Sunday, May 5, 2013

We have been talking to everyone, legit EVERYONE!

Yeah, I like training a lot. Especially because I've got a good comp. We have fun and we´ve been finding some pretty interested people. They are just hard to stay in to contact with. I feel like Im being pushed, but not as much. He is a good teacher and everything so we've been good together. It seems long to you guys? Cuase for me it feels so fast, I can't see me being one of the older guys in the mission. But then in aspects of like teaching and finding I feel like old. Sounds like things are going good around the house.
So this week we have been looking for new investigators. We have a few like that guy I told you who was addicted to cocaine. Then this Girl named Silvia who is awesome. Her whole family is really less active and want nothing to do with us, but she is interested just wants to take it slow. Her brother went on a mission and came home two days later and that inactived their family like 13 years ago.
Then we found this guy who has been listening to missionaries since 1998. He is a little weird but we are working with him. And then this awesome kid Daniel. We taught him and were going to bring him to Church but his dad came out when we went to go get him and told us that they are of a different religion and we cant talk to him anymore. And was like making jokes about Joseph Smith, kinda annoying.  We decided that we are going to start doing free English classes and try to find people that way, I hope it works.
My last sector in Arica was kinda better than this one, but still it's good. Just have too keep working hard. We have been talking with everyone, legit EVERYONE! Like people on longboards, we like stop them and talk to them about boarding and stuff. Its kinda fun. Ha Im loving it.
This month, as a mission, we are reading the Book of Mormon.  I slacked the beginning of the month and was reading the Bible and stuff, so in the last three days I read from Alma to 3 Nephi. Speaking of, you should read Alma 40-63. All about wars and stuff, it's amazing. They should make it a movie! It's been good.

I dont know what else, thats about all. We just have been working. Oh duh, this kid from my last sector who I taught finally got baptized and he asked me to go back and baptize him. It was cool after, he was like I can't even explain in words what I feel and hugged me. I will send pics its on my comps camera so I will next week k.
Anyway thats about it, Write me next week.
I love you guys, Take care!!
                  This is a picture of Zachary's Zone!

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