Monday, February 18, 2013

We had two earthquakes and the dam broke, other than that just a normal week

This week was a good one. We have good investigators that can get baptized, but they are all going on vacations, so we have to wait a little while. But the work has been good and I get along really well with my comp. He is a little awkward, he said he was really shy before the mission, like it was hard for him to talk to people, but he’s getting better. It’s been fun. This Thursday we have conference with the president, I’m stoked. But that’s about all that is new... we are just working. Finding people and trying to get them to church.

Oh yeah, we had two earth quakes this week but they were just small ones. Its weird everyone here is just super used to it, its like oh another one... cool, haha, I like them. Then, the dam where our city gets water broke... so everyone thought we would have to evacuate, but they’re using the reserves right now. Kinda was crazy our branch President was freaking out and took his family and left, ha was kinda weird. Other than that, just been a normal week.

Wow, I’m jealous. I want to go to the temple so bad. It would be cool to have one in our mission. People freak when I tell them I can see three temples from my house. Here you have to go on an 18 bus ride. Or fly. That’s awesome, how did Hayden like it? I’m so stoked for him. And tell Tyler I say congrats if he’s still there. Awesome about work, that would be way cool if you taught! Is Kaleb getting done with his papers? I'm still looking for shoes, if I can’t find any I'll let you know.

LOve you guys,
Elder Farnworth

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