Sunday, December 23, 2012

It hardly feels like Christmas without snow, ha!

Haven’t gotten anyone packages yet.... this Thursday we have a conference, and the assistants always bring packages there, so I should get one then. The one you sent in November is going back? Hopefully I’ll get the Dec. one!

I’ve been listening to Christmas songs, but it still hardly feels like Christmas without snow, ha, feels like summer.

Things are good, still a little rough. Tough people here, really like keep to themselves and they don’t like to be social, ha, it’s interesting. But I like the city and how it is. Thinks are getting better with my comp, still kinda hard to keep a conversation, ya know. But it’s all good, we’re buds! Umm, I haven’t found a member yet, but we’re going to ask this week. Hey, could you make me a skype account then send me all the info cause I don’t know how to do it. Plus, then it would  just be already for next week. I’ll email Monday and get the password then skype Tuesday. Crazy that it’s already my first Christmas! 

Just keep sending stuff to the mission home, they will get it me, it just takes a bit. But if some of them have gotten here I’ll get them this Thursday for sure. 

Teaching is good. In Antofagasta we had a ton of people to teach so we got in like 28-30 lessons each week. Now, a good week is like 12... BUT we are planning to put a baptism date the 29th and it’ll be the first baptism here since 2011, I think. That’s what my comp says at least. So we will see how that goes.

I love you all and can’t wait to talk!
See ya next week!

Elder Farny

*As a side note, I ended up calling the Mission Home in Chile and they had just received Zac’s Christmas package!  YAY!  The Thanksgiving package  is still MIA, so some Chilean is probably enjoying a nice Thanksgiving dinner;)

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