Thursday, September 13, 2012


Elder Rivas, Pati, Joshua and Elder Farnworth
First baptism in Chile on Sept 8, 2012

Elder Farnworth and Elder Rivas 

Saturday was absolutely Incredible. MY FIRST BAPTISM!!! So awesome. So we baptized a girl and a boy. The girl, Pati, was baptized by my companion and I baptized Joshua. It was awesome because both their moms aren’t members and they said it was beautiful and made them confused about there religion (one being Catholic the other Jehovah witness) I thought that was incredible. But anyway, we did the whole meeting thing for the baptism and they gave the talks and everything. I felt ready, then we started walking to the font and I got really nervous about my accent and everything. I don’t know why cause I’ve felt confident with my Spanish. But I turned to Joshua and said are you nervous? He goes yeah, and I was like, don’t worry me too, haha! We went first and the water heater in our chapel is broken. The first few steps were FREEZING haha, me and Joshua were shivering then as soon as I started say the prayer, I stopped shivering, and felt the spirit so much. I can’t even describe the feeling. Like pure joy. Not the joy from like sports, or other things I like to do, but a lot deeper than that. I said the prayer, kind of slowly to make sure I got it right, (kinda of difficult in Spanish). But yeah it all went well and he told me afterwards he felt clean. Aw man, I loved it. I hope I have the experience a lot more on my mission. Which I think I will be blessed with the opportunity again soon we have three more kids who have dates for the 22nd. I’m so blessed, I don’t know how I got so lucky to find this great success but I Love it. I Love missionary work. I have pictures with both our baptisms. Seems like something happens like this every week.

I got all your pics from McCall looks like you had fun! That’s awesome you love working, I feel that way all the time, exhausted but accomplished. Its an incredible feeling huh? I love it. I’m glad all is well with Jake and Kaleb and Megan, I’m going to write them real quick. Um, for my birthday, just send candy and stuff. Could you send me some recipes of really simple breakfast ideas? That’s kind of what I need something good to make for breakfast. I really have been able to have some America food so that’s good. Also, how is the ward?  How many people do we have in our ward, the bishop asked me I told him like 300.  That seems like a ton but I was thinking we have a big ward. Idk, let me know.

I would love for you to come pick me up, please do! That would be awesome to have you guys be in Chile with me. It’s incredible, I’ve already fallen in love with it. I’m half Chilean, haha! No, but really I like soccer now, ha never thought id see the day.

Thank you again for the support, I appreciate all you’ve done for me. Btw Mom, the temple pic you painted for me is right next to my bed, I love it :) Thank you mom!

Elder Farnworth

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