Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Christmas and New Years was awesome!

My Christmas and New Years was awesome! Yeah sorry, I forgot to write about it. I loved talking to you guys, it was awesome to see home and everything. I thought for sure it would make me trunky or miss home, but really it just made me realize I’ll be there soon enough and right now I just gotta work, ya know.

But Christmas was awesome here.  In Chile, they celebrate it at 12 midnight, so they open all their presents and everything at 12 then the next day they play with them. So Christmas night we spent with this family the Varas and their daughter who is absolutely horrible, but so funny. I'll send you pictures. They got us some presents like chocolate I think, but it was cool. Then, during the day we were at the Presidents house who you all met, it was awesome, they’re cool.

New years was with a family, the Gallagiyos, (the family that buys me peanut butter). We did all these funny traditions like running up the stairs, eating nasty beans, and sweeping the steps. I guess it’s good luck or each one means something, haha. I was like you believe in all that, and they said no, its just for fun ,ha. 

That’s really it, we just kept working after. The work has been tough in this area. Finding people that are here and actually are gonna stay here during summer is kinda tough. My city is just like a work house for all these rich people, ha. But we’ve been working hard. We have a few potential baptisms like Francisca who is talking with her Dad , then after she’ll hopefully get baptized. 
Then were meeting with this lady who has been to Church four times and isn’t baptized. Kinda is a joke that she hasn’t been baptized yet, but we will see what we can do. It’s a hard sector, but its cool, the houses and the members, just a lack of people. But we’re gonna keep working hard.

Thanks again for the packages and all the cards that I got, I’m lazy with writing so just email me.
Thanks and ill send some pics right now love you guys!
Elder Farnworth

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