Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So, you guys are here to help people get to the celestial kingdom huh?

Kinda weird to me that it’s so cold for you guys cause it’s just getting crazy hot here. I’m starting to get burned, ha and there is NEVER clouds in this city. 

So we had transfers this week, I’m getting a new companion. I forgot his name but he is from Uruguay and has the same time as me. We left on the mission the same day and I hear his cool so we will see, should be fun. I’ll let you know how he is.

This week was an awesome week. We’re just looking for people, and we find one of the best investigators I think I’ve had in my mission. We taught him the restoration and he understood it all then was like, is there more that you can teach me? We were like uhhhh yeah, let’s teach the next lesson! So we taught the plan of salvation and he said something like, you guys are here to help people get the celestial kingdom huh? Ha, I was like, pretty much! Oh and he speaks English, so I taught a little bit in English so he could practice with me. It was awesome, I would hang with this kid, and he’s like 22 I think. He’s going camping and he says he’s going to pray while he is camping, away from technology and everything, to get his answer. I’m stoked!

Then this girl who was working with is waiting for her Dad to let her get baptized, but her mom is good with it, so she might just sign the registry and let her get baptized. Which would be awesome! I love doing this, it’s so cool, ha.

Anyways, Things are good here. I keep having dreams that I’m home which is weird. I hope all is well there and that you have fun in the snow, hahaha.

Love you guys take care! 
Elder Farnworth

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