Sunday, February 10, 2013

So, my shoes got jacked!

Yeah, it is really crazy that I’m almost at a year, I can’t believe how fast it’s going, At the end of this transfer I’ll have 9 months... Crazy.

The president has talked about all the new missionaries that will be coming out this summer. He had all of us write and say if we could have more missionaries in our sectors. I think we will be getting a lot here. I haven’t heard about the MTC in Mexico, but that sounds awesome. I can’t wait till I know where Kaleb is going. It’s gonna be sweet when he comes to my same mission, hahaha, I wish.

Whoa ton of stuff is happening. Hayden is gonnabe a good missionary. Tell Greg I'm learning a little Portuguese. I have a book of Mormon in porteguese.

I like that book (Stand a little taller) they have one in the presidents office. Oh and the 22 year old left. TONS of people have left our town, it’s only a town to work, and so when they have there long breaks they leave, like him. But we have a few other good people.

So, my shoes got jacked! I’m so mad, I loved them. But hey, I might have you send me a package with new shoes.... but I will try to buy them. They sell crappy cheap shoes here for super expensive. But I’ll let you know next week if I haven’t found any.

I love you guys and miss you everyday.
I have dreams about you and dad like almost every night. Ha

Love you!
Elder Farnworth

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