Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kind of Crazy I'm Turning Twenty

Glad everyone is doing well and staying busy. Kind of crazy I'm turning twenty, especially because now I only have one more birthday in my mission. I was all happy it was on a P-day, but found out yesterday that I have to go get my visa in another city so I’m going to be doing that all day. But it's all good some families invited me over next week to have cake and everything. It’s sweet because our fechas (our next three baptisms) are like brothers to me and their mom is awesome and she tells us to come over when were hungry and wants to make me something for my birthday. Kinda stoked.

I guess the 18th of Sept. is like Chile’s 4th of July. So I can only write you today but I’m going to write everyone else Thursday. The Stakes and Wards are having parties today, tomorrow and Wednesday so were going to all of them and bring our investigators hoping they’ll make some friends.
Nothing to new has happened this week just the same old working hard. Oh yeah, Monday new missionaries came in so I’m not the newest, haha, its weird feels like I just got here. The new missionaries are kinda weird, I wonder if I was weird like that.
I’m starting to take more pics my goal is to fill up my 32 memory card by the time I go home. I'll get some pics of the parties this week and us playing soccer and everything and send them on Thursday.
All right gotta go but I'll write you again Thursday ok? Thanks for the package. I heard it only takes a week so it should be here soon. Can’t wait.
Love you guys, tell everyone hi for me;
Hasta luego,
Elder Farnworth ,Chao

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