Sunday, May 19, 2013

It was good talking to you guys!

It was awesome yesterday, it was good talking to you guys! It kind of made me miss you guys and the house! Just seeing it and max, my pup, but mostly I just liked having some time to see you guys. I loved it. I feel growned up too! 
Anyway, this week was a good one. We found more new investigators. Like this family who his wife and kids are members but the dad isn't. His name is Lerco hes a little stubborn about the church and the way we believe but we taught the plan of salvation and answer a lot of questions he had. I told him our goal is to get his family sealed in the temple. I'm hoping one day they will be able to. Then we have been teaching Ximena, Pia her sister and her friend. Theyre cool, but sometime seem more interested in us than the Gospel. We had to tell them that they cant really touch us. OH and then Valentina! This one girl told us to come back because she thought we were cute and told us to escape with her to the beach... Yeahhh we told her to come to church, but are never going back. Ha, bunch of snakes. (We call flirty girls snakes.ha) But we are still loooking for investigators preferribly boys. We were going to do a soccer game with our investigators but we were like but there all girls.... haha.
Anyways, This week we had something crazy happen. The dad of a recent convert died and she had this huge fight with her mom. We talked to both of them and her mom was like asking us help on how she should fix their relationship and stuff. And I told her to just have communication and talk out your problems. But like crazy giving all this advice to someone who has more experience than I do. Ha, cool though. Anyway, Can't think of anything else more. We had someone from the second quorum of the seventy come talk on sunday. He gave a funny talk.
Thats all for this week, but thanks for everything and talk to you next week!
Elder Farnworth
*We loved talking to Zac on Mother's Day!  That was the best gift of all.  He seems so grown up and really seems happy.  He loves his mission and loves the people in Chile.  On May 30th Zac will have been on his mission for 1 year!

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