Sunday, May 12, 2013

We'll just keep working at it...

I’ll remember Meg in my prayers and who did Jake ask to prom and you and Kaleb are going to New York?  I’m jealous!  Everyone here asks if I have been there and they are like, but why, it’s in your country, ha!

It’s cool how spiritual things can help you so much. I love it, every week I listen to Mormon messages or conference talks and it helps. And just doing what I do each week helps a ton. Were so lucky to be able to see apostles and prophets, here they only dream of seeing them. Ha! *I told him about Women’s Conference and hearing President Eyring speak and about all the cool talks.

Wow 24 years, go to Hawaii around like June 2014 and buy like a third ticket... Ya know, if you want....

Dad told me he has been crazy busy. Its awesome I'm glad things are going good. You’ll be an awesome teacher, I know it!

So this week was all right, nothing to great. I mean we worked hard we found almost ten new people to teach, but they’re all like interested kinda, but not totally. One girl is pretty interested and has been praying for her answer but didn’t come to church because she slept in to late. This culture is kind of lazy. Ha. But this week we hope it goes better. We’ll just keep working at it. Not too much happened this week just busy work, trying to get less actives back because our church attendance is going down. We have been finding a ton of less actives but they just keep making excuses to not go.... It’s annoying but we are going to keep working.

So about skyping, when is your church? We want to do it at like 1 here so I think that’s like 11 or 10 there. What time would you guys want to do it?  I'll have dad send me my Skype account stuff again so I can set it all up. We might be doing it on a projector, but I will write you or just try to call you guys before to get it set up okay.
Love you guys and can’t wait to talk to you. You’re the best, take care Mom.

Love you all!!

Elder Farnworth

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