for a Chilean dinner and told them about Chile. 
Um About Chile, he pesos are weird. 500 pesos is one buck.  They eat a huge lunch and breakfast and dinner is like bread with eggs and avocado or something like that. They are all kind of dramatic haha. Everyone, EVERYONE loves soccer.  Not very many people have cars so everything is Taxi, Colectivos, And Micros. What else, it amazes me how I just feel so use to it here.
My message to them would be that here in Chile especially, the best thing a missionary can do is be friendly and love the people. They love you if you friendly and loving. And also they like Gringos, they always yell "hello" to us cause they dont know much english. As far as the food, they do like three dish meals. Like first soup, then chicken and rice, or noodles, then salad.  For dessert they like Peaches and creme. Thats almost how it always is. Haha.
For my mission the thing that is prominant is the desert! There's dirt, dirt and more dirt. Green is rare, almost doesn't exist, Ha. But the beaches are awesome. When you get the people to open up, they will give you everything. People may reject our message, but are always willing to give whatever they have to offer. Its awesome, they are very loving people.
The pics were awesome, Kaleb and Jacob and Megan all look huge, already WAAYYY different. Im sending some, Im Sorry :(
This week was awesome. We found a ton of investigators and all just by contacting and the people love us. We have these two families we are working with, Ximena who has a fecha saturday and hopefully her sister too. But then their parents just told us they want to hear more and have never wanted to really hear from the missionaries. The mom was like you Elders are just different, there's just something different from you Elders than the others. Like we are nicer and don't scare the people as much. Then
We found Victor his wife and son who are just really interested and he was in the military. There awesome people. Investigators ask us if all missionary companionships are put with people they get along with ha. We're buds. Then we have a few investigators that we thought were more interested in us than what we have to teach, but then she said alright I'll let you change me and see if I like it. At first she said she wanted us to escape to the beach with her, we almost just got up and left, but then she said she would listen and change. So we will see.
Oh then we had zone conference, it was awesome again. Our President knows how to inspire us. He's amazing. But the funny thing was there was 90 missionaries there and the food wasnt done really well and like 85 of the 90 got sick, including me. Haha, kinda funny.
Anyways nothing else really for now. Love you guys and thanks for everything. Chow!!
Elder Farnworth

Sunday, May 19, 2013

It was good talking to you guys!

It was awesome yesterday, it was good talking to you guys! It kind of made me miss you guys and the house! Just seeing it and max, my pup, but mostly I just liked having some time to see you guys. I loved it. I feel growned up too! 
Anyway, this week was a good one. We found more new investigators. Like this family who his wife and kids are members but the dad isn't. His name is Lerco hes a little stubborn about the church and the way we believe but we taught the plan of salvation and answer a lot of questions he had. I told him our goal is to get his family sealed in the temple. I'm hoping one day they will be able to. Then we have been teaching Ximena, Pia her sister and her friend. Theyre cool, but sometime seem more interested in us than the Gospel. We had to tell them that they cant really touch us. OH and then Valentina! This one girl told us to come back because she thought we were cute and told us to escape with her to the beach... Yeahhh we told her to come to church, but are never going back. Ha, bunch of snakes. (We call flirty girls snakes.ha) But we are still loooking for investigators preferribly boys. We were going to do a soccer game with our investigators but we were like but there all girls.... haha.
Anyways, This week we had something crazy happen. The dad of a recent convert died and she had this huge fight with her mom. We talked to both of them and her mom was like asking us help on how she should fix their relationship and stuff. And I told her to just have communication and talk out your problems. But like crazy giving all this advice to someone who has more experience than I do. Ha, cool though. Anyway, Can't think of anything else more. We had someone from the second quorum of the seventy come talk on sunday. He gave a funny talk.
Thats all for this week, but thanks for everything and talk to you next week!
Elder Farnworth
*We loved talking to Zac on Mother's Day!  That was the best gift of all.  He seems so grown up and really seems happy.  He loves his mission and loves the people in Chile.  On May 30th Zac will have been on his mission for 1 year!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

We'll just keep working at it...

