Sunday, February 3, 2013

...hey, we're doing good.

Sounds like a good week. I can’t believe Megan’s thirteen, I’m not going to recognize her when I get home! You’ll have to tell me how the youth conference goes, it sounds awesome. I tried explaining that to my comp and he said they don’t do stuff like that in Uruguay and especially not in Chile. Its cool we are able to. But I’m glad you had a good week!
This week was good, kinda tough. I’m getting a little frustrated with people going on vacation so much. It’s a mining town so everyone’s like "yeah come visit me in March when I’m back from vacation..." Ha. But we have a good family we found. There’s four of them and only the dad is a member, but hadn’t gone for 4 years or so. But they went last week and his daughter (who isn’t a member) knew all the answer about Joseph Smith in Sunday school. I was like, hey we’re doing good. We just need to keep getting her to pray because she says she cant stop being catholic, but has come to church twice and likes it... so yeah.
Also this week we had our interview with the president. He’s awesome. He gave me advice on how to help Catholics or other religions change. I’m learning a lot about like problem solving and stuff. It’s cool. That’s about it thought, nothing new just working. But hey I got to write some people but thanks for the update, keep it up love you guys take care!
Con amor,
Elder Farnworth

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