Saturday, December 29, 2012

What an amazing Christmas...

Zachary didn't send an email on Monday, but we had an amazing Chirstmas present from him on Tuesday.  We were able to skype with him for over an hour.  He just seemed so happy and loves what he is doing.  He had a little Chilean boy that jumped up on his back and the whole family gave him a hug for us.  You can tell he really loves the people there.  It was so wonderful to see him looking so good and realizing he is still Zac, only better!  We all visited with him as a group and then each had our one on one time.  It really made our Christmas!  At the end of our visit he bore his testimony in Spanish.  We all felt the spirit and were amazed at his ability to speak the language and for his love of the gospel.  We couldn't have had a greater gift this Christmas Season.

AND, when he got to the zone conference, he got BOTH of my packages!!  He was going to make his Thanksgiving turkey dinner on Christmas!  He said he put up all the Christmas decorations and gave the Chirstmas book that was in Spanish to the family he was with.  That was such a relief for me and brought us so much happiness to know he was able to have some gifts from us at Christmas. 

Zac did send some pictures of his Zone Conference and I found a few more on the Mission Blog.  President and Sister Bruce just seem like the most amazing people.  Zac is so fortunate to be lead by them. 

 The Missionaries had a gift exchange.  Looks like Zac got a new pillow;)
Sister Bruce and the funniest gift, a plunger.

President Bruce looks like he is having a good time.

 When someone would say baptize they passed to the right, when they said Christmas they would pass to the left.

            Then they have a lunch with all the missionaries.

This is Zachary's Zone.  It is called the Chanaral Zone.


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