I’ll remember Meg in my prayers and who did Jake ask to prom and you and Kaleb are going to New York?  I’m jealous!  Everyone here asks if I have been there and they are like, but why, it’s in your country, ha!

It’s cool how spiritual things can help you so much. I love it, every week I listen to Mormon messages or conference talks and it helps. And just doing what I do each week helps a ton. Were so lucky to be able to see apostles and prophets, here they only dream of seeing them. Ha! *I told him about Women’s Conference and hearing President Eyring speak and about all the cool talks.

Wow 24 years, go to Hawaii around like June 2014 and buy like a third ticket... Ya know, if you want....

Dad told me he has been crazy busy. Its awesome I'm glad things are going good. You’ll be an awesome teacher, I know it!

So this week was all right, nothing to great. I mean we worked hard we found almost ten new people to teach, but they’re all like interested kinda, but not totally. One girl is pretty interested and has been praying for her answer but didn’t come to church because she slept in to late. This culture is kind of lazy. Ha. But this week we hope it goes better. We’ll just keep working at it. Not too much happened this week just busy work, trying to get less actives back because our church attendance is going down. We have been finding a ton of less actives but they just keep making excuses to not go.... It’s annoying but we are going to keep working.

So about skyping, when is your church? We want to do it at like 1 here so I think that’s like 11 or 10 there. What time would you guys want to do it?  I'll have dad send me my Skype account stuff again so I can set it all up. We might be doing it on a projector, but I will write you or just try to call you guys before to get it set up okay.
Love you guys and can’t wait to talk to you. You’re the best, take care Mom.

Love you all!!

Elder Farnworth

Sunday, May 5, 2013

We have been talking to everyone, legit EVERYONE!

Yeah, I like training a lot. Especially because I've got a good comp. We have fun and we´ve been finding some pretty interested people. They are just hard to stay in to contact with. I feel like Im being pushed, but not as much. He is a good teacher and everything so we've been good together. It seems long to you guys? Cuase for me it feels so fast, I can't see me being one of the older guys in the mission. But then in aspects of like teaching and finding I feel like old. Sounds like things are going good around the house.
So this week we have been looking for new investigators. We have a few like that guy I told you who was addicted to cocaine. Then this Girl named Silvia who is awesome. Her whole family is really less active and want nothing to do with us, but she is interested just wants to take it slow. Her brother went on a mission and came home two days later and that inactived their family like 13 years ago.
Then we found this guy who has been listening to missionaries since 1998. He is a little weird but we are working with him. And then this awesome kid Daniel. We taught him and were going to bring him to Church but his dad came out when we went to go get him and told us that they are of a different religion and we cant talk to him anymore. And was like making jokes about Joseph Smith, kinda annoying.  We decided that we are going to start doing free English classes and try to find people that way, I hope it works.
My last sector in Arica was kinda better than this one, but still it's good. Just have too keep working hard. We have been talking with everyone, legit EVERYONE! Like people on longboards, we like stop them and talk to them about boarding and stuff. Its kinda fun. Ha Im loving it.
This month, as a mission, we are reading the Book of Mormon.  I slacked the beginning of the month and was reading the Bible and stuff, so in the last three days I read from Alma to 3 Nephi. Speaking of, you should read Alma 40-63. All about wars and stuff, it's amazing. They should make it a movie! It's been good.

I dont know what else, thats about all. We just have been working. Oh duh, this kid from my last sector who I taught finally got baptized and he asked me to go back and baptize him. It was cool after, he was like I can't even explain in words what I feel and hugged me. I will send pics its on my comps camera so I will next week k.
Anyway thats about it, Write me next week.
I love you guys, Take care!!
                  This is a picture of Zachary's Zone!