Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Zac's first baptism date set for Sept 8th and I found pics from his Zone Conference on the mission blog=)

Hey that’s awesome that you’ve had a great summer and that the kids learned a lot at Education Week and especially that they loved it. I like to see pictures and it doesn't make me home sick, I really haven’t been that homesick at all..

Things are good here. A little tough though... My companion is almost done so at times it’s not his favorite thing to work. But I’ve been trying to get us to work more and visit more people, it’s just tough because I'm the junior companion and can’t speak amazing. The language is pretty good though, I feel like I’m picking it up pretty simple. I can have conversions and can teach ok, but I’m always improving. I’m hoping that by the end of my second transfer I’m fluent. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer everyday.  I get most frustrated when my companion speaks his Chilean accent, which is more like sounds than words, then I’m like, ok I want a gringo companion who I can understand. But it’s good for me to be pushed to learn Spanish. I’m learning so fast. I feel like new languages aren’t that hard for me, kinda want to learn a few more when I get back.

The people here in Chile don't love the Mormons. So almost every door we just hear about there excuses how there busy. Or we will teach a lesson and it’ll go really well then we'll try to go back and they’re busy. Chile is great, but also frustrating. The cool thing is yesterday we taught this girl named Pati at the church. We started teaching her about the restoration and about baptism. In the middle of the lesson she told us she wants to be baptized in this church. We didn't even ask her, it was awesome!  So we have our first baptism date set for Sept 8th! She’s the coolest girl too, I’m so stoked for her!

Anyway, I’m happy Jake and kaleb like learning about the book of Mormon! I wish I would've been more prepared with the doctrine before my mission, but I've learned a lot. Looks like you guys are having a blast. Sometimes I still can’t believe I’m in South America. I’ve kinda of had a rough welcome. I got ticks which sucks, I got them two weeks ago. Then the shootings like I told you about,  then also the other day I put my sweat shirt on and a giant spider crawled onto my hand.  Later I found out those kinds of spiders are really poisonous and if I would’ve been bit I would have had six hours to get to the hospital or I would be dead. Crazy huh. We have a mamita who makes our food and the other day she mad seafood like tentacle leg thingy... wow, I almost couldn’t eat it. but I put a ton of lemon juice in it and was fine. Yeah this is nuts, but I’m sticking through it. I feel adjusted to Chile, just not adjusted to like having a native companion and stuff. But with time it’ll be all good. Anyway, I’m going to try to take more pictures this pday and I’ll give you more next pday.

Alright I got to write everyone back Love you, and thanks for keeping me updated on everything.
Love, Elder Farnworth.

**I decided to see if Zachary's Mission President had updated their blog and they had!  I found these awesome pictures of Zac's at Zone Conference on Monday.  I'm sure he will tell us more about it next week.  It looks like President Bruce's wife is back from Utah.=)

The missionaries from the Antofagasta, La Portada and Calama Zones.

Can you see Zac turned sideways in the middle of the picture?

President and Sister Bruce ( I thought I'd throw in this pic of Zac's Mission Pres and his wife)

                                          Zone Conference in Antofagasta
We started our Zone Conferences this past week in Antofagasta. The Antofagasta, La Portada and Calama zones participated. Luckily for these missionaries we have the only Dominoes Pizza in the mission here in Anto so there was plenty of pizza for everyone.

Below are pictures from our lunch.  What a wonderful group of missionaries we have in these three zones.

                                                There's Zac!

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