Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm getting transferred to this place called Arica...

I'm getting transferred to this place called Arica,  I hear it's awesome! 
It's a sector with 130 members last sunday... I'm going from an average of 20 to that... I'm stoked. And I hear that its good place to baptize.  My new comp is mexican.... hes kinda of newer missionary.
I'm glad everything is good there, sorry about the long winter.  It's really hot here if that helps...ha.
I love you guys, I'm gonna send some pics.
Elder Farnworth

                                            Here is Zac in front of El Salvador, Chile
                                          Zac with his comp Elder Garcia, From Peru
                                                I have preached the gospel to this city...

                                                         Warming by the fire?
                             This is the Branch Presidents Family in El Salvador, Zac loves them
                                                  My best buds from Chile, want them to visit!

                                             Zac's new comp Elder Vargas.  He is from Mexico.
                                        I'm not sure if Zac is a little nervous or excited to eat this...
Elder Farnworth

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