Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I can't wait until September 8th!

This has been a good week.  That girl that committed to baptism is still following through and we have three more people getting baptized that same day! Two are brothers named Joshua and Sebastian, they are awesome. They like the same music I do and stuff because people in Chile listen to music in English. It’s funny they sing me the words then I tell them what they mean. The other is Antonio's he's forty five and has had a ton of trials like drugs and drinking and wants to be clean, its awesome to see the gospel making these people as happy as its made us. I love it, he was so happy when we told him he could be clean of everything he has done.

Teaching has also been good. We do splits a lot because my companion is the district leader and one if the elders I did splits with told he felt the spirit every time I spoke. I know that the Lord is helping me teach because at times that's the hardest thing for me. Also I've been blessed with the language, I said a prayer yesterday in Priesthood and one of the people told me I speak a lot more fluid, I was so happy! I feel lucky- three months and I'm nearly fluent.

Things have gotten better with my companion. It’s just kinda rough because we are buds, but we don't have a ton in common. Anyways, this week was a ton better. Dad, thank you so much for the advice. It’s just what I needed to hear. I've been working on being bold, it’s tough for me. With people I’m fine with walking up to them getting to know them and then talking about the gospel, but with my companion it seems harder. But I'll be okay. Thanks again. Really last week I think I was thinking more about myself and being homesick than about everything I want, but now turning all my thoughts towards others and that has helped. We’re already seeing success with our four baptisms dates. I can't wait until September 8th!

At times I'm home sick, but I know and feel everyday I'm exactly where I should be. I feel happier than I've been in a so long and I know it’s because of this gospel. Its like I finally figured out who I am supposed to be. I don't know the best way to describe it. But never in my entire life have I felt more peace and mire happiness then I do right now. This gospel and this mission saved my life.

Anyways, I hope you love your work Mom, that sounds awesome that you're going to be working with autistic kids. They’re awesome. And once there parents realize how awesome you are they won't be nervous at all. Hmmm, things I want in my Birthday package?  I think I want candy. All the candy here is like not as sweet. Like chocolate recess, twix and things like that. Or if that will just get ruined or something, just others candy like star burst. The ticks are gone so I'll be okay with that. So candy and I need a tie clip. Then just whatever else because I can't think of a ton of things. Some of the things in Chile are almost the same, like the other day I had McDonald’s, it was cool.
Anyway, Dad I'm glad work has been good. We’re so blessed its unreal. Seeing the members here that have nothing but are happy and feel blessed with what they have has really made me feel even more grateful for our beautiful house and everything we have. But you know this, ha... That's crazy about Janeen, I didn't know she had that. Crazy, that's good that she's doing good.
Oh ya, the President and his wife are awesome, they are super chill and the President is funny. He's also filing or whatever to be a President longer, so I might have him my whole mission. We’re the number one baptizing mission in Chile and number six in South America because of them, they are incredible people.

Thank you for all the prayers and keep me updated on life at home. I am extremely blessed with all the family support I have. Tell everyone I say hi and sorry that I haven’t been able to write everyone back, the time I have is really short but tell them I've read their letters and thanks!

I love you all.
Elder Farnworth

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