Sunday, May 26, 2013

*I asked Zac to share some information about Chile for our ward Missionary night.  I had youth from our ward come over for a Chilean dinner and told them about Chile. 
Um About Chile, he pesos are weird. 500 pesos is one buck.  They eat a huge lunch and breakfast and dinner is like bread with eggs and avocado or something like that. They are all kind of dramatic haha. Everyone, EVERYONE loves soccer.  Not very many people have cars so everything is Taxi, Colectivos, And Micros. What else, it amazes me how I just feel so use to it here.
My message to them would be that here in Chile especially, the best thing a missionary can do is be friendly and love the people. They love you if you friendly and loving. And also they like Gringos, they always yell "hello" to us cause they dont know much english. As far as the food, they do like three dish meals. Like first soup, then chicken and rice, or noodles, then salad.  For dessert they like Peaches and creme. Thats almost how it always is. Haha.
For my mission the thing that is prominant is the desert! There's dirt, dirt and more dirt. Green is rare, almost doesn't exist, Ha. But the beaches are awesome. When you get the people to open up, they will give you everything. People may reject our message, but are always willing to give whatever they have to offer. Its awesome, they are very loving people.
The pics were awesome, Kaleb and Jacob and Megan all look huge, already WAAYYY different. Im sending some, Im Sorry :(
This week was awesome. We found a ton of investigators and all just by contacting and the people love us. We have these two families we are working with, Ximena who has a fecha saturday and hopefully her sister too. But then their parents just told us they want to hear more and have never wanted to really hear from the missionaries. The mom was like you Elders are just different, there's just something different from you Elders than the others. Like we are nicer and don't scare the people as much. Then
We found Victor his wife and son who are just really interested and he was in the military. There awesome people. Investigators ask us if all missionary companionships are put with people they get along with ha. We're buds. Then we have a few investigators that we thought were more interested in us than what we have to teach, but then she said alright I'll let you change me and see if I like it. At first she said she wanted us to escape to the beach with her, we almost just got up and left, but then she said she would listen and change. So we will see.
Oh then we had zone conference, it was awesome again. Our President knows how to inspire us. He's amazing. But the funny thing was there was 90 missionaries there and the food wasnt done really well and like 85 of the 90 got sick, including me. Haha, kinda funny.
Anyways nothing else really for now. Love you guys and thanks for everything. Chow!!
Elder Farnworth

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